Berkeley Dog Park - Denver

Sheridan and W 46th
Denver, CO
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Denver
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Be sure to bring baggies and water and some to share. It is mostly dirt and short grass in the summer. It has the sites and sounds of the amusement park nearby with the noisy roller coaster. No Pitbulls.

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chimom312's picture
Dogs in the wrong section

I went to Berkeley dog park with my two chihuahuas. Since they are so small we use the small dog section for their safety. When we arrived at the park today there was a 200lb. mastiff in the small dog section. I hoped the owners would realize their mistake and move to the big dog section but they didn't. Finally I just left. I will think twice before going back.

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Berkeley Dog Park

A warning to be watchful of inconsiderate dog owners!
We were in the "holding area" trying to put our dogs leash on when a women came in with her dog and let our puppy out! She actually opened the gate wider so our puppy could get out! What is wrong with people these days? It took awhile but in the end we caught our dog. Just a warning to others that visit the park, watch for idiots!

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2010-2011 Dog Park Master Plan

Here is the master plan for dog parks. Page 25 has some suggested improvements made by the City.
1. Increase the size of this heavily used dog park.
2. Move somewhat away from Sheridan Boulevard and plant trees.
3. Find a more durable surface.
4. Add some shade
5. Add drinking fountains
6. Monitor the dog park - close if it is unkept with poop, toys, water bowls,...
7. Move the dog park boundary closer to a parking area

vpass's picture
This dog park is very hit or

This dog park is very hit or miss. I love the owners (sarcasm coming) who let their dogs go way out on the edge and pretend they didn't see them dookie....There are also some very badly behaved dogs b.c. of lack of training. But I have met some nice people and it is the only one close to me. Not sure what is happening with the construction. I will call parks and rec and post again.

Scuff's guy's picture
What happened??

Howdy all,

I drove by the Berkeley Dog park yesterday. The entire lake side of the fence was torn out. Temporary berms all over the place, tractors...

Is Berkeley Dog park gone for good, or are they re-building? I'd walk over and see, but just driving near there makes my dogs go nuts thinking we're going there. It would be a mean thing to walk them over to see the tractors.

Anyone know??

Marsha Yaffe's picture
I love this park

New to Denver, about a month ago. I go several times a week and have nothing but good experiences. Nice people, nice dogs. It's nothing specials looks wise but who cares. Its 2 acres of running and playing space. I probably wouldnt make a long trip to it though. I go because it is in my neighborhood (Highlands/Berkley) and i'm very greatful for it. Do bring bags (that's an automatic for me anyway) and water if you can.

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i found a lost dog friend up by inspiration point....

i know this site is for reviews...but i found a lost dog up the street at inspiration point..anybody loose a me if you do know and give me a description of the dog..i will continue to look for the owners. Thanks 720.229.4780

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i saw a lady get back to her

i saw a lady get back to her car and found her window at 11.30am on a Saturday was broken. She was there for 20min. How does no one see what happened at that time of that day! That is what you get for hanging out in LAKESIDE!!

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berkely dog park

i have been going to this park for 4 yrs now, in the start it was great. As time went on there has been people (cant call them dog owners since they have no idea how to have a dog) that dont pick up after their pets, and have even been threatened for offering bags to them to pick it up. I go 2x a day during the week before work since it is close, and now finding new parks to go to on the weekends because this place reminds me of a SLUM LORD dog park. There are mostly nice people, but you get the ones who ruin it for the rest of us! If you do go here i would recommend during the week is the best time, bring your own water and dish as our dogs have gotten sick from drinking out of the dishes there, and avoid the weekends. That is when the weekend warriors bring their dogs that have no interraction with other animals other than 5x a year. You see someone not pick up after their dog, hand them a bag and smile (:

Jenny C's picture
be on alert

This is a nice park, but I've seen two dogs get bit in the handful of times I've been there. There are poor dog owners everywhere, but it seems like this place has more than it's share. Just be on alert from the moment you open the gate of the dogs' potential threatening behavior, and don't assume only well socialized dogs visit the park.

gokkog's picture

On Thursday mid day there were 2 broken into cars; side window smash and grabs! Both were parked on south side of lot in the middle of the row. My SUGGESTION is to park on the north side of parking lot near the building (rec center i think) AND leave one or two windows down so they don't have to smash to grab anything they might want(this is what you do in Hawaii). don't leave anything of value or of interest (bags, breifcase, etc.) visible. You can even leave your glove box open, and center console open. Parking lot was 70% full and no one saw who did it!

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Berkely Dog Park

I LOVE this dog park! The dogs and people are wonderful...sure there are renagades but thats life! Spend many afternoons there!!!

Megsid's picture

This dog park has been hit or miss for us and our 1 year old Lab. 50% of the time, its great with great owners and dogs. The other 50% of the time, it is awful. We had to leave the park early this past Saturday because another dog (unfixed) was RELENTLESSLY mounting our dog. It got so bad, that after the 15th time (not even kidding) of taking the other dog off of my pup, I said, "Who's dog is this?" and no one responded or claimed him. I don't think we'll be going to this park again for awhile. Our time there was totally ruined because of a super selfish owner. Forget it.

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Pretty Good

I just moved to the area from South Western Colorado and it has been really great having a large open space near a lake for my pup to play in. I ALWAYS see people picking up their doggies poo (Today, a woman picked up my dogs poo on my way over to pick it up!), playing with their dogs and chatting away with other folks, it's nice. However, I feel like many of the people I've met at the park are either way too uptight about other dogs barking/playing or not uptight enough when their dog is acting out of line. I will continue to take my pup, but with caution.

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best i've been to in denver so far

I've been taking my dog to this park for 10 months now and it is a great park. People are nice and monitor their dogs for the most part. People also pick up after their dogs from what I've seen. There's always exceptions but for the most part the people are considerate. I will continue taking my dog here for as long as I can.

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good park, lots of space but watch out because there are mushrooms growing everywhere that there is grass-so mostly around the outer edges.

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Berkeley Dog Park

I don't take my dog to the park to play with him. I can do that at home. I take him to play with other dogs. Regardless of the time of day, there are always a lot of dogs at the park.
Recently, a sign was posted telling people if they did not pick up after their pets, the park would be shut down. It was cleaner than I've ever seen it.
Many people jog or walk around the lake on a paved trail with their pets on leash and never enter the fenced dog area. Lots of trash cans and shady places. There are always a few dishes around so bring your own water to fill them.

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This is by far the worst

This is by far the worst park I have visited with my two dogs. Owners don't pick-up after their pets and many owners are so involved with cell phones, books, other people and even laptops they don't interact with their pets at all. I would love to walk around the area with my pets but with the amount of poop, forget it!! Owners please pick-up after your pet and play with them.

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Berkeley Dog Park

I just started going to the park yesterday. I went today and I'm going tomorrow. It is pretty dusty. When you wait for the summer the grass will grow. I also must object about picking up after dogs. Many people did. People are very friendly so are the dogs.

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Berkely Dog Park

Park also has grass burrs near the fence..... As noted, many owners do not pick up--but everybody is nice and the majority of the dogs are friendly. Great location. Maybe if we kept it cleaner the city would do some improvements?

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Berkeley Dog Park

I have found that the park was well located. But the owners do not pick up there pets
do-dos.  The 3 times I and my wife were there the poeple were nice.  The dog park was very muddy one time we were there and the other times just a dust bowl. Sorry.