Bear Creek Dog Park

Bear Creek Small Dog Park Area
21st St and Rio Grande
Colorado Springs, CO
Operating Hours:
Heated restrooms
Park Size:
25 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Warning: there have been multiple aggressive dog attacks at this park.

The park has a mountain creek running along the south end and hiking terrain. This also has a separate small dog area, a creek, shade, drinking water, dog rinse area, and benches. Caution: it is noted that the fencing here is not 100% dog proof.  This dog park is supported by LOOP (Lovers of Off-leash Parks).

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More than 5 stars

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. If you are traveling thru Colorado Springs with your dog, do not miss this park! It is unbelievable. A cold mountain creek to splash in, hiking trails in a wooded area and uphill to some beautiful views, an enormous area and all fenced. Biggest small dog area I've ever seen. On a pretty Saturday afternoon, there were many people and pups having a blast. Our guys want to move here!

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Silky Terrier Attacked by Pit Bull

I love this park and have been going there for years. I took my silky terrier there on Sunday we started out in the small park and ventured out to the big park as always to go down by the water. Big dog sometimes come around and surround Dooney and he will give a Tasmanian devil snarl and they leave him alone and we go on our way. But Sunday three big dogs surrounded him and one was a pit bull, they surrounded Dooney and when Dooney snarled the Pit attacked and grabbed him by the neck, Dooney yelped and the Pit let him go, only to grab him again in the hind quarters. The owner and I could only look on as the Pit was in charge of what was going to happen. We both screamed at the Pit and he let Dooney go. I think it was only because the Pit was really young. I found out from a friend that on Saturday a puppy was killed by a Pit Bull in the same situation as us. So sad that we are no longer free to roam around the park and now will stay in the small park area. But makes me wonder if these Pits will attack a small dog, what about small kids just wondering around freely.

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Incident 4-5 months ago, true?

I have always loved Bear Creek Dog park, recently a friend told me there was an incident where several dogs died from poisoning from the creek and toys that are left for the dogs to play with. I can't find anything in the Web or the news, he said this happened about 4 or 5 months ago. I'm afraid to take my dogs there now.Could someone tell me if this happened or maybe my friend has it confused with another dog park.I really miss going. Please send an answer via my email, I really hope it's not true because I love this park!
Thank you so much

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excellent place to walk and let your fur kid run!

Very nice park!!! Lots if room to play and hike

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We just lost our dog today at the Bear Creek Dog Park. We think she may have made it under the lopsided fence gate behind the small dog park. She is a Beagle/Basset Hound Mix, mostly tan with a white neck and paws. She was recently adopted, should have a collar and rabies tag, and a very recent scar from spaying. If you have any information, please Contact Lindsey or Rob at (630)202-3913 or (719)460-8686. THANK YOU!!

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Dog Park that makes all others PALE by Comparison!

We love this park! We go several times a week & have never seen or had any problems. When dogs get rambunctious, the folks around are all ready to help out. Nice benches throughout, most seem to be memorials. Active volunteers, active facebook page, Nice restroom, with a holding pen for one's dog while you are in. Small dog park is friendly, the whole place is completely fenced, with some double gates. We love it, can you tell?!

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GOlden retriever found

Thankfully our golden has been returned unharmed. We are grateful to all who helped bring him home safely

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Missing Golden Retriever

Missing male golden retriever today from Bear Creek. Around 1:3o pm near the water pond on Friday January 18th. Named Walter. Wearing a green collar. Very sweet ...reward offerred. Call questions asked. Taken by a woman thinking he was lost. Please return

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Stop blaming the wrong end of the leash!

People that understand a pitbull, are strong enough to own a pitbull. Wimpy dog, wimpy owner! The pitbull is the breed of choice to complain about this century, people forget that once upon a time the doberman, rottweiler, and even the german shepherd were criticized and ostracized for their behavior. People just need something to blame or complain about!

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With a recent grant from Great Outdoors Colorado, we were able to construct a permanent heated restroom facility, provide a dog wash and dog drinking fountain.

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Excellent dog park used by

Excellent dog park used by the locals of Colorado Springs! My dog loves the river!

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I do not appreciate how you make inflammatory statements against the Breed Pitbulls! It is often the little dogs who actually are so feisty and want to attack, and of course a bigger dog wins if there start fighting. It is not always a Pitbull who attacks, there are so many BREEDS who are attacking! It is the Owner who raise the Dog and train the Dog to be social! I do agree if you know as a Dog Owner your dog is aggressive stay away from the Park! I own a Pitbull Terrier beautiful dog very social with all breeds small and big because I trained her right and responsible Owner. I been attacked many times by other breeds most likely Labradors in Memorial Park running lose, and I have a pitbull, my baby stood there surrounded by 3 black Labradors mean, I was terrified of my safety and my dogs. So, it is not the PITBULL! I do feel sorry for your little feller. I know there are family so is mine to me! I personally do not like this park, to be honest, to many dogs all breeds is never a good idea to have run lose is my opinion!

EDITOR COMMENT: We do not allow sweeping statements about breeds. But in this case there was an actual incident with a particular breed involved.

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My Boston Pup

Update on the attack on the Boston pup. I am the owner of the pup and by some miracle he is still alive and in ICU at the vet hospital. We are praying for recovery. Regarding the attack our small dogs will never set foot in the outer area. Perhaps if they gave the small dog park some of the creek to play in owners wouldn't have to go outside the area. Regarding the attack if you can't control your dog or have a dog that is even slightly aggressive DON'T BRING IT! There have been far to many pit attacks on dogs. No one deserves to lose a member of there family or watch something like this happen.

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Pit Bull Killed a Puppy Here!

On a crowded Sunday afternoon, in full view of many people--including several young children, a Pit Bull attacked and KILLED a very young Boston Terrier Puppy. Even after being punched in the face by a spectator, the Pit Bull only released the puppy after fully crushing its throat. This is a great off-leash park overall, but one that has had several Pit Bull incidents over the past two-three years. (FYI This particular incident happened near the water pool area.) BEWARE if you bring small dogs to this park. Perhaps keep them in the small dog area!

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Amazing Dog Park!

This dog park is clean, even for those who don't pick up after themselves, the staff do a great job at maintenance here and really pride themselves in a clean park. We have a small dog and have utilized the small dog area to get her use to the environment and other dogs before we go into the big dog area. The fencing must have been repaired recently as I did not notice any gaps in the fencing that my small 4 lbs Boston Terrier puppy could get through. The gate that you enter is probably the biggest gap in the fencing (underneath) the gate is a small maybe inch or two gap from the gate to the ground. This is a double gate area in a small three foot stretch, you have to open one gate, close it, then open the second gate and close it to get into the small dog area. There's tons of shade, trees, and places to sit here, there's an entrance in the front (near the parking lot) and one at the far side that opens to the large dog area. We encountered many large dogs and all were VERY nice and friendly to my tiny 4 pound puppy. I had absolutely no problem with the people there or any dogs that we're there. We've been several times, usually during off-peak hours and have encountered dogs of all breeds and sizes from small chihuahuas to large pittbulls and boxers. None of which were aggressive or mean to my tiny bite sized puppy.

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Wow, this is a great place

Wow, this is a great place for my dog, he always wanted to run and run,,, perhaps I could schedule for this, since this is just a few miles away from my pace. Thanks so much for this.


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New Here

I am moving to C. Springs in June and have a large hound/lab mix and a small chihuahua. I already know my big guy will have to be on a leash at first; he stays at a doggie day care a lot, but I've never tested the out in the open gig. One question, on the little dog, is the fencing adequate where I can put him there without him escaping? He's not a digger or climber and quite social once he's away from the big one. Thanks!

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Wonderful Park...but Beware

I have been coming to this park for over 2 years. Last December my Dachshund was pinned down by a Pit-bull. He ripped my dog’s throat open. Thankfully there was a trainer there who knew how to get the Pit to release. The owner wouldn’t give her name and left. There are many people with dogs who do not know how to control them – my dogs have been chased and pinned many times. I’m very sad to not be able to come back here. It’s shame that irresponsible owners ruin it for everyone else

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I've been bringing my little

I've been bringing my little dog here since we lost our lab. This is a huge park with two gigantic fenced areas. One for small dogs, and one for the big dogs. The big dog area is a large open "off-leash", "under command" hiking and playing area. There are several water areas for the dogs to pay in the creek specially design just for them. We visit here all year long at all hours of the day. We find many friendly faces and make lots of new friends. The social environment is very welcoming. I''ll post more as we go. :)

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Please don't tell people what

Please don't tell people what to do. This is a review site for the dog park not a site for you to tell people how to act.

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It happens

Hey, it happens.

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Very large, Great Views, Friendly (for most part)

We love this park! Most people are friendly, even with lots of large dogs, our small ones have never had any problems.
The area is really nice, but there are so many stickers! it is fine if they stay on the trail around the edges, but our Shelty is not that kind of guy, and wants to chase his ball in longest way possible. if dogs are on the trail, we have thrown it way out into the inside area (which there is lots of, this is a big park)
Every single time, he comes back with stickers in his paw and coat. unfortunately, we don't go as often as we would like because of that.
Hopefully this issue will be resolved, because it has great potential.

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The Perfect Prototype For All Others!

This park is what all other parks sould try for! I can't even list all of the wonderful points about this park.
There is alarge small dog area, and even larger big dog area. the volunteers are abundant & passionate to help improve. Improvements are always happening, more benches more stations for dog pick up poo bags & cans, places to visit, a facebook page...much more! We have been to MANY other dog parks in our travels, and alway find that none compare to this one!

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Bear Creek Dog Park

This is by far, one of the best Dog Parks we have been too. Today was pretty cold, and yet there were lots of people and dogs out. The room here, gives the dogs lots of space to be dogs without getting crowded. I have noticed that the smaller the dog park, the more "testy" the dogs are. There was none of that here. I can't wait to go there in the spring when it is warmer.

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Love this dog park!

My family and I take our mini dachshund and lab to this park every weekend.The fenced off part for the littlier dogs is great but my little 8lb ladybug likes to run with the big dogs. Tons of space to run and lots of great dogs to meet,the people are great too. I haven't met an agressive dog yet but have seen one woman there with a pit (nothing against pits,my lab is mixed with pit) and it seemed very agressive towards every dog it ran up to. After witnessing it snarl at it's third dog i decided it was time to go since i didn't think this woman would leash her dog. But other than that i love this part and i love seeing all of the beautiful dogs there as well.

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This is an awesome dog park. My jojo's who is 10lbs her best friend is blue- a great Dane- a little creek for the dogs to get wet & a beautiful path to walk around. Also the small dogs area is a nice size. Have family fun.

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Great Park

My dog really enjoyed playing at this park it is nicer than I thought! Probably going to take him there a lot more!

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We love Bear Creek Dog Park

I started socializing my Westies by taking them to Doggie Day Care as soon as they were old enough. We have always gone for long walks on leash and long off leash walks in the mountains when camping. I read about Bear Creek Dog Park a few months ago and decided to check it out. I have to say that was the best decision I have ever made. I have to drive about 16 miles to get there, but do so at least a couple of times a week. Mason and Mattie just love the big dog area and the creek. They greet everyone, people and dogs, as long lost friends. They love playing and romping in the creek and always leave tuckered out. They play as well with big dogs as they do small dogs and have never had any issues. This is a beautiful dog park and I can not recommend it enough.

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ignorant pet parents

I have 2 large dogs and 3 small dogs that are friendly and well behaved. One of my small dogs was chased and attacked by 2 greyhounds and the owner of the greyhounds and another person at the park blamed my dog!! If dogs aren't under voice control they shouldn't be off leash!! The dog park is for all dogs big and small to share safely and peacefully!! Dogs trained to chase rabbits should not be allowed to roam free to harass other animals!!

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I Love Bear Creek

i have to say to the review about medium sized dogs having no where to go, im sorry that you feel that way but being a chihuahua owner myself the two acres is nessecary. My Baby is small but she is fast and has very long legs she tends to start running lines with any dog that will run with her. its so wonderful to see her so happy and the other dogs are just as excited. as far as the patrons go ive yet to meet anyone rude in the SDA. ive learned alot about training her form some people ive met there. the double gates at the entrances are great for keeping the pups in! being new to the area i was nervous about a dog park anyways but when we got there the other small dog owners made me feel so comfortable and welcome. the big dog park is beautiful but i do tend to stay in the small area. there is always some other dogs there and ive only seen one aggressive dog in the past few months and it was in the big area. if your considering checking this park out i would say GO now its wonderful!!!!

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Bear Creek Dog Park

Having just moved to the Springs today was my first visit to Bear Creek. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. A hilly open area where dogs can run free and just be dogs. The "tennis ball station" was a nice touch as was the multiple "poop-bag stations". Kenzo my German Shepherd seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself and was all tuckered out upon departure. Mission accomplished. We will be going back.

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Growls and Barks

Hi Leslie, my dog, Hailey does the same thing. She will bark and bark and growl (all while wagging her tail) to get the other dogs to run so she can chase them. Some people find it aggressive but I make sure to tell the dog owners that she's not mean or vicious, she just wants to play.

Have you been to the park since posting this last May? I just moved here and am curious how it went?

Thank you,


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tinsley wants to move to CO

I recently stopped at this park when I was home from college visiting my parents - it was soon after I first got my puppy Tinsley. She was in HEAVEN! I have NEVER seen her love a dog park more since! (here's a pic of tired post-park tinsley: It's huge, has an area for small dogs, has friendly dog owners & dogs, clean water, tons of space to run & play. I will DEFINITELY be bringing her back here after this experience!

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No place for medium sized dogs :(

I planned my moved from out of state in close proximity to Bear Creek! We have a high energy dog and live in small apartment and being near a place where she could exercise and run around was important to us. Our dog fluctuates in weight between 25-27 lbs. She is fearful of big dogs and so I bring her into the small dog area because this is the only area where we feel comfortable. She loves the small dogs and is great with them... but I have received a lot of negative comments from owners with TINY dogs asking me to please go into the big dog area (even when I have my dog in leash!) Why does a chihuaua need 2 acres of space anyway? I feel is as if medium sized dogs have nowhere to go. Tiny dogs dominate the small pen and large dogs the big we feel a bit shut out. It would be really nice if somehow they could fence off the little area to allow a separate space for larger size pups who can't go into the big dog pen.

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Moving to the area soon...but worried about my big dog

Hello everyone, I have two dogs: a neutered soon to be 3yr old German shepherd, and a non-neutered 5 month old Shih Tzu. I have no worries about my Shih Tzu because he is such a lover and wants to play with anyone or anything. But my German shepherd, whenever he meets a new dog, has to show his dominance and sometimes he can be a bit aggressive. He†s never hurt another dog, maybe just their feelings, but to owners it seems like he is going to eat their dog! He does soooo well with small dogs, it is just the dogs that are around his size or bigger that he feels threatened by. I personally feel that when dogs meet and they want to show their dominance, to just let them. I know my dog (Otto) will quickly bow down if another dog turns the tables and gets him on his back. I guess my whole point is that does anyone know any good ways to slowly get my dog socialized without him feeling the need to be mister macho man? (He really hasn†t had that much socializing where I am because there are NO dog parks and I don†t speak the local language (German)) Should I just take him in on the retractable leash and let him watch the other dogs for the first few times we are there so he gets used to the idea that other dogs will be there? My real concern is other owners, I am very sure that my boy isn†t going to hurt their pooch and I don†t mind if their dog puts mine into place, but I don†t know how others feel about this. Oh the worries of mommies! (Oh and my little boy is named Schatzi! Because he is my little treasure :))

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We LOVE the Small Dog Area of the Park!

Sweetheart and I began coming to the Bear Creek Dog Park near the beginning of this year. How I wish we had come earlier!

We started over on the Big Dog side, not realizing that there was a Small Dog Area further south. Sweetheart is an 18 pound Lhasa Apso who has diabetes and is blind...the big dogs really intimidate her! I had her on-leash, but ended up picking her up. It was then I noticed the Small Dog side. We now spend the majority of our time in the SDA, with an occasional trip over to the creek. However, whenever we're in the BDA, I keep her on-leash for her own safety and security.

Because Sweetheart was never socialized until she was almost 7 years old, she never learned to play. Coming to the Dog Park has been such a good thing for her... and for me, too! We both love checking out the park, Sweetheart with her nose and I with my eyes. The people in the SDA are fantastic... the majority super dog-lovers who feel their dogs are simply furry children. Everyone I've met there so far have been good doggy parents, picking up after their babies and keeping a close eye on them. (Smaller dogs tend to run in smaller circles than their larger counterparts, so they're easier to keep up with!)

I love seeing so many smiling, happy dogs and people. We both leave the park in a good mood and feeling quite content.

Bear Creek Dog Park is the absolute best! Try it out!
And if you come into the SDA, come over and say "Hi" to Sweetheart and I. We'll be the two with silly grins on our faces!

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Last weekend 3 or 4 pitbulls

Last weekend 3 or 4 pitbulls started chasing my dog as soon as we entered the park. Within 5 minutes a pitbull was on my 25 pound dog, and when I told the owner he should have his pit on a leash he adamantly blamed my dog for the fight. I was quite upset at this point, and leashed my dog and began to leave the park, while some other dog owners who had nothing to do with it felt the need to put in their two cents and tell me how much they resent my comment about pits being leashed. The owner of the pit that attacked my dog then let his dog go to continue to run in the park, right after it attacked my dog! This owner had no control over his animal, right before she attacked my dog he had been shouting her name over and over, and she was not listening, she was chasing my dog. Not one of those owners of the other pits, and one girl who didn't even have a pit, asked if my dog was o.k. They were so busy defending their breed, and verbally attacking me, that they did not care that another animal could be hurt or worse. These types of owners, who show total irresponsibility for their dog, is why pitbulls get such a bad rap.

Dog aggression can appear at any time no matter how much they are socialized. A lot of them do not want to face the fact that their beloved pet has the potential to kill without notice. All dogs fight, but, getting a pit off a dog is vastly different than getting a poodle off a dog. After 2 years, I won't be returning to this park because of the uncaring, inconsiderate dog owners who ruin it for everyone else. Love your breed by protecting it, and not allowing these situations to occur.

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Awesome Dog Park

Being a military family we have been alot of places. This dog park has blew a hole in my thoughts about dog parks. Its huge, tons a room to roam. Nice size small dog park. Of course there is the creek that runs right in it. And always has water. There is a water station next to the main entrance gate that people will bring gallon jugs full of water for, and of course the creek and always running. Plenty of shade and nice places to sit. And doggie bag stations with trash cans all over the park.

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Tried this park today

I brought 3 of my small dogs to this park this morning and they loved it! I loved it! We spent about 2 hours in the big dog part of the park and had a blast. My cairn terrier loves other dogs of all sizes and he made an appearance every 10 minutes or so. At the very end when it was time to leave, I had to hunt him down and it was very clear he had discovered the creek. He was soaking wet and happy. He make it very clear he did not want to leave. It is quite a drive for me in Peyton but well worth the drive.

The small dog park area was also really nice. Lots of trees and greenery - nice landscaping. I think I counted 4 picnic tables.

One note of caution - one of my dogs is an 8 pound yorkie. I brought my three dogs into the park one at a time and Emmie was the last one I brought in. My friend was keeping an eye on them while I went back to the car to get my water bottle and a jug of water. I turned to go back to the park and saw Emmie coming towards me with my friend chasing her. Emmie had managed to slip through a small hole in the bottom of the gate. I didn't think there was a gap that big but she surprised me. She is not an escape artist but just wanted to get to her mommie. Otherwise - a great time was had by all!!

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I havent tried this park out

I havent tried this park out yet my dogs have never been to a dog park but it sounds great we have a sheltie and american bulldog I just worry about the bulldog bc she can get a little agressive towards other dogs recently she doesnt bite but she growls and barks I might just keep her on the leash the first time to see how it goes

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please pick up after yur dog

This is a great park, for dogs and their humans. The park has several baggie stations and trash cans, so please, if you see your dog defecating, use the baggies and pick it up. There are also tennis balls spread all over the 25 acres, so on your way back, watch for lost balls and return them to the bin by the gate. Courtesy pays.

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Hi Kris

This park will be ideal for your two pups. There will be lots of room for your husky. At the chihuahua's age, I would probably carry her in the big dog park, and let her explore in the little dog area. Those big dogs can sometimes get rambunctious. Almost everyone I met is pretty tolerant of doggy behavior, as long as they aren't super aggressive. Our big lab was kind of aggressive at first, but has really loosened up now. He wants other dogs to play and makes growling noises that have upset some people. Our tiny malti-poo started in the little dog area, but now goes in the big dog area and has only had one bad experience...and that was with another little dog!!!LOL. Enjoy the park, but if your dog won't come normally when you call, don't expect him to when he has this great playground to explore. PS Bring a gallon of water to share, especially now that it is getting warm, and take an empty jug home to refill when you return.

Kris's picture

hey guys I am new to the area just moved from texas 2 weeks ago I just recently got 2 dogs one is a very hyper 7 month old husky that has only been socialized a little with smaller dogs and the other is a 9 week old chihuahua that thinks she is a big dog. i was wondering if this would be a good place to take them or if you could recommend a smaller park just to get them started with the socialization process and to get them used to the come command. I'm not to worried about the little one as she is stuck to my side like glue but the larger one hasn't had any training and seems like he has been abused and is trying to see how far he can push us because he knows I wont hit him. lol They are both really good dogs though and from what little I've been able to socialize them they've done well.

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Sally was in heaven on earth!

Our girl got to run her four little legs off in this park with no restrictions, we kept a solid eye on her as she made so many friends both furfriends and furless friends. She loved the brushy areas as I feel her inner beagle came out to sniff for rabbits. Unsuccessfully (thank goodness for the rabbit, lol) but she still had a blast.
This dog park (as far as humans go) are full of mostly very kind and polite humans. In some parks we have been to, we often wonder why the humans bring their dogs to the dog parks at all because they never want other dogs to be near their dogs. So what's the point? Isn't it a place for socializing your pets? LOL. Well, here luckily, the humans were all into the dogs socializing and even the humans socialized as well which I wish was more the case everywhere but at least we have Bear Creek.
Sally loved her day there as did we and we look forward to going back again for many more pictures and home movies of our pup having the time of her life.
Sally says "four paws!" :)

damandillon's picture

Wow, so many dogs and what a great experience. My man Dillon had so much fun with all of the dogs!! You have to come and check it out when you get a chance :)

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Great get away

Ive recently discovered this park and love it. My two dogs have a blast. they love the creek. not to mention the open area for frisbee time. Its a stress relieve as well for me. to see them happy. Makes me proud. we will continue to go and have play dates.

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Bear Creek

My dog Angus had a blast here! He loved the creek and the small dog yard. Blessings, Lydia

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Love This Park

My husband and I have been taking our two labs to this park every weekend on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We love this park and so do our dogs. We have never had a problem with agressive dogs. The only problem we have ever encounterd were parents who bring small children to the park and then get upset when their kids get accidentally knocked down by dogs having fun. Its a DOG park not a playground. Fantastic dog park. We love it.

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Great park-loved it!

We took our 2 dogs to Bear Creek for the first time today and had a blast! We have a 5 year old Rottie mix that we rescued 9 months ago and a 6 month old Rottie puppy (both girls) and we didn't know what to expect. We kept the puppy on a leash because she hasn't gone to obedience school yet and let the 5 yr old run off leash. They played well with other dogs of all sizes and breeds and didn't get into any scuffles. All of the dogs we encountered were well-balanced and well-behaved. We learned we need to work more on the "come" command with our older dog, but that is a small thing to fix. We will certainly be going back many times, even considering it takes us 20-30 minutes to get there! :)

Visitor's picture
Thank you for your

Thank you for your comments!! I have a puppy who is not good on the come here command yet. We will check out this park, but I think we may just keep our puppy on a long leash.