Happy Trails Dog Park - Brighton

Charlie Bear and Nixie meeting new friends
1111 Judicial Center Dr and Bromley
Brighton, CO
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Managed By:
City of Brighton
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park is fenced and has a pond, benches, and drinking water. Be careful around the pond in freezing weather.

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petersmith3108's picture
This park is a quality park.

This park is a quality park. I have been there with my Labrador. There is enough and more space for my dog to wander and still he would be in my vicinity. There is also enough space for the people to have refreshments and take rest

Gilford28's picture
Its a rentention pond

The parks has some pros and I cons. Its a great park to walk with your dog. Its not just flat space. The park is grass, which is diffrent campared to parks in the area. The main con is the pond is a run off retention pod from the parking lots........ great way to make you dog extreemly sick. This is stagnet water that is a mix of run off from the parking lot. Stagnet water is athe breading ground for geardia (beaver fever), wich can be a nightmare to deal with when dogs get it. The pond picks up all the leaking fluids from peoples cars. Yes your dog will drink it. This could have been a 4 star park but the pond is not as cool as it would appear.

lbien's picture
fun summer park

We go in the summer when the water is being circulated. The drinking fountain has a hose to wash the dogs off after they go swimming. It is the only way my dog will exercise on hot days.

Can't wait for summer so we can go again!

Jenny C's picture

This park is nice. The pond makes a mess when it melts and I won't go unless it's frozen solid or bone dry. I like that there's a water fountain in the park and picnic tables. Very nice park, but the pond wasn't such a brilliant idea.

Jenny C's picture

I took my boys to this park yesterday. It's December and the pond was frozen over. That'll be a nightmare when it thaws and the ice starts cracking. Overall I liked it. Nice size, clean, and the water fountain is running fresh water for the dogs. I'll go back, but not when the ice melts.

Jenny C's picture
happy trails

This is a lousy dog park. What ever happened to the nice dog park that we were promised 5 years ago. Who in their right mind would think a retention pond is a good dog park.

Visitor's picture
Fun park!

Our dogs love playing in the water on hot summer days. This park has lots of room to run and explore. It is well kept and clean.

Visitor's picture

We miss this park very badly after we moved our dog annie has many friends there and it is well kept,clean and in a nice location!

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Lots of room to run

This is a big park surrounding a pond. The pond is only full in the summer. Can be a little muddy, but the water is nice for the dogs to play in on hot days.