Reed Street Dog Park (Raymond G Gamma Dog Park)

Reed Street
888 Reed Street (at Lafayette)
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - half an hour after sunset
Managed By:
City of Santa Clara
Days Closed:
Thursdays or extreme weather
Portable bathroom near the entrance
Park Size:
1.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area (height restriction: 18 inches at the shoulder.)  There is drinking water avaiable, small trees, shade, and benches.  Right next to the train tracks, so it can get noisy when they fly by.

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Pick up after your dog

Dog owners who visit on a regular basis do you pick up after your dogs? City what maintenance do you do on Thursdays? I'm from Las Vegas and come to this park every trip up and I'm constantly picking up after others dogs & the grass hill is no longer grass

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yes and no

This park has its perks and quirks.

-water bowls with water taps underneath
-LOTS of balls and toys already available on the grounds
-bags available on the grounds with trash cans for disposal
-two separate areas for small and large dogs
-enough room to throw a ball in small dog area as well as large dog area
-entrance has two gates making it harder for dogs to get loose by others leaving with their dogs

-where are the human bathrooms? unsure
-some people do not understand that their dog is a small dog in the large dog area or a large dog in the small dog area
-train can be startling at first
-some of the people that show are a bit on the odd side, most often very nice but at times can put you back a bit at first. Most are friendly and kind as long as your dog is unaggressive.

Puppies are welcome but you must understand some puppy actions can upset some owners. I took my puppy and understood his rambunctiousness could get him in trouble and it did. One of the bigger dogs in the small dog area got upset with him and tackled him down. Most people would be upset with the bigger dog but I understood that my puppy was crossing the line and needed to be told how to behave around dogs that do not want to be jumped on. He might be just acting like a puppy but he needs to learn how to act appropriately one way or another. Due to this happening my puppy now calmly initiates play with other dogs instead of going fully out when he first meets a dog.

So, even though there can be some odd people at times this park is still a fairly nice one to visit. I went Tuesday at 11am right after Presidents day weekend, so children where out for the week making the park a bit more busy during the weekday than usual. I would suggest this place for just about any age dog but not if the dog has shyness or aggression of any kind. The dogs run around off leash inside so expect a gated greeting.

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great dog park

Man it is hard to find good dog parks like this my dog lady bug loves the grass and the good dogs that come to this park

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Great Park

Love the real grass, thought it might be messy the day after a rain, but the gold dust on
the dirt paths did a great job. We got out pretty clean.

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leave your anger at home

This is a nice dog park and I take my dog here occasionally, most of the time I walk my dog around the neighborhood. I witnessed a fist fight between two grown men the other day at this park over barking dogs... this is stupid, it a dog park! please leave your aggression and your dysfunctional life at home.

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Love ths park

We've checked out a lot of dog parks in the area, and this is one of our favorites, especially since it is fairly close to home.

Most of the dogs and people that visit this park are pretty nice and easy to get along with. The shade area in the small dog park has a sprinkling system problem and sometimes gets muddy.

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Very close to my house. My

Very close to my house. My dogs love it.

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A park for the summer

The natural lawn substrate makes this park quite muddy in the winter months. The hilly layout, however, increases exercise and muscle groups used. Recently, dog owners have been inconsistent about picking up after their dogs. The parking may be too close, in that some owners allow their dogs to play unsupervised while the owner observes from the car (i.e., reads the newspaper, eats breakfast, makes phone calls, etc.). Overall, the park is worthy of the drive, especially during dry weather.

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Reed Street Dog Park Review

This is one of the nicer dog parks in Santa Clara county.  It opened in the winter of 2007 with new grass and gravel paths.  The city of Santa Clara use to have a dog park over on Brookdale Avenue but it was in a residential neighborhood and so this dog park was created in the light industrial area of Santa Clara so they could close the old park.  The old park was flat and all gravel.  This new park in comparison has nice hills and lots of grass and permanent shade coverings over the park benches.  The trees are still immature and do not provide shade but there are awnings over both sitting areas for the people.  The dogs seem to really like the grass and hills.  The small dog area usually has quite a few dogs in the late afternoon and evenings. 

The parking is very close to the entrance to the park and it makes it accessible without having to walk far.  Entrance and parking are free.  There is currently one portable bathroom near the entrance to the park.  There are water bowls and spigots in both dog areas.  There is some noise when the train comes by about every 15-30 minutes right next to the little dog area and this does sometimes make the dogs stop and look around.  My little dog did not like the train at first but has become accustom to it. But overall this is still a nice park.