Rincon Valley Community Dog Park

5108 Badger Road
or enter at Montecito Rd
Santa Rosa, CA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Santa Rosa
Days Closed:
Yes, nearby
Park Size:
0.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, drinking water, grass and wood chips.

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pibblemomma's picture
Terrible dog park with terrible people.

If I recommend anything about the Rincon Valley dog park....I recommend NOT going here. If you have a dog that is subject to any kind of "bad dog" breed stereotypes, stay FAR away from this park. I am disgusted by the treatment my seven month old pitbull has received from this park on a REGULAR basis and refuse to go back. Not only has my dog been bad-mouthed, but has physically hit, slapped, kneed, etc, for playing with other dogs! Playing. This is a park where owners bring their dogs who do not want them to socialize, they bring toys that are meant for THEIR dogs only, and at any sign of puppy play wrestling jump to kicking and throwing dogs to stop what they think are "fights". This dog park is full of ignorant, Rincon Valley snobs who think just because they are dog park regulars they make the rules for all dogs. People here are not afraid to physically handle your dog even when it isn't doing anything wrong. I had one lady say to me two days ago, "Um, excuse me, is this your dog??? Well can you call her??? She's playing with this dog's owner, and its making the dog mad." What a joke!! I have come across few normal, friendly, breed-accepting people here but of course they face the same issues. Watch out for people who bring old, grumpy dogs, who do not want to play, and then are frustrated by puppy energy. It is more of a human social gathering than a dog park, because no one allows their dogs to play the way dogs do. Meet me at Doyle Park instead!

huckleberry's picture
Pond removed

The pond was removed.

Jenny C's picture

This is a great park for all sizes it has a pond an area were they can be dogs if u love your dog tack them there

emtkennedy's picture
Love it!

This is a wonderful park! The have a seperate area for small & large dogs but then they have another area that allows your dog to swim if they want. There are shade trees, picnic tables, water spigots, clean up stations & its pretty close to bathrooms plus there is a park for kids near by so its a win, win situation for all members of the family.