Forsberg / Iron Spring Dog Park - Lakewood

Forsberg 1
14800 W. Alameda Pkwy.
near Indiana St
Lakewood, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Lakewood
Days Closed:
Yes, but are often locked
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: Opened Fall 2008. This dog park has two areas. Please bring a baggies and some to share. Drinking water is available in the summer but will be turned off in the winter, so be sure to bring water for your pet.
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An American Bulldog mix started a fight with my boyfriends dog today. She had to get tubes put in because of how bad the wounds are! I had to open the jaw of the dog for the dog to let go while Tim and the owner and I were punching it!!!

The guy had a black Nissan truck. License plate 668-UPW!!

I wish people would know how to control their dogs and learn to train them. If y'all don't know what your dog is capable of, and how to handle him/her, maybe you shouldn't have a dog!!!


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Probably won't be going back

This dog park looked like it would be fun since it had all the agility equipment. I read all the terrible reviews and passed it off as that person just having a bad day. I went there this morning and all was well for about an hour. There were a few very friendly people and their dogs who all got along great together. Then it happened. Someone brought their two dogs and let them run down to the fence without leashes. One of them viciously attacked one of the dogs that was leaving at the time. It was then that we all decided to head home while this woman held her dog back without a collar at this point and at the side of the sidewalk. I passed with my dog as far away as I could, but the dog was still growling and snarling at everyone. I have never seen such a fight at a dog park until today. It's a shame that this will be the first and last time I go to this dog park.

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Great Dog Park

My husband and I bring our dog here 3-4 times a week for some fun play time and exercise. There are two sections, one for big dogs and one for small dogs, but those rules aren't really enforced and you can take your dog into either side. The park is situated on a hill so both sides provide an excellent opportunity to get your dog running. There's lots of balls and frisbees around, and usually plenty of dogs for playing. Poop bags are provided and a water station is turned on in the warm months, so bring water for your dog and to share with others when its cold out.

The one thing I will say is that not all the owners are very responsible. I have picked up after many other dogs when their owners don't pay attention. I've had to break up a sqabble or two, just to keep the peace. I have also dealt with owners who don't understand that dogs are pack animals and there can only be one alpha male. My dog has never been aggresive, but some people aren't comfortable when two males face off for the dominate position. My suggestion is to bring a thick skin and stand your ground. And don't be afraid to lend a hand and help control a situation if necessary. Otherwise, it's a great park.

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View is unbeatable! Love that Poo Free Parks is supplying the free biodegradable poop bags!

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It's all in the timing...

This park is heavily used and, yes, some owners don't control their dogs. I recommend "off-peak" times such as early mornings. Saturday and Sunday afternoons? Come at your own risk. There are now poop bags provided, but water is sporadic.

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what a beautiful dog park

We brought our dog to this park yesterday. And this is also her first time ever at a dog park. Being just over a year now we had some doubts on how she would do. Not only did she love the park but she enjoyed the other dogs too! For the hour we were there we didn't she one dog fight or any rude owners!! Plus the view around this park is beautiful! We will be bringing our dog back a few times a week!

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Nice but very overcrowded.

This park is very popular so the best time to go is early morning.

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MUDDY, a few bad seeds, close the gates please.

This park tends to be extremely muddy. I know the sprinkler system busted on the North side last year but why turn the water back on if you haven't resolved the problem? That is a lot of wasted water. The water fountain was finally turned on but has been leaking into the park causing a mud field. The trails were redone, but sense have washed out again. Really watch where you step due to all the ruts on the trail.
I am happy to see the gate latch system was finally fixed. Those old latches saw better days and were almost always broken/not latching. The chain system seems to be a good solution. Also, a handful of times I have seen the gates left open-NOT COOL!
I've had multiple run ins with a guy and his two Weimeraners. The two dogs gang up and knock other dogs to the ground not letting it up. They seem to go after the same dogs time after time. The owner could care less. I tend to leash my dog until this man leaves. Typically he only loops the trail once.
Dog poop does accumulate. As a reply to a post on 5/24/2010, there are a lot of people who do pick up extra dog poo. There are a few people that down right refuse to pick up after their dogs. There is a group of us who do go around the park and pick up any we see. Some even bring in buckets and scoops to try to keep a handle on this problem. So, there are a few of us taking action on this problem.
For those who say the park is too busy, there are other parks in the area: Conifer, Evergreen, Golden, Denver, Littleton, etc. You also can spread out while in the park. There are 4 acres. If you are having a problem with another dog, go to the other side.

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Dog Park

We live close to this park and visit very frequently. I am impressed with the overall layout of the park. The trash is now cleared regularly and the water is running. There also seems to be a good supply of bags being brought by regulars and left for everyones use. We have seldom encountered any bad behavior from the dogs and they all seem to manage to behave well around each other. Dogs, like people, do not always get along with each other, and I believe that the owners must take an active role in keeping the peace if it is required. My only concern is that there do seem to be some people who do not clean up after their dogs. I would prefer to believe these are people who do not use the park very often and don't care how they leave it. It would be great if everyone was a responsible dog owner, but I guess not everyone is, so I hope those reading this that aren't have a guilty conscience and try to do better in the future !!

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Bad Owners

"We have a smaller male dog that is fixed and from the second we got into the park all the bigger dogs started dominating him like crazy".

Why didn't you stop it? Really, if your little guy can't compete with those bigger dogs why didn't you and your husband put an end to it immediately? Your little guy sees you as a dominant member of his family and relies on YOU for protection.
As uncomfortable it was for you to watch him getting punked all over that park, I can only imagine how he felt wondering why you allowed it to happen over and over again.

You might want to keep an eye on him and keep him fed well. I'm thinking the moment he finds another dependable food source he's gonna bail on you quick.

There are bad owners and some people that shouldn't have dogs. You've just described why you might want to put yours up for adoption.

You don't have the capacity to protect those that you've brought into your home, love you unconditionally, would die for you, yet because of fear or outright timidness you would let your animal get emotionally abused.

That's not anyone's fault but your own.

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dog park in Green Mtn

I go twice a day. I live close. Never seen a big dog fight. Park trash has been taken over by city of Lakewood and they do great job. No water right now. They fixed the gates so they work good now. Most people are picking up the poop. May need to bring your own bags and water. Love the dog course. My dog likes to run in the tunnel!

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It can't be that bad

I have a puppy and though he's a little young to bring to the dog park I expect to bring him in a few months. I've read some of these reviews and I'm thinking that I'll probably come to the park to supervise some of this allege activity of people's dogs getting attacked and verbal confrontations of the dog owners. I'm thinking it'll be very entertaining to say the least.
About the alleged feces problem: There really shouldn't be one. If you use the park, pick up after your dog. Certainly if it were THAT big a problem confront the owner of the animal when you see it happening. Another option would be to have the developer provide that service for a small fee, but you can't have it both ways.
You manage the problem if the park is free, why don't you pick up a few lbs of the manure while you are there? If you are willing to pick up your own dogs poop, why not 10 lbs of another. Might start a trend of other concerned people who are willing to make the place better. You'll never be able to control other people's behavior, but you sure can control yours. That,or have a small fee attached for a third party to do it.
You are there to exercise and socialize your dog. How bout you work on your socialization skills and make the place better?

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Give me a break!

I would suggest to u, as well as a few other posters (although I believe these are all your posts as well since the wording is so similar) that you never go to a dog park again. I have taken my minarure pincher to this park since it has opened, and other than normal dog behavior I have not witnessed anything malicious. The views are beautiful, the terrain is varied, and I have found other dog owners to be polite and friendly. I am there on average 3 days a week, and trust me, if I had witnessed one dog attack as you described, let alone FIVE I would call it a day! Yes, dog feces is an issue. However, have you been to any other park or apartment complex where large amounts of dogs congregate, I guarantee it is an issue there as well! Let those who enjoy the outdoors, being in the vicinity of other dogs, and enjoy seeking companion ship with others alone!!!!

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My husband and myself took our 2 dogs to this park on Saturday April 10 2010 and had a GREAT time. We went back on Sunday April 11 2010 and it was AWFUL! We have a smaller male dog that is fixed and from the second we got into the park all the bigger dogs started dominating him like crazy. Now I know that this is what dogs do, but after a couple of minutes it would be nice if the other owners would get their dog off of mine. This was happening right in front of the other dogs owner and instead of pulling her dog off she just stood there and said "well that's what dogs do". Well I most certainly did NOT bring my dog to the park to spend his whole time getting dominated! Finally my husband started yelling at her to control her dog that is not fixed. She finally ended up leaving. Our bigger female dog who is also fixed does not have a problem with getting dominated at all.

But as time was going by, the big dogs started get into fights so we took both of our dogs to the other side. There was only 1 dog at the time over on that side and it was much nicer until that dog started following our smaller dog around and dominating him. This dog was just as bad as the 1st dog that was dominating our dog. At one point the dogs were at the bottom of the hill and the other dog was just dominating ours, so finally the other owner was yelling for her dog to come to her, but of course it did not. I finally got mad and ran down the hill and had to pull this dog off of mine, and even after I did this the other owner still did nothing but stand there and call her dog. Needless to say the other owners dog never went up the hill to her and we took our dogs and left.

I do not understand why some dog owners are so lazy. If my dog was dominating or causing issues I would be trying to make them stop. This is a very nice place to go when there is not a lot of dogs, but once there is a lot of dogs it is just crazy since most of the other owners do not control their dogs.

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Not a place for children, let alone dogs.

I have witnessed many vicious dog to dog attacks here. One occurred right in front of a stroller containing an infant. The parent of the baby was also the owner of the dog who viciously attacked a Border Collie who was simply running by. This attack required 3 people to separate the dogs, while the owner stood back in shock of what was happening. Finally someone had to kick the chest of the attacking American Bulldog for it to release it's grip. Though not recommended, it did work. The owner quickly leashed the dog and left, which is rare. They usually reprimand their dog and set them loose again in the park. A second attack occurred with a black Staffordshire Terrier mix who mauled another dog over a rope toy. The owner refused to leave until another person in the park told her to take the dog out of the park. A quarrel occurred between the two people, but the woman and her dog eventually left when several other people informed her of how aggressive her dog gets. Yet a third attack happened with a boxer who attacked a Pointer. The pointer was cowering at the boxer's dominating stance; after being pounced while running. The pointer went into a submissive stance and the boxer attacked; puncturing the pointers neck with it's teeth. The forth attack I witnessed was with another dog being attacked by a Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix. The aggressive dog snapped at the running dogs muzzle causing 2 distinct puncture wounds. The fifth attack involved a toy poodle being grabbed by a herding dog and shook by the scruff of it's neck. The owner of the herding dog could not command the dog to stop; requiring another dog owner to jump after the dog to grab it. Then, had to pry the dogs jaws open to release the poodle.

This park has been inundated by aggressive dogs and inept dog owners! Though the option to go to the other side of the park exists, it is hard to keep away from them when they keep changing sides. Lakewood Animal Control has not done ANYTHING with these attacks. I doubt anyone even reports these attacks. I hate to say it, but this Dog Park is the WORST dog park in the Denver-Metro area! One is on guard as soon as they enter. I thought I could avoid these conflicts by staying far away from the owners that stand in place by the gates. Thought the owners stay away, the dogs still come around. The owners are now over an acre away and offer NO assistance in the event of an attack or when their dog needs to be controlled. This park has SO much potential, but needs more "self policing" as other dog parks have in the area.

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Another Update sense 01/10/2010

The park is once again separated into two parks. The center gate was put back up 2 weeks ago and the ravines in the pathways have been resolved. Lakewood put down new sand/gravel around both pathways on each side. Lakewood put locks on the maintenance gates, again, in attempts to keep people from using them as personal entrances and exits; neglectfully letting dogs out of the park. Hopefully whoever keeps cutting them off will stop!

Having two sides, again, really helps control the dog to dog aggression and human to human incompatibilities.

The poop problem is still bad as ever. About 2/3 of the people still don't pick up after their dogs. Kennel Cough and Canine Influenza (Dog Flu; H3N8) are still going around bad. Aggressive dogs still come to the park and reap havoc on the peaceful ones. Much improvement is still needed.

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Inconsiderate Owners!

This is the worst dog park I have ever visited. Fights galore, dog poop galore, and some of the MOST inconsiderate owners I have ever met. This park is way too overused. People and dogs come in and out all the time. I have noticed, very few people ensure the gates are closed and latched. Too dangerous for anyone to trust the other dogs in this park and around the owners. Watched a dog hack, wretch, and cough up foam for over 5 minutes; it could easily be something like Kennel Cough. The owner didn't care that they could be spreading a very contagious illness around. Left immediately.

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Owners, owners everywhere, but nobody is responsible!

I have never been to a dog park where dog droppings have been so prevalent. There are tubes that have plastic bags in them so you can pick it up but very few people do. I twice have had my dog step in it and it had gotten on his coat. Once a lady instructed me that the bottom was the "poop area" and you don't have to worry about it. I knew why she brought her dog here. I also had a run in with kennel cough after visiting this park. This was the only place we had been to with my dogs in the last 4 months besides our home. Our pooch was current on his vaccinations but still caught a terrible, hacking, retching, energy steeling case of kennel cough. Cost just over $200 to treat! I too have encountered the attitudes of the people in this park and they can be all out nasty. Ask someone to keep their dog under control and they say something to the matter of "they have to work it out." Well, you need to work that out with YOUR dog and keep him from attacking mine! I was informed of the plaque that contained the rules and regulations of the park but I don't think anyone knows these instructions are there and who is enforcing them? Cigarettes too tend to litter this park and had a 5 minute ordeal trying to retrieve one from my pooch's mouth. "Enter at your own risk" as another person stated. Yes, and if you do come in make sure you have plenty of money set aside for veterinarian costs. This park is too overwhelming, crowded, and hazardous to your and your dog's health.

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Enter at Your Own Risk!!!

Enter at your own risk should be the motto of this dog park.

Though there are signs saying "park behind the barricades only," people still park all over the place making it very hard to exit this lot.

The hinges and latches to the double gait are typically broken. I have once seen one of the gates laying on the ground broken and nobody seemed to care or try to fix it for the safety of the dogs inside the park. I have witnessed multiple people letting other peoples dogs out of the park, though typically by accident.

The dog park rules and regulations are posted in a most inconspicuous spot to where most people don't even know they're rules.

It makes no sense why there is a split in the fence, where a gate once was, between the two sides and all the humans tend to congregate there and don't keep an eye on their dogs.

This park is over 2 acres per side and most people are too lazy to walk around to pick up after their dogs. Dog droppings are EVERYWHERE!

This park is also a huge mud pit when it rains or when the snow starts to melt. I find it amazing that the people come to this park wearing their good clothes and get upset when a dog rubs up against them or jumps.

I have never seen so many dog fights at a dog park in my life besides at this park. Granted there will be scuffles between dogs, but this park seems to cater to people who know their dog has aggressive tendencies. Every time I have gone to this park, there has been a fight that requires human intervention to break it up while the owner is nowhere to be found.

This park is really catered towards large to giant dogs. I have seen many small dogs get trampled or played with as if the small dog were a toy. Puppies that I have seen here have been traumatized by overly rough play.

The dog owners tend to follow suit of their badly behaved dogs. Verbal fights between the humans are as often as the dog quarrels. I usually see the park regulars sitting far away from the crowd, and I now understand why they do this. It seems like most of the dogs that come to this park lack any and all training and are brought to this park to wear them out only. Like I said in the beginning, "Enter at Your Own Risk!"

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Better than anything else in Denver

I have not been to this park in about a month or so but since it's been open I've been bringing my dog here. It's by FAR the best place to bring your dog in the Denver area. There is not another dog park in Denver with something other than grimy dirt. This park has grassy areas, long grass/bushes etc.

I have never seen aggressive behavior at this park. I have witnessed the ordinary dog rifts here and there but dogs will be dogs.

I agree that this is a great park for big dogs and high energy dogs to run/chase/play. It does not cater to small dogs that have not been properly adjusted to large dogs or dogs that have never been to a dog park. I've seen plenty of small dogs that hold their own just fine with the big dogs. This park is one of the rare spaces that big dogs can really stretch their legs!

Because this park is catered towards big dogs, it is also not appropriate for small children, although people seem to have not been told that large groups of dogs are never safe for small children.

Use your noggins here people. Big dogs, who are bred to work all day, need time to be dogs. Don't throw your children or small pups in the mix with the big dogs!

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I agree in everyway. This park is great for BIG dogs, but if your dog is little, then don't bring them here. The big dogs there are not bad dogs, per say, but more so that the people there just shouldn't be dog owners.

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All-in-All Just Not Safe...Bad Pet Owners

I really used to like it better there but a few months ago my dogs both got kennel cough from a dog there. They had no other contact with animals so they had to have gotten it from there so people are bringing their sick dogs there. People do not watch when they are coming in. Somebody let out my 9 month old Weiner dog and didn't even bother to try to help get him. People do not watch there dogs enough so they are jumping on people and my dogs are very small and the owners of the big dogs do not care enough when their dogs are being to aggressive toward the little dogs, who can be hurt very easily. People don't pick up their dogs poo because for a few weeks I went there and the trash was overflowing for well over a month.

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people are mean-spirited at this park

They let my four month old puppy out of the park and when I ran out to catch him and voice my concern everyone started yelling at me that it was my fault for not watching him. I stated I was watching him, I watched them let him out. Only one sally port and many times both gates are open at the same time. Line to get into the park and line to get out of the park. Lots of dog poo, no one picks up after their animals. Left after 15 mniutes when I realized my dogs weren't safe there. Witnessed three dog fights in that short time. Not enought parking spots. Really bad experince, won't be back.

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Great Dog Park with Million Dollar Views

This is a fenced in dog park with million dollar views of the foothills and of Red Rocks. As of now, the park is independently owned by the developer of Solterra (2008 Parade of Homes builders), Carma Development. Located on the south slope of Green Mountain, it has a downhill slope throughout both sides of the park. They rotate the sides every 2 weeks or so to replenish the lawn where the dogs have been romping around. FYI, this park can get VERY muddy! Bring poop bags and please bring any extra you may have. There are tubes where you can place bags in for others to use. There is a "doggie water fountain" but bring water anyway due the the fountains being shut off in the fall and are not turned back on untill late spring. The restrooms are never guaranteed to be open and have thus far been unlocked.

The well mannered dogs are a joy for other dogs to play with. I often spend 2-4 hours a day here with my German Shorthaired Pointer and "the regulars" make the park enjoyable for both the dogs and owners. I don't suggest/I oppose bringing toys other that tennis balls into the park for obvious reasons; you may never get the toy back, if you do get it back it may be destroyed, and the dogs may fight over the toy. Anyway, try to keep the peace and keep your toys at home or in your car, and always remember to keep your knees a bit bent to avoid being knocked over by a stampeding pack of dogs! *Caution*There are rattlesnakes in the area, so be cautious!

There are also a few problems with this park that can make it a bad/traumatic experience, including: people not picking up after their dogs (stay on the trails less step in a pile. Yes, it gets that bad), people not supervising their dogs and allowing VERY inappropriate/aggressive behavior that usually ends in an all and out dog fight(s), *people bringing knowingly aggressive dogs to the park*, parents bringing young children into the park and allowing them to run around amongst the dogs (several young children have gotten seriously injured in recent months), and the biggest problem in my mind; people bringing food (lunch/people snacks) into the park!

All in all this place is fabulous for average mannered dogs but should not be the only exercise your dog gets.

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Best Dog Park in the Denver Area!

I LOVE this dog park. I've visited lots of other dog parks in Colorado (Golden, Stapleton, I-70 and Kipling, Fort Collins, Etc.), but this dog park has been the best ever! :) Its large, really new (this means the landscape isn't perfected yet), has some smaller trees, but not a ton of shade yet unfortunately. There are a few picnic tables, and a water fountain just outside the park. Be sure to bring a water bowl and make sure your dog is friendly! There are all sorts of dogs here (no size separation), but in my experience all seem to get along quite well!