Woodland Dog Park

2001 East St and Road 24A
Woodland Community Park and Senior Center
Woodland, CA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Woodland
Days Closed:
Thursday evenings
Port-a-potties in the large parking lot. Restrooms in the adjacent Woodland Community and Senior Center
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in 2008, this dog park is split into large dog and small dog areas. Drinking fountains, benches, trash receptacles, dog waste bags and a bulletin board are in each of the fenced in areas. No children under the age of 5.

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Jenny C's picture

We take our baby's here every weeked and they love it.. There is a couple of dogs and owners that should not be there but overall it is a great place to take your baby's to play.. Great water area. They have balls for them to play with. Poopie bags and benches for mommys to sit when our baby's wear us out.. Lol

ssj3pluto's picture
Great for trained dogs

I take my dog here all the time but recently we went there and a not so well trained dog attacked mine. What's terrible is the owner said, "oh, they're just being dogs." Being dogs does not mean your dog is latched onto my dog's neck. So, if your dog is well trained and well socialized then yes this dog park is for you, but people who don't know how to control their dogs should STAY AWAY!

Visitor's picture
dog park

at what time of the day do people go the most?

huckleberry's picture
Note for Dog Park users

Although the dog park is split into a large dog and small dog area, both sizes are sharing the small dog (suggested 20 lbs. or less) area until 1/12/09 while the large dog area is rehabilitated. Use of the enclosure is as follows: Big dogs- Monday, Wednesday & Friday; Small dogs- Tuesday, Thursday (before 6:30pm) & Saturday. Big and small together: Sunday. When I have been there large dogs have been there at small dog times and vise versa, but owners are allowed to ask that dogs of a size not assigned the space that day leave.

The area will be closed to the public Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm from 1/8/09-2/19/09 for dog obedience classes.
-Jessica MK

JessicaMK's picture
small and large dog areas

I love that there is a small dog area, and a separate area for large dogs- but at the moment there are usually both sizes whenever I go because the large dog area is closed for now. There is a bench and picnic table, but neither are under an awning. However, if it starts to rain you can stand under the awning the bulletin board is under. The bags are really convenient as well.