Watsonville Dog Park (at Pinto Lake)

Zenobia ("Z") Stopping to Smell the Flowers at the Watsonville Dog Park (at Pinto Lake)
Watsonville Dog Park at Pinto Lake
Joezee at Watsonville Dog Park (Pinto Lake)
757 Green Valley Road
Watsonville, CA
Operating Hours:
8AM - Dusk
Managed By:
Santa Cruz County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
16,000 sqft
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches, shade, and drinking water.

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Watsonville Dog Park at Pinto Lake

Watsonville Dog Park, 16,000 square feet, fenced, double gated, with water, shade, benches and covered with Cedar chips (to fight off fleas) . . . a great place to run the pups! We found the dog area to be reasonably clean and very spacious. The park is open from 8 AM to dusk and it has restrooms and lots of areas to walk dogs on leashes. We had a good time at the park and we will go there again with our dogs!

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Pinto Lake Dog Park

I took my dog here for the first time last weekend and found it to be a decent park. Nothing really special about it, but it has benches, shade, water fountains (for dogs and humans), and garbage cans. There is a large mostly sunny area that is good for playing fetch or letting your dog run around, and a smaller mostly shady area good for smaller dogs or dogs/people that need a break from the sun. I found the park to be decently clean, although I did have to pickup a few bits of trash that someone left behind. The latches on the gates aren't the best, and a couple of them could probably be pushed open by a larger dog. Also the fence it self is kinda low and a large dog could definitely jump over if it wanted to.

After playing in the dog park we went for a leashed walk around the park-park and down to the fishing pier. We found the park it self to be a great place for leashed walks.

By the way, there are two Pinto Lake parks. One is owned by the city of Watsonville (even though the entire lake is actually in the unincorporated area of Amesti), and the other is owned by the County. The County park is the one with the dog park.

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Watsonville/ Pinto Lake Dog Park

I live in watsonville and I never take my dog to this park. I've tried a few times but there were never dogs that he could play with, and the ones that did show up were aggressive and should never go to the park. I would recommend going to the Polo Grounds in Aptos.

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Watsonville/Pinto Lake Dog Park

Looks like no one cleans up after their dogs. Took one look and decided that I wouldn't let my dog step foot in there.