Devon's Dog Park (at Greenland Open Space)

Buzz's new Friends
Entrance Gate
Alot of Open Space Here
E Noe Rd,
off the E Greenland Rd exit
Larkspur, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Douglas County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
16.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in 2008. This dog park has a bench. Be sure to bring water for your dog and some to share.

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Doggy Mommy's picture
Clean, well kept

This is a wonderful park. It's huge (17 acres,) so your furry friends will have a lot of space to romp. It's clean and well kept. There are always bags for picking up waste, and some kind soul puts out water bowls. We've been there often and have never found it overcrowded. There are some benches in the park and some nice paths near the fence. Our dogs love it! I only have to say "Doggy park?" to them and they get wildly excited and run to the door of the garage.

rikki39's picture
Take Your Dog Here

Been coming here for about a year.Now we have 2 Dogs and they just love it.Never had any problems with dogs or owners but a few people have made comments about some Labs that come here and they are a little more Aggressive (growling and barking at other dogs).People just need to watch there dogs a little more.We are all here to let OUR dogs run free not to have issues

Richard Tiberius Caldwell's picture
Great Park

This is a great park, my Husky and Golden love to run here. Plenty of friendly people. Just stop and say hi. Some regulars in the mornings and we all know each others dogs names and behaviors. Most pickup after dogs. Many come to let their dogs run. If you what to walk long distance, it's next to Greenland open space, but take your leash for the miles of trails. Check in on foursquare and see the posts.

Renaks27's picture
Nice Park

This is big and clean! It seems that most dog owners pick up. Bags are provided and there is also a place where you can put some extra bags, too--- finally a place to put your plastic grocery bags for recycling purposes!! Dogs here all seem very friendly. Large open space, large enough for pet and person to get some exercise. I'll be honest, 50% of the pet owners I've encountered here have been less than friendly and don't seem to want their dogs to socialize much with others. I like coming here because it's not crowded so I am able to do some off leash training with my newly acquired large puppy.

Not much shade--- bring your own water!! Despite some grouchy people this really is a wonderful place to come. Lots of space for running, not overrun with dogs so it's also a safe place to bring your children. NOTE: I HAVE ONLY BEEN HERE DURING THE WEEK AND HAVE NO IDEA OF WEEKEND CONGESTION!

JMGR's picture
Nelson loves this dog park

This dog park has plenty of running room and that's what my 15 month 70# Akita mix loves to do. It's off the beaten path and has never been crowded during the week. I don't know about weekends. Many people walk their dogs along the fence line which is well worn but the center is partial grass and dirt. Provides poop bags and disposal. I'd bring my own water and bowl so disease has less chance to be spread.