Rampart Dog Park - Colorado Springs

8270 Lexington Dr and Union
just east of the baseball diamond
Colorado Springs, CO
Operating Hours:
5am to 9pm, 5am-11pm May to Oct
Managed By:
City of Colorado Springs
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has drinking water, a benches, and a little shade. There is also some agility equipment.

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minnikins's picture
I am a small 15 lb black

I am a small 15 lb black pug/boston mix. Every time I visit I usually have a great time! Sometimes I do get scared though because there are so many big dogs around. They usually don't bother me though and all the owners stay really close just in case their dogs act up. The only things I would improve would be a small dog area and more shade!

jamesmoore86's picture
Great as dog parks go

I am a young poodle that enjoys running and playing with other dogs. I also enjoy meeting new humans that think I am cute. Rampart Dog Park is a great place for dogs of all sizes and playing fetch there is also fun. There are sticker bushes that have stickers that get in my paws but can be avoided. I do believe I will be spending more time there.

Tinkerbell's picture
Can We Say FABULOUS?!?

When I first moved to Fort Carson, Colorado I brought with me my 5 month old PekePoo puppy. I had never been to a dog park and neither had he so when I found out the Springs had one I decided to take him! The first time I went I was really disappointed with how far the park actually was from the base but after spending the day there and having an awesome time I now make the trip everyday. The only inconviences about this park is that it doesn't have too much shade or seating area but other than that I actually LOVE this park. It's a huge open space with logs and mulch mounds great people around and even better dogs. The only issue I've had so far since I've started going is with a Labradoodle that seemed to believe my pup was a toy because she was very rough and would pick him up in her mouth and throw him - the owner stepped in immediately and I haven't had any issues since. The people here are very responsible and keep eyes on their dogs. I would recommend this park to anyone. Great place to go to relax and for your pup to run free and enjoy him/herself.

laxbuellgirl's picture

This dog park is inside in Rampart Park. There is a BMX bike area here with all the jumps and practice stuff, restrooms(crappy restrooms), and a baseball park. It is nice with alot of parking. The dog park itself was a couple of benches and two nice water bowl things. Wooden water things with metal bowls in them, instead of just a bucket on the ground. There is also was water foutain, it wasnt working so good today. The shade is on the far side and all the trees are fairly young so you really cant get under them with out getting on your hands and knees. The benches are also not anywhere near them. There are some logs to jump and climb on.Like most part their was grocery bags hanging on the fences for people to use to help clean up dog poo and there is also at least once trash can that I saw. Nice part next to now shade. For that the park looses a star.

Visitor's picture
Great Location

We love this centrally located small doggy park. MOST OF THE TIME people clean up after their dogs but not always. There seems to be plenty of people bringing extra bags, and we have not had problems with aggression in other dogs. It can get a little muddy in some spots but overall it's usually got 10 dogs there and is a good place to romp.

Visitor's picture
Bernese Mtn Dog biting

We take our Boston and Chihuahua to the park and usually have a good time. The Boston got bit by a Bernese Mtn dog last time and is now sick. If anybody has information about the Bernese we would appreciate it, just want to make sure it was up to date on it's shots and didn't pass something along. We're not upset or mad, just want to be on the safe side!

Visitor's picture
1st Bad experience

We have been taking our Shiba Inu to Rampart for alomst 6 months now with no problems. Until today. For what ever reason; most likley more aggressive dogs. About eight dogs attacked our Shiba. He wasn't even there for more than five minutes. I had to actually step in a break up the attack. I was very dissapointed that none of the other dogs owners stepped in to control their dog. But it might have just been a bunch of bad dogs. Either way I figure that we will be giving it one more shot before completely bailing out on Rampart.

Visitor's picture
This park is fine, but

This park is fine, but unlike the description, there is no real shade. It is basically an open, flat, fenced-off portion of the park. The mulch hills are nice. Needs a second in-out gate to eleviate bottle necks on weekends.

Kavanaugh, Cody, TD, and Mojo's People's picture
1st Dog Park Trip

Can we say FABULOUS? The dogs got to run around and be stupid for a little over two hours with others like them, and the humans got to chat with other dog people. Everyone was kind and understanding, and even took care of their own dog's messes--and there was actually somewhere to put it when it was picked up!! We'll be going back MUCH more often!!

Vladimir & Kiara Morgan's picture
Rampart Park Rocks

We are older adopted huskies and we absolutely love to go our favorite park at Rampart Dog park. If there are other huskies in park (usually the case) you can be sure to hear us talkin' to each other.
The new mulch is huge help with low spots and whoever brings all empty plastic bags for doo doo duty, THANK YOU.
-Vladimir & Kiara Morgan