Fuller Dog Park - Denver

Franklin and E 29th
Denver, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Denver
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Fenced.  This dog park has a separate small dog area, shade, benches, and sand ground cover. Be sure to bring your own water.  No Pitbulls.

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lbien's picture
all new park

This park was closed for a while and people forgot about it.

It is now open and all new. Very nice park divided in half for small dogs and big dogs. Plenty of seating and shade.

It gets busier every time we go.

huckleberry's picture
2011 Update

The park is closed for construction until probably November 2011.

Valerie42's picture
Beautiful Park but not sure why the people there have dogs

This park was small but beautiful. All sand, no grass, very little shade, and one bench. The fence is short with large gaps between the bars. One dog owner was playing basketball at the court next to the park while his little guy was making his escape from the park.

I wish I had read the reviews before I went. I met one nice couple with two of the cutest little pugs I've ever seen, but most of the people were anti-social and weren't engaging their dogs at all. I have a six month old puppy that started playing with one dog. After about 15 minutes, her owner walked over. I apologized and said my guy is a puppy and just likes to wrestle and always migrates to bulldogs. I mentioned it looks my little guy would need a bath and she rudely pointed out that it was obvious that hers would require a bath and made some other snarky comment.

I have a rescue dog that I usually take to Grandview Park in Aurora, but I happened to be in the neighborhood. He's wasn't abused and I've had him since he was a puppy. He's well socialized and used to people that are socialized too. Unfortunately, with the exception of the pugs and thier owners, we met neither well socialized dogs or owners at this park. Most of the dogs were small and the larger breeds were aggressive, picking on the little dogs. My little guy held his own, but I won't be returning.

Not bad if you don't have a choice of dog parks and if you live in the area you may get to know some of the people, but aside from aesthetic this was not a very welcoming park.

Sorry if this isn't the norm, but it was my first impression and will be my only. Beautiful neighborhood (NOT sketcy as one post said), but not sure why most of the people there had dogs.

bullboxer13's picture
I would not recomend

The park itself is ok. It is small and very dusty, some days you cannot see the park from the street due to the dust. The main problem with the park is the inconsiderate and uniformed dog owners. There are some dog owners that understand dogs and how to train and socialize their dog but a large percentage of the people there just let their animal run wild, become overly aggressive and have little or no training at all. With 25 years experience raising and training dogs, this is one of the worst parks I have been to in this country. If you want to socialize with other humans and ignore your dog, or sit on the cell phone and ignore them, leave them at home and go to your local watering hole. My rescued boxer and I have been there 10+ times in the 4 weeks I've had him, and we will not be returning.

The worst part of my experiences there are due to inattentive and ill informed dog owners that allow their dogs to be overly aggressive to the point of attacking other dogs, and when you step in to correct the situation you are treated like the bad guy. One woman's response to my breaking the dogs up and chastising her for her ill mannered dog was, "Is your dog bleeding? Then they were just playing". The worst part of this is my dog is a rescue dog that had been abused. I have trained him not to be dominant and to be very tolerant. He has come a long way and is no longer head shy or inappropriately aggressive. But if you push any dog too far it will turn and defend itself and the fact it is a large boxer that could be hazardous. Not claiming my dog is perfect, but a little love, attention and training can go a long way. And keeping a close eye on your animal to be sure they are behaving is crucial. If you love dogs and people that do, this is not the park for you.

schmebby's picture
escape artist dogs...

This is a nicely maintained dog park, however for those of you who have smaller/high jumping dogs it is NOT safe. My dog slipped through the slats in the fence (She isnt a tiny dog, about 35 lbs, but she was able to easily slip through) and she could have also easily jumped the fence, its about 4 feet tall I think. Just be careful if you have an escape artist dog! I won't be going back to this park

Laura's picture
I really like going here

I recently got a dog so we've been exploring dog parks, this one is closest to my house. It is mostly dirt with some grass, but all the people and dogs we've met are very nice loving dog owners. Some days there aren't as many dogs to play with, but usually at least one will show up. It is worth going if in the neighborhood and we will be going back:)

Visitor's picture
Great park, great neighborhood

The person who wrote that the neighborhood is sketchy is not correct; they should put their dog back in their purse and stay in Cherry Creek. This park is kept up very well, and the playground and surrounding area are beautiful. We've encountered nothing but really nice people and friendly dogs, go check it out.

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Nice park, neighborhood is

Nice park, neighborhood is kind of sketchy. We quit going because it was too easy for our little dogs(9lbs) to squeeze between the fence posts.

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Better then I expected

The park is all dirt so if its been wet outside then be forewarned. All in all I liked the dog park. the exterior of the park is kept up well and gives the impression that inside the dog park is kept up as well. I've seen some pretty sad dog parks but I wouldn't consider this one in that ball park. I am happy to keep bringing my dog back there time after time. If you are in the area it is worth checking out.