Grandview Dog Park - Aurora

17500 E. Quincy Ave
Aurora, CO
Operating Hours:
5am to 11pm
Managed By:
City of Aurora
Days Closed:
Park Size:
5.6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a separate small dog area, small agility equipment, drinking water and benches. Pit bulls and restricted breeds must be muzzled and on a 4 foot leash in all Aurora City parks, including the dog park.

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Ex Dog Park

This dog park has been paved over. There is no longer an East Quincy Ave, it is now South Quincy.

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I love this park!

This park is so much fun!! There's an area where your dog can play in obstacles, or your dog can play with other dogs. There's a separate area for small dogs, but you will see that there will be some with the big dogs. One con would be that there are a couple dog fights, some bad, some just playing. Other then that, this is a great park where you can interact with people and play with dogs when they come up to you. Did I also mention it's free!! I would totally recommend this park.

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Toddlers/at Dog Park

This is a great park for DOGS! I love kids, but I am increasingly seeing parents bring their very small toddlers and kids where the large dogs run hard. I feel that kids under a certain age should not be allowed, or if they are, they need to be in a confined area. Parents do not understand that dogs can be very unpredictable, and I have seen too many times toddlers getting knocked down by big running dogs. I have a pup, and she knocked down a toddler the other day...what's wrong with the parents??? The dogs are pack animals, and once a child is on the ground crying, the dog pack can see it as another animal and something very bad can happen. Other than that, it's a good place to let your dog run. I suggest bringing your own bowl for fresh clean water.

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I like this dog park

I like it, although, I do need to keep a close eye on my dogs as well as other dogs. I have not ha a bad experience here like some others.
I normally go with my three big labs. I figure I am less likely to encounter aggressive dogs against my three.
Most owners seem considerate and will even share bowls of water.
It is a very big fenced area with a smaller, small dog fenced area.
Poo bags are available. It has a couple benches inside the park.
I tend to take my dogs here the most.

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Its unfortunate, but these kinds of things happen at dogparks. I always carry pepper spray with me when I go to the dogpark, when I lived in L.A. people would bring in aggressive dogs alot, and even though the dogs were mean the owners were meaner! So I would threaten them with the pepper spray, it always worked. Too bad I'm going to have to start doing that here in Colorado now, I thought it would be different/better here.

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Great place for my small dog

This park is perfect for my small dog. Fenced small dog area, drinking water, plenty of fun small dogs running around to play with, great location and nice and responsible owners. The only con is the fact that it is all dirt. But hey, if there was grass it would get ruined anyway. So all in all this is my dogs, and my, new favorite weekly spot.

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won't go to this park again

There is a seperate area for small dogs, however, there were many little dogs in the big dog area, and when the bigger dogs started to chase that small dog, someone else tried to help and instead got bit by the small dog and the owner of the small dog just up and left without leaving any info on her dog if it has rabies shots or anything for the person who got bit her her dog! And the bite tore the poor guy's nose open!

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Horrible park!

I had been coming to this park for a few years. It was a nice place to go, it has a small agility course, water and a separate area for small dogs.
The dog owners at this park are a mix between competent and down right rude.
My husband was nipped by a small dog in the big dog area while crouching down. He turned around to shoo the dog away and the dog's owner came up and started beating her dog right in front of us. She was confronted about it by us and several people in the park, and she left.
We have run in to several aggressive dogs, and a lot of people bring non-neutered/spayed dogs to the park.
My WORST experience was with a city employee coming in to clean up the garbage. My weim came to the gate as he was coming in and nudged his hand...he started screaming and swearing at me that he was going to kick my dog if I didn't get it out of the way. There were 2 witnesses with me that saw what happened. He claimed my dog bit him on the hand through leather gloves (she has no teeth). He got directly in my face and screamed at me. This guy was pretty big, and I am female. If my dogs were going to attack him, they would have done it when he was in my face being aggressive..go figure. The police got involved and I contacted his managers. They didn't really seem to care a whole lot and told me I was wrong to think that employees working in the park should be used to being around dogs, and should know the difference between a nose nudge and a bite.
Hate this park. Still go because it is the only one close to us, but I will NEVER GO ALONE again. I also carry a camera capable of video when I go now.

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Nicer Parks

Are the other parks you talk about off leash parks??

EDITOR COMMENT: The parks discussed here are also legal off leash parks. I had added links, just click on the name of the park and it will take you to that dog park page.

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Good dog park in Denver

Have you checked out Chatfield Reservoir? They have a lake for the dogs to swim. My lab loves it. You do have to get an annual State Park pass, but that will get you into both Chatfield and Cherry Creek, which both have good dog parks.

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Cherry Creek Reservoir

Try Cherry Creek Dog Park, it's my dog's favorite!

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Looking for a good dog park in Denver area

Moving from Houston area to Denver...The BEST Dog Park in Houston is Millie Bush Bark Park in West Harris Co...LOVE it..15 acres, fenced, two swim ponds, area for small dogs...Wanting to find similar in Denver 4 friends (yes FOUR!) are HOPING Daddy finds them a new playground equal to the one they have been at..any comments would be helpful!

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We have been here a few

We have been here a few times. Most everyone is considerate, but of course you are going to find the occasional person that doesn't pick up after their dog. Overall a great place to take your dogs!!

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Thank you

Parks need more people like you, at least someone cares about other peoples feelings. You hear that world there is someone out there that cares

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The dog poop--

Lately I started cleaning up the dog poop myself on every Saturday morning. Hopefully people will follow my example. I'm not trying to blow my horn, just trying to keep the place enjoyable and clean.

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Poop and dirt

I take my dogs here frequently but have noticed many dog owners are very lazy when it comes to picking up the doggie droppings lately. Filling up poop bags and giving them to the "offending" dog owners helps some but not enough.
The dirt is now everywhere but this place used to be all grass believe it or not. The obstacle course is a nice touch and the trees and fire hydrants are a winner. The summer only water pump is great, too. It's still a good social hangout for owners and their dogs.

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Not so good....

This park has some good points... It has a separate area for small dogs, and it has some obstacle course equipment... The downsides... It's almost all dirt (very little grassy area); parking is far away from the fenced area; people do not clean up after their dogs much and there is ALOT of poop EVERYWHERE. There are mch nicer parks in the area to bring your dog to.