Glendale Farm Open Space Dog Park

Trails at Glendale Farm Dog Off-leash Park
Lucas West Eagle Scout Dog Obstacle Project at Glendale Farm
Near Surry Ridge and East of I25
Highland Ranch, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Douglas County
Days Closed:
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches, picnic tables, some agility equipment, trails, and drinking water (be sure to bring a bowl).   Get off I25 at exit 191.

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Jenny C's picture
love this park

This is our regular dog park and we love how big it is and the fact that it's fenced and our dogs can roam and we don't have to worry! This is our favorite dog park! It can get busy on weekends but that just means more dogs to play with!

darklilcorner's picture
Good as it goes.

Getting to GFOS is a bit of tricky matter I found. For one, there is currently no exit off I25 for marker 191. I took exit 192 and drove the frontage road down to the park. (Left side of the 25 if going from north to south). I put up a picture of the sign to look for.

The space is completely fenced in, though dogs weighing less than 15lbs could probably work their way through the wires. I know my basenji got most of her upper torso through before I caught her at it.

Bags and a water-font are available, bring your own bowl. Trash cans are only near the entry gates. Please try to pick up after your dog.

Big space, with hills and a trail on the inside of the fence. There was an agility course by one of the picnic tables in the center of the area. Watch out for the foxtails and bullthistle.

Better for big dogs. Have fun!

ZoeysHuman's picture
A fun time!

I usually take my pup to a small-ish, grassy, fenced-in dog park. Sure, it's good for interacting with other dogs, but it isn't good for roaming!

We went to GFOSDP today and I really enjoyed the experience. It's perfect for dog owners who don't have perfect control over their pups. Zoey is pretty responsive to commands, but I always feel uneasy when she's off-leash in an unfenced area (like Chatfield!) All it takes is one squirrel/rabbit/snake and she's off like a rocket.

GFOSDP is the perfect combo of a traditional dog park with an open, off-leash park. It's so large that you feel that there's tons of land to freely roam (which there is), but if your dog runs ahead or just runs wild, you feel comfortable knowing that s/he can't escape the perimeter. I would suggest having some way to lure your dog back to you, or else it could take a while to catch her :)

There's also an agility course at the south-ish end of this park- awesome!

Zoey and I had a fabulous time and both loved the exercise. We got home only 10 minutes ago and she's already zonked out on her dog bed. Success!

Visitor's picture
Wonderful place; lots of space and fresh air

We'e been twice with our 10 month old pup, and he had a wonderful time romping with other dogs. Didn't take him long to learn to come back to us (w/ training treats in hand) or when we stopped to talk to other dog walkers. Nice fenced area with room to roam as well as a 1.6 trail with dogs on leash. Picnic table and small benches available as well as porta potty. Not difficult to get to at all once you drive there.

Visitor's picture
Mud Mud Mud and more Mud.

FYI: Glendale Farm Open Space Dog Park is a 5 acres secured, fenced off-leash dog park. OUTSIDE of the dog park boudaries is the Glendale Farm Open Space Trails and is not fenced.

When the dog park is dry and not full of mud, GFOS is a wonderful park for dogs. It is very beautiful, full of grassy areas, dirt, brush with little nooks and cranies for your dog to explore(or hide) and small hills to boot.
The park is adjacent to I-25, but I-25 doesn't pose any danger to the dogs within the park. Currently, CDOT and Douglas County is literally transforming the outer bounderies of GFOS along I-25. I don't plan to return to the park until the spring when most of the major construction is complete and the wet sloppy mud has dried up. Currently, the park is tricky to get to off the freeway ramps, but when the project is complete it should be much easier to access and more user friendly to vehicles.

There is a nice sized parking lot, or for better words, a dirt area for cars to park.

Always watch out for dog droppings, as many owners are unable to see their dog(s) pooping since it is so large and many dogs "run off" ahead of the owners(no fault of their own) out of sight for a few minutes.