Vinewood Dog Park

Lodi Dog Park
1824 W Tokay St
Lodi, CA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Lodi
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This dog park has shade.

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cleosmom's picture
Vinewood Variables

The park itself is fantastic. Of course people and pooches make or break any dog park. I wish that the divide between the softball area and the dog area was fenced. I wish the bathrooms were better. I have asked the parks superintendent about the two items and he says the bathrooms are a high vandalism target (being so close to a middle school) and the mowers need to pass from one area to the other meaning gates would be an added cost and hassle. This is hands down my favorite dog park. People are freindly, dog issues are few, the grass is green, the park is large, hopefully the bathrooms can be improved.

Jenny C's picture
used to be nice

Too many holes! Owners don't watch their dogs and let them dig.

It's too bad, used to be a nice dog park.

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Vinewood Lodi Dog Park -Slide show
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Some strange people!!!

My Daughter, dog, and I went to this park a few times. The first time I really liked it... a lot of different dogs and pleanty of space and shade. The second and third time is a different story. At every dog park there are regulars who come everyday at the same time, and they know eachother really well but this place was a full of crazies talking behind the backs of the other crazies. Look out for a lady smoking while holding her oxygen tank on her back (looks like a purse or backpack) and a lady with a loud mouth and three rude untrained dogs. If you want to go there for some laughs then fine. But not some where I would hang out on a regular basis.