Green Valley Ranch East Dog Park

Jebel and E 45th
Denver, CO
Operating Hours:
5am to 11pm
Managed By:
City of Denver
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Renovated in 2008 with full fencing. The dog park is all dirt and has benches, shade, and drinking water (no separate small dog area.) No Pitbulls.

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Gwynevere's picture

Okay dog park. Owners and gos were all friendly and inviting. Just passing through on a road trip and wanted to exercise my pup. She had a food time despite the rain storm! The only thing I wasn't excite about is the ground cover of the park. It's mostly dirt/sand, which isn't horrible itself, but several dogs came back limping because they had something caught in their paws. Not a huge deal as easy to remedy by removing for them, but kind of a bummer their play has to be intermittently interupted by moments of discomfort.

big dog lover's picture
goathead stickers and need a small dog area

I first started going to this park about 2 years ago when they finished fencing it and added the benches and shelter. It was a clean park and my dog and I met some great people and pets. That was then. Now I have not gone to the park for several months because of the goathead stickers and all the ants there. I spend more time pulling stickers out of my dogs paws than having her run, play and enjoy the park. There are also irresponsible owners who do not clean up after their dogs and this leads to an unhealthy situation for people and pets. Clean up after your pets! Have some respect for yourself and others. It would be great if park maintenance would do something to truly get rid of the stickers. They planted some trees but they are fenced off (and the weeds in there are never disposed of) so what is the point? The water fountain would be more efficient for getting water to the dogs if a spigot lower down would be installed to fill up water bowls. The park at Quincy and Buckley in Aurora has managed to do this so why can't Denver? As for small dogs, it would be nice if there was a separate area for them so those owners who are worried about their tiny pets could enjoy the park more as well. This was a great park and I would like to return there but park maintenance needs to do some cleanup and renovating.

DogMomx3's picture
Park Conditions

I recently moved to GVR and was excited about the dog park in the neighborhood. After one visit however, I'm much less enthused. I wondered why I rarely saw dogs in the park when I drove by...and now I know! Goat head stickers! Millions of them! There are also hundreds of plants that are getting ready to put out the next mega crop in the coming weeks. I pulled at least 5 stickers out of each of my dogs feet and had numerous stickers stuck in the bottom of my shoes when I got home. Is there any plans in the near future to get rid of these somehow? I love to let my dogs go play with others but I don't see the park being used very much as it stands now. What a waste.

Lolabeans's picture

Learn about PREDATORY DRIFT. Even the very best trained dogs can be triggered into predatory mode by a small dog yelp. Small dogs can incite the prey instinct in larger dogs. One cry, yelp or stumble of a small dog among a group of well behaved larger dogs can turn from Play to Prey. One bite and/or shake and it's all over for the small dog.
NEVER TAKE YOUR SMALL DOG INTO THE BIG DOG PARK! YOU will be at fault if your small dog is
attacked! Taking a small dog to the big dog park Is akin to taking your cat to the dog park!

Family Gal's picture
SMALL DOGS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My family and I were at the Green Valley Ranch East Park on 4-1-2011. I seen the dog park and thought maybe my dog Lily (7lbs Maltese /Pomeranian) would enjoy being outside. It was a beautiful day. She had already been in the enclosed area twice with larger breed dogs with no incident. Around 6pm I took her in one last time before going home and that's when it happen a tan and white Brittany by the name of FRECKLES grabbed my dog my dog by her back piercing her abdomen and shook her repeatedly. While the owner tried to get him off he only bit down harder. To add insult to injury he the owner left and did not come back. It was a furlough day for City and County of Denver so No Police came (they said it was Animal Control's job to respond). Lily's still hurt pretty bad, she sustained a collapsed right lung, multiple bite wounds, blood in her abdomen and stretched ribs( her lung is coming through it).Lily did nothing to provoke the attack. She had been around larger dogs all day at the dog park. AND SO I SAY SMALL DOGS BEWARE!!!!! There should be a separate area for smaller breed dogs. If this ever happens to anyone call Animal Control At 311( the regular number is disconnected) get any and all info about owner( address ,phone # and dog or dogs names. I've become the neighborhood vigilante trying to find the Brittany and his companion a gray Weimaraner (which was not involved in attack).

Luv-my-dogs's picture
Always have time to play

I always have a great time while I take my dogs to the dog park. I currently own 3 dogs and all have been to the park. The only time we ever have an 'interesting' day at the park is when some pet owners bring there dogs to the park and get horrified at simple dog behaviors such as other dogs trying to mount there dogs, or if dogs have a bit of a skirmage to sort out dominance (which a lot of barking happens and dust flies, but no damage is done). My dog actually mounted one of these newcomers to the dog park and she called Animal Control saying my dog was being agressive. Ha, funny. Please do call them, I'd love to hear what animal control says. I still go to the park and play fetch with my dogs. And still recommend the park to others to enjoy.
One of my dogs is 4lbs as well. The huskies are okay if my little dog sits on my lap, however I would not let her run around freely with the female cross eyed husky loose. The owner did forwarn me before I entered the park though, and it was MY CHOICE to enter. The two owners with the two huskies are very knowledgable and are nice folks. However, I would still agree that the only thing besides all the thorns around the park that that needs immproved, is a small dog area. Some chihuhua's I've seen, even smaller than my dog, can easily get trampeled and would be nice to have the seperation to let them play without worrying.
Love the benches that are covered, and the water fountain that is now operating! Great way to meet new people (and dogs)!

kathleeniva's picture

My 2 dogs really enjoyed the dog park when we got there their was both large and small dogs having fun and I have a small and a large dog they enjoyed running around,but the other dog owners need to know that the green weeds that grow there have a thorn that will cause your dog much pain if they step on them.

Husky_lover's picture
Please get your facts straight before posting a comment

I am the owner of the two huskies referred to in the comment below. My dogs are not viscous, although the female who was involved in the scuffle does have issues with small dogs that we are working with a trainer to correct. The dog warden arrived after this incident and gave my female a clean bill of safety. We rescued her at 6 years old, so forgive us if we haven't gotten a chance to work out all her issues yet, we have only had her and our other one for a year. I did in fact do plenty while my female was going after the small dogs. I had to secure my male so that he did not decide to get involved, and then I ran over and grabbed my female right away to hold her off until the small dogs could be rounded up. The park is HUGE and since there were several people at the gate, I did not see the poster below and her very small dogs otherwise I would have placed the muzzle that I have for my female on her to avoid any incidents. I tried several times to confront the other owners only to be screamed at. I wasn't even allowed to apologize properly or get her information so that I could follow up with her. She's obviously still completely irrational about the incident that she feels the need to post personal information about me in a comment instead of asking me for my information, instead she is "guessing" on my name and felt the need to take my cars license plate number to report to animal control! This is a great park, but it does need separate areas for small and large dogs. we will continue to return.

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I was there with my Shih Tzu and she got attack by these same dogs. There are too many irresponsible people out there with dogs. Any one who says this is a safe park is high on something!!!!

msheets's picture

I was there the other day with my small dogs. There is a woman her first name is Jennifer (i think) and has two big Huskies and drives a silver Honda Element. If you see this person do not allow your dogs in the park with her dogs. Her dog attacked two of mine. During the attack the owner did absolutly nothing about it and should be banned from the park. She shouldn't be allowed to go to any park in my opinion, she can not control them. One is black and white and the other is tan and white. And yes they should have two seperate locations, however this is the first time anything like this has ever happened. They were playing very well with a German Sheppard 10 min prior.

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I love this park

Sometimes I go when it's cold and we have the place to ourselves. Our dog runs laps around the huge park and is very happy. Even on a warm Saturday, the park is not too crowded. I have found only considerate, friendly owners in this neighborhood. I drive from Denver because Denver dog parks are too busy and dangerous.

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Great Park, but....

It is very important that small dogs have a separate area to play. My small dog and another's small dog were attacked by a big dog. Both small dogs were VERY friendly. Now, at least mine is traumatized by big dogs. He's a little guy...only 6 lbs. Even the friendliest big dog could easily knock him down!

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Great Park!

This is a great park! Very close to my house and has a ton of running space for my dog. They recently dumped a new layer of clay/dirt mixture to help with the stickers and teh ant holes. In a field of dirt though, and with all this rain, it is simply nature that weeds will grow that create stickers.

As far as small dogs/large dogs...all dogs need to learn to socialize!!! When you bring your dog, don't keep it on the leash if you know your dog is already friendly. Sometimes being on a leash makes the dog feel restricted that it can not protect itself and therefor forces the dog to react more aggressively. If it is your first time to the park and your dog has not ben socialized with other dogs, I suggest that you enter the gated area and ask another dog owner if they could help you socialize your dog. If owners are nervous, their dogs will be as well! Trust me! I've been that owner and I believe I know how to help!

Don't worry about bringing a water dish - there are plenty of bowels around and a water fountain. Please be kind and clean up after your dog if you come! Also, there are containers for dog owners to bring plastic bags for everyone to share, so please bring your old grocery bags. If your dog loves balls, there are plenty laying around everywhere. Hope to see you there!

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It is a nice area and has

It is a nice area and has plenty of friendly dogs. However it does have stickers and lots of ant piles.

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This is a great new park, fenced in with benches and friendly dogs from all around. The old park wasn't fenced and there were lots of stickies around. NO MORE! Great park overall and very close to my house!

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New and Improved

The park is great. I'm not sure what the one star review was all about. The people park is still under construction. The dog park looks to be nearing completion. They have planted trees for shade. Benches and water available. Nice size. Surface is the same as a ball park (clay and dirt) to cut down on dust. My dog likes to run on it better than the sand at
Stapleton. The double gate entrance to the park is pretty large. This might be for small dogs to have a place to play.

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They are re-designing this park! It is huge now, fenced in, and is all dirt! It even looks like they are building shaded picnic bench areas! About time Green Valley Ranch had a real dog park of its own!

GirlsRock! Ilikemoney$'s picture
I think SMALL DOGS and BIG

I think small dogs should be in one area and big dogs in another. So this way the big dogs don't eat the small dogs for lunch and dinner. This is a big problem with my dog! That is why I think big dogs and little dogs should be in different play pins.