The Great Bark Dog Park - Lafayette

Rich borrows Sophie's leash to tie his hat to his head on this windy day!
597 N. 119th Street
Lafayette, CO
Operating Hours:
6am -10pm
Days Closed:
Park Size:
6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate area for small dogs, benches, walking path, and shade.

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Julius2005's picture
A park with its own domain name!

This is a very special place. Both me and my dog have established very meaningful friendships.

The regulars support the park n any way they can including ensuring the park is clean, picking up trash and unattended to poop, supporting new comers by offering to help socialize their dogs, making sure there are enough water bowls and bringing fresh water.

Recently the park was sprayed with herbicides by the city and the locals/ regulars made sure the dogs would be safe by collecting all of the many tennis balls and water bowls prior to the application of chemicals. During the 24 hour closure, the water bowls were taken home and washed by one of the patrons.

All of this collaboration is done via the unofficial Facebook Group. It is a highly active group and can be found at - enter this into your Internet browser and you will be redirected to the Facebook Group page.

The Great Bark Dog Park is indeed GREAT and its greatness stems from not just the facility, but from the caring and pride of those who actively participate in the success of the park.

Egah66's picture
Friendly dogs and humans:)

My two labs (and I), love this park. Unlike some of the others that are a square patch of gravel, this park has the feel of open space. The dogs can run with abandon. This park is pretty popular, so there is rarely a time when there are no other dogs to play with, even on the wettest and coldest of days.

99.9% of the dogs are off leash, very well socialised and play together well.

The people here are also very friendly and take pride in their park. People pick up their poop (bags are provided), share toys, bring water to share and are very social. There are even people who plant trees and pull weeds to help out. Unlike other parks where people stand at the gate, in this park, people walk the trail around the park ensuring that their dogs run around.

Pros: Wide open area with track to walk around
Separate area for small or aggressive dogs
poop bags provided and placed around the park (not just at the gate)
benches and shade provided
popular busy park (always someone to walk/play with)
Friendly people

Cons: No running water (but people bring water to share and fill the bowls placed around the park)
part of the park floods - con for humans, but the dogs love it!

To the person who has "never had a good experience," I am wondering if you got the right park. Since starting to come here a year ago, I have made many friends and so have my pups. Come back and give us another try:)

BeagleFamily's picture
Great place

Our three beagles(the three Musketeers in the picture) love it there. They can walk with us, which they usually do, socialize with other dogs or just graze around the park. They seem to feel like they have plenty of room to roam freely. It doesn't matter how many cars, people or dogs are there it never feels crowded and the dogs are not intimidated by other dogs around. Great place!!

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love that place

I love this place and it is good for my boys to play w/ other dogs. I love to meet new people; we have gotten to know so many nice humans, as well as, a lot of great dogs....It is the best thing that has happened to my boys Sammie/Chester (dashunds/hot dogs.) My dogs have the best time. Chester has his spot, he loves to dig, digs. Great place!!!! I say to those who don't like it DON'T GO THERE ....WE LOVE IT ................

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Bark Park - The Real Dog Park!

I moved to Colorado three years ago and take my dog, Sasha, to Bark Park several times a week. To give her a little variety we occassionally go to other dog parks but she doesn't seem to play with the same abandon or get as much exercise as she does at Bark Park. Like the 99 percent of dogs at Bark Park she is never on leash and never goes to the gate wanting to leave, where at other parks she will go to the gate as if to say "can we go to The Real Dog Park now". And as for me, I enjoy visiting with the friendly people and will sometimes walk the path and get some exercise myself while Sasha is running and playing with the other dogs. Some older and less social dogs will walk with their owners on the path around the large park, what a great way for those dogs to get exercise, keep in shape and extend their lives.

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Dear "never had a good experience".

I seldom see a dog on leash at Bark Park in Lafayette. Last weekend there was one poor gentleman with a small husky jumping about on the end of a leash. Another visitor of the park told me that once he turns his dog loose, he can't catch him. I was with a group of 4 women, and yes we walk the loop for exercise, but our dogs follow us while running, jumping and chewing on each other in great fun...we hope you visit again, soon. You must have visited another park....

Carol and Bridgitte (who is never on a leash in the park)

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A Great Place for Dogs to Socialize

You can walk, you can talk, you can watch your dogs play and wrestle. This is a great dog park for dogs that need a big space to run, chase balls or fly in the air to grab frisbees. Seldom is a dog on a leash unless there is an altercation.... Owners friendly and fun!! I have frequented this park for over 2 years.

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Owners not freindly

This is a really big park-too big. Owners tend to use this as a walking park and insist their dogs not stray. Not good if you want your dog to interact with other dogs. Not a place to get social interaction for your dog. Basically, a place to for owners to walk with the hassle of leashing their dogs. I have never had a good experience there.

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With two golden retrievers

With two golden retrievers and a full time job the Great bark dog park is the place to take your pooch for an amazing outdoor experience. After about 30 mins my girls come home and zonck out. A definate "AWESOME" place to take your furry best friend. See you there =)
Ashley Miller & Brooklyn, Gracie

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Nice dog park

Nice open area for dogs to run and play. Usually pretty good mix of dogs and never had any issues with aggressive dogs. We go there all the time!

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Great Bark Park

Very large in size, lots of room to run, separate fenced park within a park for smaller or shy dogs, pet poop pick-up bags and nice stainless steel water bowls (owners bring water and refill on a volunteer basis), nice Bathroom facilities for humans as well!, plenty of parking
No trees or vegetation - basically a large open field, no water feature, can get windy

A well maintained, large park - owners are friendly and a good mix of dogs are usually there.