Englewood Canine Corral Dog Park

Tobbys sleeping it off after time wrestling at the park
4848 S. Windermere (Belleview Park)
Englewood, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Englewood and the non-profit Englewood Unleashed
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: Fenced - this park has benches and shade. Be sure to bring water for your dog. EnviroWagg does the composting for this dog park. Englewood Unleashed supports this dog park.
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bhudson's picture
Dogs got balls

I like this park but I'm seeing people bring their un-neutered male dogs here. Thought that was a requirement for dog park use. It's nice to be able to let the dog get into the stream for a little cool-off on a hot day. Overall a nice park and decent pet owners.

Stephanie Chiodo's picture
Nice place to play and make some good dog friends

Depending on the time of day that you go, if your a newbie going to this park I would suggest in the mornings because there are really decent people there who actually watch their dogs and clean up after them. Afternoons? Different story, for some reason in afternoons there are people that want to socialize, but dont really socialize their dogs, they are there just to chit chat instead and I have seen people, not dogs, get aggressive. The park is actually really nice, you do have to bring water, someone make up dish holder so there is water dishes there and tons of tennis balls! My dog will take a toy home from there but we always make sure to return a toy, usually tennis balls. Theres enough room to use a chuck it and your dog can run. There is a bike path that runs along a stream and if you have your dog on a leash and you dont mind getting wet then its a nice place to take your dog to play in the water as well especially in the summer!

lisa b's picture
dusty and dirty

I'm sure it didn't help that it hadn't rained in 3 weeks, but i found this park to be horribly dusty and dirty. The mulch has been ground to dust, and the outer parks of the park (away from where the humans mingle) was littered with dog poo. It's a pretty small, confined space. My hounds took one walk around the perimeter of the park and were ready to leave ... no good smells or critters. That being said, there were dozens of larger dogs who were having a grand time wrestling and chasing and playing fetch ... they looked like they'd give it 5 stars!

Husky_lover's picture
Meet up!

We will be hosting a Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle on Sat. May 22 from 5-7pm. we will also have Polaris Siberian husky rescue there with adaptable Huskies! Come check it out! http://www.facebook.com/?sk=2361831622#!/group.php?gid=67707519125if

AshleyCVT's picture
Love this park

When I lived in Englewood I'd bring my dog to this park Daily. I loved it! Its the best dog park by far in the area. I now live in Denver/Lakewood and i'm trying to find a park that is similar. But I have yet to find one that i feel comfortable with.

Visitor's picture

The people (and pups) were friendly and the site seemed well maintained! I liked the cedar chips instead of mud and it had a nice feel to it all. We'll definitely be going back!

Visitor's picture
Friendly group of people and dogs

This dog park is great for socializing your dog. There is a regular group of owners and dogs that are friendly to newcomers. The small size of the park encourages plenty of dog interaction and play.

Visitor's picture
very secure with plenty of

very secure with plenty of shade.