Palmer Dog Park - Colorado Springs

3650 Maizeland
Colorado Springs, CO
Operating Hours:
5am to 9pm; 5am - 11pm May to Oct
Managed By:
City of Colorado Springs
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Fenced with benches and separate small dog area, be sure to bring water for your dog (no shade). There is also an unfenced area in the north part of the park that allows off leash use on the hiking trail.

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Animal cruelty is now a felony. If they want to spend the rest of their time behind bars because they can't fight, call animal control and 911 and have them relinquish their ownership.

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don't go here.

None of the dog owners here watch their dogs actions or pick up after them. The big dirt field is full of poop and with only two logs to sit on, that's the the owners sit. We had top leave after my wife was pee'd on by someones dog. No clue whom the owner was, but it looks like they didn't care. Never coming back to this park again. Sad really, the rest of Palmer Park is great.

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Another Untrained PitBull

The park is OK, not everyone picks up after their dog and it's a grassless space without any shade. It's OK if you don't want to drive a few more miles to the wonderful, safe, owner friendly "Bear Creek Park" Saying that it's really not the dog park that's the problem but the owners and untrained dogs that go there. On a good day your dog could have lots of fun in a fenced in area. We've been to the dog park many times over the last few months with our 7 month old puppy and not had any problems until today!! Look out for a grey/blue pitbull and tattooed owner. Even when the Pit pinned my puppy to the ground and jumped on top of her making her yelp, the owner did nothing and left it to me to separate the dogs and scoop my puppy up to safety. We waited for the dogs to calm down and just when I thought it was safe to put my puppy down, the Pit charged and pinned her down again, just as the Pit was showing it's teeth the owner said "it's OK he won't bite". She obviously needs to look up the definition of "bite". The Pit was causing chaos and snarling at any dog that entered the dog park. We left for our own saftey and noticed that even though they had to leash the dog they didn't communicate with any of the other dog owners offer an apology or even think to remove their untrained vicious pit from the park. It's people and dogs like that that get the trained, calm Pits a bad name. We will avoid park on busy Friday afternoons and look out for blue/grey Pit before entering. Take Care!!

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Not impressed, but not disappointed

The park is ok, but yes there is no shade what so ever, so I wouldn't recommend going on a sunny day. I took my 1yr. old yellow lab and she had fun no issues with other dogs, despite all other bad reviews I read about tempered dogs that go there. The dog area is mostly all dirt, but they do provide poop bags. Other than that I will bring my dog back there sometime.

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People are RUDE

Seems like whenever I go to the park in the afternoon there are really rude people there. I took my mastiff there who is very playful. My 2 year old can poke ride step on etc and it not bother this dog. My dog plays with the lil guys very gently and even the big guys. Well he was playing with this one dog and they were playing great! No teeth, no barking, no growling... and this guy told me at a dog park to handle my dog because he was drooling on his. Told me I should leash my dog.. SERIOUSLY?!!? Get out of the dog park!

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Palmer Park Dog Park, dog parks in general

All dog parks have risks. The biggest problem I've encountered is when people with very small dogs insist on bringing them into the Big Dog Park, instead of keeping them inside the Small Dog Park. They don't seem to realize there is a very good reason for two separate parks. A 15lb dog doesn't belong in a park with a 65lb dog.

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City run versus County run park

Palmer park is unfortunately called a dog park. Honestly, it's a fenced in lot with some benches and watch fountains. These are the only two positive things I can say about this place.
I had a 6 month old lab bitten by a rottweiler before we even got through the second gate. The dog jumped up and bit my dog, which I promptly turned around and left. About 10 people saw it happen and the owner did not come forward. My dog ended up with 20 stitches and I reported it to the police. I went back to the park every day for 6 months waiting for the dog to come back, it never did. In that 6 months, I have seen so many bad things happen it's amazing. I have seen notices that people posted about their dogs testing positive for parvo and people taking them down right after the person left. People bringing puppies that are much too young for the park and run the risk of being seriously injured. More dog fights than I can count. Cigarette butts just tossed on the ground everywhere.

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Colorado Springs Dog parks


I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I have noticed that you have posted about a couple of parks in the area. I would suggest trying Bear Creek Dog Park first as it is much larger to move around in and would give you some "time out" areas if your dog becomes overwhelmed by so many people or pets. Palmer park is a very small park and in my experience is full of a lot of puppies and pit/mixes.

Also, Colorado Springs has a very sizable German population so I'm sure you will do fine with finding some people to walk with around the park. There is a deli right down the street from Bear Creek that would be a good place to go before or after the park. Wimbergers in case you miss home and would like some casse or brotchen.

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The aggression...

My almost 3yr old German Shepherd tends to be aggressive when he first meets a new dog (establishing dominance). I keep a very close eye on him though and if it appears like it is going to be something that isn't just establishing dominance I quickly get him out. Is it the establishing dominance aggression you are talking about or just bad owners letting their dogs do whatever? I ask because my boy (nuetered) hasn't really been socialized much (I live in Germany and dont' speak the language and there are NO dog parks in my area) and I'm really wanting to get him socialized but I don't know how to go about doing you have any suggestions?

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We go on a regular basis with a couple friends. This dog park has NO shade inside the fenced area. Which means during the summer it's insanely hot. People leave plenty of water and doggie waste bags. But we've had a few issues with negligent owners. The other comments about aggressive dogs are true. Our Aussie is sweet natured but a bit hyper. But we're constantly breaking up arguements over balls, toys, water, or just mule headedness. Our pup hasn't gotten into a fight herself, but has been the target for a few other nasty dogs. And the owners don't generally do anything about it. So my advice would be to make sure your dog is trained enough to come when called. Other than those issues it isn't a bad park.

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Horrible park to go to

I recently visited this park with my 9 month old German Shepherd Puppy, and we were greeted by a bunch of barking dogs. Sounds typical of a dog park. But when I grabbed my puppy's collar to bring her in (cause she was scared) a rottweiler tried to bite her but instead got me. After this incident the owner would not even apologize (I was bleeding and it did leave bruising) but instead she said, "what do you want me to do about it." Then after that my Puppy was attacked for no reason, a couple came in with a dog they had to keep chained up because it was too aggressive and they had two other dogs. One of the other dog attacked my dog leaving numerous wounds, even one the size of a pencil eraser.
This is not a bad dog park, but HORRIBLE owners go here with dogs that should not be in public!

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Owners not in control

Perhaps this place is better on a weekday. But don't go on a holiday or weekend. People who have apparently no control over their animals release their pooches in this area. My children always have to climb up on the one structure to avoid aggressive dogs. I even saw a family put their dog in the fenced area and then leave to go hiking! It's only a matter of time before an incident happens there. Stay away!

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Very Active Dog Park

We frequently take our dog to this park because it is closest to our house. It's nothing special, just a fenced in old softball field, but the dogs love it. There are two large logs in the center for dogs/people and multiple benches.

Most of the actual issues I have seen at this park are a result of the owners, not the animals. There can sometimes be as many as 50 dogs there on the weekend, so be sure that your dog is well socialized and listens to verbal commands. Sometimes there are minor scuffles, but that's the pack mentality and happens at any dog park. Most owners are quick to break up anything that looks like more than some rough housing. If your dog is agressive to other dogs or people, don't bring them to this park - at the same time, don't baby your dog. if something looks a little tense between friends - they will work it out.

If you go during the winter months, take water because they turn off the water fountain. I normally take a jug big enough for all of the dogs because most owners do not bring their own.

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I have often wondered if people leave their dogs there to go on hikes. This is unacceptable. There is always going to be lazy owners. I take my Tanner on hikes with me and rarely go to the dog park. It is obvious after just 5-10 minutes he dislikes it there. There is a group of people who go nearly every morning but don't have control over the dogs. They treat them like humans and the dogs aren't socialized either.
Even though bear Creek is clear across town I make the effort to take him there if not hiking because it's not worth it at Palmer Park.

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Just Plain Terrible

Although the dog park has a lot of activity, it isnt worth it. There are many large, aggressive dogs with owners who dont pay any attention to how their dogs behave! This place is terrible! There is absolutely no shade, and nothing for the dogs to do, except maybe jump on a sad excuse of a log. If you want a great dog park, go to Bear Creek.

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Fenced in Ballpark

This dog park seems like it is a fenced in old baseball diamond. It is okay. Nice place to take a dog that needs a little play time. Grass seems to always be over grown on the far side and Ive seen a couple snakes out there. There is no running away but there are buckets someone has brought but the last couple times Ive been out there no one was brought any water for them. There are picnic tables right outside the fence and a couple of benches inside the fence. There are also grocery bags brought by dog lovers there is no trash can, just a big dumpster right on the edge to throw poo in. There are a couple of big logs or tree trunks that have been dropped off in there for either sitting or climbing on. All in all Id say its and okay place but not anything close to Bear Creek. Also dont expect alot of shade.

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Nice Park but.....

I do enjoy taking my dogs to Palmer Park Dog Park but I have also had some problems. There seems to be more aggressive dogs there than at some of the other parks. I have also witnessed one evening during the summer when a bunch of people were driving up and getting ready to fight their dogs so I would recommend leaving the park when it starts to get dark. I did call animal control and I believe they investigated. Overall it is a nice park just always keep a good eye on your dog(s).