Mitchell's Cove Dog Beach

West Cliff Drive
between Almar and Woodrow
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to 10am and 4pm to Sunset; 10am-4pm on leash
Managed By:
Santa Cruz County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes: The beach is does not have a sign stating it is Mitchell's Cove beach at this time. This is unfenced but has natural barriers -a cliff on one side and ocean on the other, no gate at the stairway. It will keep most dogs in but if your dog likes to climb big rocks up the cliff like mine then you will need a leash.
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DannyBob's picture
Mitchell's Cove Beach: awesome doggie fun!Fully Legit off-leash!

Mitchell's Cove Beach is awesome for doggies! Fully off-leash, lot's of great doggie fun!

Sometimes lots of seaweed washes up on the beach in big piles, but it's still fabulous even when that happens!

Pretty much the only legit off-leash doggie beach in the City of Santa Cruz, although there are others that may not officially allow it, but yet they do tend to tolerate it, but it's fully legit here so never any worries!

huckleberry's picture
Review 1

This beach is the only off leash beach in all of Santa Cruz as of November 2007.  The other beaches now all require leashes and some beaches do not allow for dogs at all.  This beach tends to have a lot of seaweed washed up on it and can get rather smelly but the dogs really seem to like the freedom to run.  There are no signs marking this beach that I could find but it is on the City's webpage and is known as a legal off leash beach.  There is no fence or gate so you have to be able to trust you dog to be on voice command.  The one side of the beach is cliffs and large rocks and the other side is all ocean.  It can be quite pretty along west cliff on a sunny day and a lot of dogs and owners walk on leash along the path at the top of the cliff.