Golden Dog Park (at Tony Grampsas)

W 44th Ave and Salvia
Golden, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Golden
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

The park is behind the baseball fields and up a small hill. Make sure to bring your own water. This dog park has benches, some shrubs, and large trees; also in the summer there is water that filters up and makes puddles and the park also has a small stream in the summer.

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome,

Road tripping through Denver and found this amazing gem in the middle of nowhere (at least that's how I felt driving out to it). So glad I made the trek! All the dogs were well-behaved and friendly. This is important to me because I have a smaller dog that is only 5 mos old. She played with an incredibly friendly German Short Hair that was young as well. All the humans were quite pleasant and friendly , as well (an unexpected bonus). There are several tees, shrubs, a creek with just enough water for your dog to get filthy (at which mine is a pro already). No worries, though, as there is a hose to rinse off down by the picnic benches you pass on your way in and out of the park. One note of caution, bring bug spray as I was literally attacked by Mosquitos. If you have the time definitely check it out. I was told by a local that it's not well known by those that live near, so check it out and spread the word!

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Tony Grampsas Dog park

This is really the best dog park we have been to. (Compared to west arvada, berkeley, railyard, chatfield).
Tons of shade, picnic tables and benches so you could even take a picnic. My dog had the time of his life and got completely filthy in the stream and pond. I hosed him down (hose is in a green plastic box by the picnic area on your way out). But still had dirt pouring off of him in rivers during his bath at home.
Unfortunately later that night he barfed up about half the pond water he'd drunk. I think we'll wait until it snows to go back, should be less dirty and still fun to race around the trees and bushes.

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Nicely Done

I actually enjoy this dog park. It was designed well with a stream running through it. Well, the stream does dry up in the later months of summer. Boy can your dog get dirty here though; good thing there is a hose on the walk back to the parking lot to spray off your pooch (Spring/Summer only). The regulars at this park are very friendly and the dogs are well mannered by my standards. This is a wonderful park on even a 100Â º day due to all the shade. Bring bug spray though. Bags are provided to pick up your dog's excrement, thus why there doesn't seem to be any "poop problem" at this park. All in all, this is a great park!

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Tony Grampsas Dog Park

This dog park is pretty and has nice varied terrain. Best for larger dogs. We have a Maltipoo and Yorkie and sometimes they get trampled. Also hard to control untrained dogs because of the size of the park.

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Tony Grampsas Dog Park in Golden Colorado

We visit the park regularly. We have two goldens and a puggle. All 3 have a great time. The park has trees and shrubs and a little creek that runs through it during the summer. There is a lot of shade. Lots of nice people and dogs.

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Dog Park

This is a great little dog park. It is in a great location and there are beautiful views. The area is much like what you would incounter on a hike, so not too much open space, but plenty of territory for a dog to explore.

Really great park

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My dog and I have been to

My dog and I have been to this park 3 times now and each time we met some very nice people and friendly and fun-loving dogs. You do need to bring water but there are benches and tables for owners to sit at, water bowls left by the city or other owners for the dogs to use, some open space for running, trees, bushes, a little hilly in spots so some good terrain for owners and dogs to explore but not too strenuous. It is fenced. There were dogs of all sizes there when we went. My dog and I really like this park.