CLOSED - Elk Meadow Open Space Bark Dog Park

Stagecoach Blvd
Evergreen, CO
Operating Hours:
One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset
Days Closed:
Yes, across Stagecoach Blvd
Park Size:
107 acres
Type of Park:
No Dogs Allowed
Other Notes:

Fenced. Has a creek in the unfenced part of the park. Be sure to bring water for your dog.  The off leash area has trails.

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This dog park has been closed. Article link in review
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Elk Meadow Open Space Bark Dog Park

We found this park about a six months ago and absolutely love it. We take our three highly energetic dogs there almost every weekend now. The dogs know where we are going as soon as we turn off the interstate. The park is great and the dogs love meeting the other dogs, playing in the water and just being able to run. We hike for about an hour and then head to a little Mexican restaurant near the King Soopers in Evergreen. The dogs are allowed on the patio and the food is good.

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Lots of space to run and stretch out

We stopped in this park one day last year, and it is definitely worth it if you are traveling through or in the area. Our dogs loved it. There was plenty of space to roam around off leash, and the path is good for walking. The fenced portion of the park is nice and really big. We met a couple of friendly dogs and people, enough to be reassured that it is a friendly place, and not nearly enough to feel crowded.

This park is definitely on my list of stops when driving across the country with my dogs.

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Great place

Such a beautiful place to have a stroll with your dog...

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A truly wonderful dog park!

We live in Kittredge, and we absolutely love this park. The off-leash trails are wonderful. Hopefully Jefferson County will make more areas dog-friendly, but until then, this park is perfect

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Elk Meadow Open Space Bark Dog Park

Simply the best ! We had to move away and not a day goes by that we don't miss this park terribly. We dream of the day that we can return. Enjoy...

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Great park for hikeing and mental stimulation for the dogs

This park is great. Fulll of trees and hills. I do agree with other reviews that it can be slippery. Yaktrax for the winter are a good idea. Parking is limited and can fill up fast. Our dogs love it.

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Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-leash Area

We're glad to read all the reviews for our dog park. To provide some of the missing information in the park profile ... Elk Meadow Park Dog Off-leash Area is managed by Jefferson County Open Space. It's open 7 days a week from 1 hour before sunrise until 1 hour after sunset. There are no fees, and restrooms are across Stagecoach Bouleveard, near a trailhead for Elk Meadow Park proper. The Off-leash Area is 107 acres of the 1,657 acres in the larger Elk Meadow Park. We recently completed a crushed-gravel loop trail with gradual grades (compliant with ADA standards) in the eastern section of the park. We'll be creating safe, sustainable trails in the western section in the years to come. To learn more & check out a park video, go to
Happy Tails & Trails,
Jefferson County Open Space

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Perfect for when we visit!!

We have family that live in Evergreen and they have been going to this park for years, in fact they go several times a week. They have always had Greyhounds - who as many of you know they LOVE to run and socialize. They had told us many times how much they enjoy taking their dogs there, so we joined them a few times with our dogs.

We have foster dogs and a few of our own - all of which have been so excited when they have gone. We have brought a large variety of breeds including: Rottweiler - Shepherd mix, Pointer, German Short Hair pointer, and a lab-chow mix - this is a clear variety of dogs and although mostly larger dogs there are some medium ones in our mix as well. When we turn down the road towards the park the dogs begin to wine with excitement and they can't sit still! . We have never had a problem with aggressive dogs, and we usually see owners picking up after their own dogs. It is an absolutely beautiful area - yes there are rocks along the path - but you are in the Colorado Mountains, so if you aren't expecting to see that... maybe this isn't the place for you and your dog. I can honestly say I have yet to see an unhappy dog there, I asked my family and they concur. I think this is one of the best dog parks that I have ever seen and I highly recommend it to anyone who is either just visiting or for those of you who are lucky enough to be residents in that beautiful area!!!

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What a fantastic dog park, it really epitomizes why i moved to Colorado. Rugged, wide open spaces, with lush grasses, and even hiding spots for critters so my dogs have something to track and chase (they don't catch anything, thank goodness!). I sent pics to my dog-loving friends back east, and they all remarked "wow, you have flowers in your dog park?!?!". We like to hike in the park for 30 mins, then do the 20-min. hiking loop outside the park to wade in the creek a bit. Plus, in the summer, it's a good 10* cooler than in the city. Very well done, Evergreen!

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A True Colorado Dog Park

What a wonderful dogpark! I love this dogpark and it is exactly what my German Shorthaired Pointer needs. There are rock outcrops for him to leap off of, terrain that keeps his mind occupied, and strenuous inclines.
This park is not one for an older arthritic pooch; my 10 year old Chocolate Lab hates it! True hikers can handle the terrain and I make sure I bring my trusty walking stick with to assist me.
My only complaint is that there is an outcropping of granite that my dog uses to leap over the fence near the south center of the park... I typically keep him away from this spot, but there was a ground squirrel that caught his interest; being a German Shorthaired, he found a way to get to it.

All in all, this park is wonderful! Bring lots of water and waste bags.

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Bark Park

My wife and I bring our two energetic Border Collies to this park every day. We have been to various dog parks all over Colorado, and this is the best one, by far. The setting is beautiful, and the views are spectacular! Yes, the hike can be a challenge, especially if it is wet, but if you're wearing a good quality pair of hiking shoes, you should have no problem. As for your dog or dogs -- they will love the varying topography.

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Would not recommend for older Great Danes

Beautiful park. Not a good one for older large breeds.

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Best yet!

There is also a fenced field right next to the fenced wooded area.
Just walk a little further down the path on the right from the parking area. It's about half acre feild, great!
If you love the mountains you will love this park!
It's my favorite that I have been to thus far.
I don't have a bad thing to say.
Fenced in hiking area
Fenced in field to run
Open space trails to head out into the woods.

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Elk Meadow Open Space Bark Park

I go to this park every day with my dogs and have yet to see anyone sprawled across the ground.
Yes, the terrain is mountainous. It's in the mountains. There is a large fenced area that is a fun hike and probably more fun if you have four legs. It is very busy on the weekends but most dogs are well socialized and there are rarely agressive interactions. Some websites advertise that there is a water fountain there. I have never seen it if it exists. There is a creek that is a good 5 minute walk from the parking lot and not in the fenced area. Owners would be better off to bring their own water.

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Elk Meadow Open Space Bark Dog Park

Unless you're a hiker or even if you are, this park is a bit treacherous to walk in. I think they found the part of the park that people rarely visited and made it a dog park. It is positioned on the side of a steep rocky hill. I often see people sprawled on the ground after a misplaced step. Its pretty with lots of trees and grass. Better for hiking through than walking around in.