Bayou Gulch Dog Park - Parker

Bayou Gulch Rd and Fox Sparrow Rd
Parker, CO
Operating Hours:
One hour before sunrise - One hour after sunset
Managed By:
Douglas County
Days Closed:
Portable restroom
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park is split into two areas; one for playing and one that is resting. There are benches, drinking water, and trees. There is a $50 fine for those who do not pick up after their dogs.

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Mocha516's picture
Fine first visit

My dog made her visit here recently. Dogs and their owners were all friendly. It's a bit of a drive from south Denver but still worth a visit. Plenty of space for the dogs to run. I would bring my lawn chair and sit under the trees next time. As I was walking around the grass, I noticed some owners didn't pick up after their dogs so watch where you're walking and check your dogs' paws afterward.

wantonhubris's picture
bayou gulch

It's the first right after the school. I got lost ,too. it's on the opposite side of the road from the big park.

wantonhubris's picture
Nice Park

We have been here twice. Dogs and people all seem to enjoy it. Lots of regulars. PROs: Lots of grass, some shade, easily accessed. Cons: water is on the outside of the fence. It seems like a lot of people don't pick up their dog's waste.
For the person who couldn't find it- I had to ask someone. It's the first right off of Fox Sparrow past the school.

Jenny C's picture
Bayou Gulch is good

It is two medium size fenced areas outside city limits.
It's a nice dog park. It has a large concrete area with a few benches. There are a few trees away from the seating area.
There were plenty of extra tennis balls left over.
Dog poo plastic bags are supplied. They have a fountain for water, but it not turned on in mid April.

ElwaysOwner's picture
Where is it?

I'm pretty familiar with the area the park is at but couldn't find it!! We drove around the Regional Park for a while. I didn't see any clearly marked dog park, so I made the drive back into Parker. Any chance of getting a sign on the road pointing to the dog park? We will try again tomorrow and see if we can find it. If not, I'm going to another one that is marked.

gkassel's picture
We love this park...

We recently found this dog park and it's wonderful - lots of room for the dogs to play and the others who use it are very nice - both humans and dogs. There are a few that visit that don't play well with others but usually the owners can control those situations. It can get kind of crazy in the evenings and weekends but if you can make it during the day Monday-Fri it's really nice and usually just a few dogs running around. After 4pm there are a lot of dogs there.

One thing I wish to see is the county actually following through with the threat of a fine for not picking up after your own dog - it's usually pretty clean there however there was a day or two where I personally cleaned up 2 bags of dog waste - I was a bit disappointed that others who had visited had not taken the responsibility of cleaning after their own. Hopefully that was just a fluke and not a normal thing after a weekend.

All in all this is a great park, nice and close and easy to access - the directions are a bit off though - if you go to find it you'll want to pass the Bayou Gulch park and look for it on the RIGHT side - it's right by the horse stables across from the parking lot of the Bayou Gulch Park

Rocket Girl's picture
Love this park.

My kidz have a great time as the park is never overcrowded. Everyone is very friendly and helps to keep the park clean. We go at least twice a week.