Cherry Creek State Park Off Leash Dog Area

Lost Corgi that was given away by a lady to an older couple without owners permission, call 512-919-2134
Chambers and Parker
Aurora, CO
Operating Hours:
Sunrise-Sunset ???
Managed By:
Colorado State
Days Closed:
$20 (annually) dog park pass or $2 day pass plus $8 parking fee a day ($70 for a yearly pass good for all CO state parks)
glorified outhouses
Park Size:
80 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Fenced in March 2013.  The park use to be unfenced 120 acres and is now 80 acres of fenced area.  Grass, trails, and a stream.

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runswithdog's picture
A great dog park

We've been going to this dog park since July 2015 and I am happy with it. It is still open and spacious. Yes, there are a few dog owners who are irresponsible with their dogs and have no control over them, however, you are going to get that whenever you get around other dog owners. I don't let my dog off leash just yet...just because I don't want to be THAT dog owner (I'm still training her). We have a good time, sure when the weather is beautiful it's going to be packed, but can you seriously blame people for that?

Great dog park nonetheless.

DogMom155's picture

I love this place, it's too big to even call a dog park.There are so many acres for everyone to run around, wander around the trails and they recently upgraded the creek areas for prime dog water play.

It's pretty expensive if you pay every time, but with a yearly pass it pays for itself tenfold. I highly recommend checking this place out! Best dog park I've ever been to.

Minx's picture
Cherry Creek Dog Park

Cherry Creek Dog Park is still a great place to take your canine companions for a nice walk and to enjoy the day. Yes, there are some owners that DO NOT know how to control their dogs. But as a dog owner be responsible enough to recognize the signs of an aggressive dog and move your dog away from that aggressive dog. I still enjoy taking my dogs there every single day. It is an hour and a half that my dogs and I both look forward to. Great views, great people, amazing dog park!

Dogs.rule's picture
Thanks for info

I was looking for a safe place for my dogs, but after reading the last review cherry creek is NOT it...and mostly due to irresponsible owners. Thanks for your honest postings. I am new to area and was shocked that there are apparently so many owners who think it is ok for their dogs to attack other dogs. Anybody have any good parks to recommend, with normal owners?

mysanctuary's picture
out of control dog owners

I really enjoy taking my dog to the park and it has brought my dog out of his shell as he was a rescue.
However, in the past 4 months, I have witnessed my dog being attacked by 2 dogs and the owner just screamed at the dogs to stop and his dogs were driven by prey instinct. These two dogs were large and very agressive. so I had to jump in and keep the other dog from injuring my dog. My dog was yelping and yelping and yelping as one dog had him pinned by the neck. Dog owners are supposed have total control over their dogs and the reality is, not all do.
Yesterday, I was out at the off leash park and a German Shepard bit my dog and broke the skin and the owners had the nerve to tell me that my dog should be tough enough to take a beating...and my dog is a whimp. Their German Shepard is full grown and my dog is still a puppy and 25lbs. My dog lay there yelping from the wound, while the owners just walked off and said their dog did nothing.

Jude1950's picture
Mis-use of funds and a public deception

We have used the Cherry Creek off leash area for well over 12 years.
It has been an oasis in the city; a clean, friendly and naturally beautiful area for dogs and dog owners. The benches at the old tree with a great pond for our pups to fetch in, the beach on the south end of the area and the walks through the slow running sandy creek are gone. They have been replaced by wire fencing, gates, signs and ticket writing rangers. What was once a great area is being turned into a dry, crowded, urban, fenced walk. I didn't mind paying the $90. fee (20 for dog pass, 70 for year long park pass) Until I saw what they are doing to this once incredible place. Because of the reduced acreage and increased number of users I have seen more dog fights in the past year than in the 10 prior to the changes. It is hard to believe that the state did this in a responsible, ethical manner. It is telling as you read the posts here year by year how the general feeling has turned in 4 years from a huge positive to a dismal negative. A sad waste of tax payer money. The state is making large sums of money off the dog owners in Colorado that use this area, and they are giving back a very limited shadow of what it once was. As we walked through the area this morning it was clear that the landscaping is not being planned by anyone interested in the safety of our canine friends or for that matter their owners. The large boulder like cliff structures that line the stream are dangerous to dog and human. Sadly, as I reflect on this mornings walk it occurs to me that the plan is probably to fence the stream and pond off altogether. This is sad, and state officials should be ashamed of how they have handled this.

Visitor's picture

Park went from 120 acres to under 80 after being fence 3/13. Too many people and dogs on weekends. With less space more dog fights and people being bit two stars only.

Jenny C's picture
awesome place

It's $20 for a year pass, good for up to 3 dogs. $73 per year for a vehicle that includes all state parks. This park was so much fun for the family. Highly recommended for open leash enjoyment!

local 2's picture

What used to be a great place isnow a meer memory. The fencing and the reclaimation and diversion of the water has dried the wetlands. Great trails that existed as of last year are now fenced off. Large sums of money have been spent on signage stating that all of these areas are "closed for revegitation" even the benches that were donated in memory by local families are no longer accessable. I remember when the park was a happy place with smiling people and happy Rangers. Now the climate is negative and most are complaining that the place is ruined. This is the case with both Cherry Creek and Chatfield off leash areas. What a shame the elected officials have created. If you had never seen the park prior to the change you may think it is a good park aside from the stagnant water. Those of us who remember have a different opinion.The Rangers are rude and set only on searching for any small infraction in order to "issue a citation", rather than clean debris from the remaining use area and perform duties as the previous Rangers did. I will continue to walk my dogs here because there is no alternative, in the meantime I will pray that someone who has the authority comes along and restores some of the amenity to it's original splendor!

local's picture
Cherry Creek Dog Area is

Cherry Creek Dog Area is still good, but a mere shadow of the outstanding gem natural area dog park it was before.
State Parks Dept backed by a few elected officials wasted millions of tax dollars first to deceive, then directly fight, then just overrule many hundreds of citizens united against Park's "given"s to cut off dog access to all the best parts of the off leash area and convert it to a small fenced off dry patch devoid of water, trees, shade or wind breaks. What is nice today about this dog park is there only because many hundreds of united citizens fought a pitched battle, an open citizen revolt that forced Colorado Parks Dept to keep a small water access piece of it. Dog walkers are now banned from the best lush and beautiful parts of the former dog off leash area. It is still a good dog park, just no longer the outstanding 4 season natural area.
It still has some limited stream access. It still has a few bits of shade. Gone and cut off are long wide stretches of clean shallow sandy streams with tree lined shaded paths and tall grass areas that had excellent shade in the summer and brush windbreaks in the winter. 90% of the area our dogs loved most is now arbitrarily locked off by State Parks Police. The dog park is still good, just no longer the gem of nature dog park it was. PS - Parks access Pass prices greatly increased to $70 and Parks added a $20 Dog pass fee requirement after they cut off access to 90% of the best areas and 60% of the land. Despite that, it is still a good dog park.
With just a few different elected officials it could be returned to outstanding again.

Dan Evans's picture
Best of Denver

Probably the biggest dog park in Denver. Has a creek, many trails, and bags. Clean park and nice people. Worth the annual pass if you live in the area and if you don''s still worth the price of admission.

Chris Darrow's picture

Effective Jan 2011 you know have to pay $20 a year to access the off leash area in addition to the fee just to get in the park. So Annual Park pass $70 + $20 Dog pass = $90 a year to take you dog to the park...

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Poo Free Parks

Poo Free Parks biodegradable plastic bags and services are now available at Cherry Creek State Park!!!

sophia's picture

Sammi & I stopped by this park when we were on vacation. It's HUGE - with a lot of space to run and play. Make sure to keep a close eye on your pup, lest he or she wander off! Everyone there was really kind and wanted to hear all about Sammi and tell their own dog stories. We had a great time! The scenery was gorgeous as well - as is most of Colorado :) I think the confusing thing about the area is it being labeled as a park - I think it would be more accurate if it were called a reserve! All in all - a wonderful place for any dog and dog lover!!

krystal1031's picture

This park was huge. There were lots of friendly dogs and people here. There was several areas that looked like it was a pond but is now completely dried up. Other than the lack of water for Riley to play it was a great park.

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Chatfield and Cherry Creek State Park Off Leash Areas

COLDA - Colorado Off Leash Dog Association is working to keep chatfiedl and cherry Creek off leash, unfenced and they way they are now. This is a rough fight, but we are making progress - we need help from every user who values these areas. Please visit our site and to get involved.


Pam Hurley's picture
Spending over a million

Spending over a million dollars fencing this beautiful area seems foolish when that money could be better spent maintaining the area as it is...rough and wild. Hire a ranger to monitor people and dogs (go ahead...ticket people for not picking up after their dogs or for bringing violent dogs). I spend a lot of time there exercising both myself and my dog...there are no places to HIKE and run with my dog off leash. Everyone I've ever seen there is having a great time...rarely do I see problems and when I have seen a dog get aggressive, the owner takes charge. Dogs learn how to get a long with one another and those that can't should be leashed. People need to pick up after their dogs and those that don't should be ticketed. I resent having no place to hike with my dog off leash and I don't want to see a fence around this will look ugly and not feel as free. Also, the area will become trampled and ugly...just like all the other fenced in dog parks. What's the big deal using the money to maintain it the way it is and letting people run freely with dogs?

jotero's picture
Please do not change

Please do not change anything about this park. For me, this park is a very personal place. We have two dogs and take them there almost every day. Also, I met my husband there. Our dogs started playing and my hubby started "hitting" on me. 7 months later we were married. As you can see, not only our dogs absolutely love it there, but we, humans, have this park to thank for our happiness.

huckleberry's picture
Meeting June 2nd

There was a meeting to talk about the State's plans to make this an 85 acres fenced park. Users would have to pay fees and the renovation would include fences, restrooms, and staff for an estimated $1.3 million dollars. Full article.

shiskey's picture
Saving Cherry Creek Dog Park

I love taking my dog to Cherry Creek State Park. All park users must learn to share this space. What does this mean for us???

To keep these valuable spaces open to dogs, we must take action:

1. Train your dog to come when called, a.k.a. a really reliable recall even around people, other dogs, and wildlife. Dogs running up to horses, hikers, and bikes may cause inconvenience, fear, and injury to others.

2. Pick up after your dog. It is very unpleasant to step around dog poop and it can spread disease to other dogs.

3.Know who has the right of way on trails. Hikers and their dogs yield to horses. Bikes yield to hikers and horses.

4. Be friendly to everyone! Be a role model of the dog community so that all people - including those who don't like dogs - enjoy our presence, invite our dogs to stay, and don't fence us in!

usatsmj1's picture
This is the best dog park in

This is the best dog park in the state. I visit the park 3-4 times per week. My dogs know the way and start barking with excitment the second we hit that gravel road. Please, Please don't do anything to our park. The best part of the park is the water access, I couldn't imagine not having it. I would be willing to pay higher dues to help maintain the park for everyone to enjoy.

Mingo's picture
Cherry Creek / Chatfield

I just heard that some guy named Tad Walden who saids he represents dog walkers told state parks officials he is in FAVOUR of fences!

Pam Hurley's picture
Laughing Dogs and People!

Please don't change anything about this wonderful off leash dog park. It is so uplifting to be able to hike and bike with my dog off leash and to experience all the smiling dogs and people (yes, dogs smile!). Dogs learn to get along with one another (or not)and people get to socialize. My dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer and needs a place to run and run and run. He gets plenty of running, playing and swimming there. I have to drive 20 minutes one way to get there but I don't mind because it's the best place around for me and my dog. Please don't change a thing.

hsmith's picture
Great Dog Park

This is an awesome dog and owner park. I love the exercise we both get on this walk. Please don't change our park,closing it off with fencing is a horrible idea. I prefer paying an extra annual fee to cover needed changes to the park but don't make our dogs suffer because some people want to train their dogs. I have been there many times with the horses and everyone seems to get along just fine. When the horses get away from their fenced area though the gentlemen running the horse area can get pretty aggressive to the dog owners.

Katt's picture
Downsizing dog park...

Please don't do this. We need the whole park for our pets. I have a Ausse and she loves it there. Making it smaller will only
crowd the animals. It would be a shame to do this to the dogs. They need lthe space...

Ktabei's picture
Good times

I love taking my dog there. We both get good exercise since I walk around instead of usual standing around in fenced dog park. FYI if you need to hose down your dog there is Bark'n wash (self dog wash) block away!

BorzoiLover's picture
Help save Cherry Creek Dog Park

There is a move to cut the Cheery Creek Dog Park down to less than one-third of its current size, fence it and limit water access for dogs and owners. This plan to essentially take away a valuable resource that belongs to US (the people of Colorado) not the park bureacrats is being forced upon us without adequate advisement and following a process that neglected virtually all public comment.
Please help to save this precious resource by signing the online petition at:

Please do this by May 3rd, 2010!

blamarre19's picture
Missing Dog

Yesterday afternoon, April 18th, I lost my dog Lucy. She is a redish tan Australian Cattle dog Chow mix with a tumor on her left front foot. She has her tags on and a chip implanted at the base of her neck. If anyone one has seen her or can give me any information that might help me find her, it would be immensely appreciated. You can contact me at (303)257-2833. Thank you

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really nice park

i take my english bulldog there everyweekend and he has a blast running through the grass and meeting new dogs and people. Warning to those who dont like loose dogs... There everywere but its great just make sure you have a good command on your dog and dont be afraid if a slobbery bag of skin comes running up its just choncho

Visitor's picture

WHAT?!?! why would people want to close this park to dog use? Please send me information, [email protected]

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Fantastic place for your dogs!

It's a wonderfully large open dog park where your dogs really can run flat out. The dogs love the water and running through the fields where they can just be themselves and play and smell everything. It's excellent to have such a great place to take dogs to and train with distractions around but in a safe place.

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Great Dog Park

Like others have said, this is a huge area with many trails to walk. In this environment you can avoid a typical problem I see in dog parks, which is one dog starts running around the small fenced in area and the rest of the dogs start chasing him and aggression ensues. In this environment, a dog meets another dog, they have a little time to smell eack other before they keep walking the trail. Most of the time he gets dirty because there are grasses and streams, but he just gets a bath later. The only downside are the owners that don't think they need to pick up after their dogs since it's a wide-open space. But overall it's great, my dog has a wonderful time, both he and I get exercise and he's exhausted when we get home. Who wouldn't like that?

Visitor's picture

I have never taken my dogs to an offleash area as they have had enough companionship and large back yard at home (or so i thought). When i got here i was amazed at the area that my dogs could run around in. They had an absolute blast! There are horses that occasionally pass through, but i found it extremely benificial that when they did come through we had a twenty minute warning from the park ranger to give us a heads up. Loved it so much i purchased a year pass to all state parks (including the dog park). Only sixty bucks!

Visitor's picture

The location is in the "12 Mile" area. Upon entrance you take your first left, next first left, and then the second left. From parking lot there is a 500 yard on leash policy, then you may take off the leash.

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Never been out of a city -eh

Yea, Cherry Creek is the real world buddy. Not preened like your Downing street condo eh. For those who don't have the dainty problem and with real dogs, this place is heaven.

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Fantastic Park!!

This is the perfect dog park. We have three dogs and they have so much fun at this park because they can just run and run. The stream is great for them to play in also. It was so nice to find such a big open space to exercise our dogs (and us!). The lack of dog parks in Denver is frustrating, so this one was a great find! I highly recommend it to responsible dog owners with dog and people-friendly dogs!

Visitor's picture

The map on the Cherry Creek Website does not show the location of the Off-Leash area. Where can I find it?

ANSWER: The location is in the "12 Mile" area. Upon entrance you take your first left, next first left, and then the second left. From parking lot there is a 500 yard on leash policy, then you may take off the leash.

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Closing of Cherry Creek Dog Park and Chatfield Park

I also have been hearing stories of many who are trying to close Cherry Creek State Park/dog park as well as Chatfield. I am not in favor of this at all!!! Who do we send our emails to and does anyone have the schedule of the meetings of support to keep the park open?

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Awesome park


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Trying close this park

People are trying to close Cherry Creek and Chatfield dog parks. Please send e-mails are show up at the meetings to support keeping these great dog parks open.

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Worth a state park pass

Great trails, lots of water; fun for my Great Dane and myself. Everytime I go, I see at least two other Great Danes!! Great people and mostly well behaved dogs. I do wish that everyone would leash up their dogs in the parking area! It is just an accident waiting to happen.

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A good $7 Spent

I took my wife, 2 sons, our Min Pin and Our Boxer in the Summer and we had a grest time. Its not 1 city block thats fenced in, it is a reserve. Decent walk from parking lot to stream, various trails/routes to take. Great for socializing your dog and training with distractions. Dogs can play in the water if they like, our Boxer loves the water. Our Min Pin hates it and stayed out and explored on his own. The kids found frogs. More than your regular Denver inner city dog park.

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$7 to get in, not fenced in, roads & horses, stickers

After spending $7 to get into this place, I realized that its not fenced in anywhere, the roads are very close, there are people riding horses where the dogs can be off leash, its rediculous. Also spent over an hour on my dogs when we got home, looking them over from top to bottom picking out or having to cut out thorns and stickers from their coats.

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Dog Heaven

This is an amazing dog park, 60 acres with the creek running through it, no leash restrictions and really nice people. Everyone is a dog lover in this park, and it's just as nice for people to roam about as it is for the dogs. I have a young dog "still in training" and it was a fabulous place to work with her where there are other dogs and distractions.

Everyone was really understanding and nice. Dog people rock. Let's make sure this park doesn't get turned into a shopping mall (there's already a Wal-Mart across the street). If you look to the West though, you have some fantastic views of the mountains.