C-Bar-C Dog Park (or POOCH Dog Park)

Min Pin meetup group
8275 Oak Ave at Melva St
Citrus Heights, CA
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Days Closed:
Thursday mornings until 10am for maintenance
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park opened in 2000. This park has a separate small dog area, tables, benches, chairs, and shade trees for the people, as well as, a water spigot, small pools, and hoses for the dogs. It is supported by Pet Owners Organization of Citrus Heights (POOCH).

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carasel's picture
I have been taking my dog

I have been taking my dog here for 3 years and she loves it there.. We have tried other ones but she didn't like them this is her favorite place to go. Most of the people are friendly and do watch out for their dogs... Good park to go to...

Cody1959's picture
Barking dogs

I am a dog lover! I have lived in a property that backs up to the dog park for several years now. I actually really enjoy watching the dogs play and hearing them talk to each other. I am not against dogs having fun at the dog park. I think parks are a great idea for dogs. However, what I see time and time again are many, not all, OWNERS of the dogs do not pay attention to their dogs while at the dog park. One thing that has been a consistent cause of stress for me is the constant barking from the Little Dog park!! Their voices are most of the time ear piercing. I get they are playing! I get that it is a Dog Park. I am fully aware of those two issues. However, when people just sit and talk to one another and allow their dogs to continually bark for 20 minutes or more it becomes very annoying. Especially if every little dog does that day after day after day. Yesterday, I heard such a commotion and so many little dogs barking that I walked down to the fence to investigate. I found a German Shepard running back and forth along the little dog park fence and ALL the little dogs chasing it and barking like crazy. I am sure I was not the only one that this bothered. All the owners of ALL the dogs were not paying attention at all. When I asked if someone could make them stop barking I was sneered at, I could hear little whispers, one man said to his dog "oh it's too bad we cannot play at a dog park" Really! I was not rude. I asked very nicely and said I would really appreciate it and then said thank you also. Several ladies got up and got their dogs and left which was just fine with me at the moment. For years I have thought I had a solution to this problem and now I am pretty convinced it may work. Little dogs usually only bark continuously at people or other dogs on the other side of the fence. They usually don't bark too much while playing with each other. If they do, it is very tolerable. I would suggest that the chain link fence between the Big and Small dog parks be fitted with privacy slats and see if not being able to see the large dogs helps with the barking. Please! All we neighbors ask is that you owners do as you are asked to by the supporters of the parks. Clean up after your dogs, keep the barking to a minimum, stay near your dog so you can manage he or she, leave the children at home so they don't get hurt and be nice to each other. As I have been told many times by some of you owners "Its a Dog Park!" I agree, so pay attention to your dogs and save YOUR social time for the people park, the bar, the picnic area, a baseball game or a neighbors house.

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Great Park

My dog is new to the dog parking. Yes he is big and yes he drools-- but aggressive NO. So far it has been a really good experience. My dog is very non-dog aggressive and will not engage with aggressive dogs. On trip two--- there were a lot of very small kids and it was really busy. This made me nervous as my dog is 130 pounds and growing. He also has had little exposure to small children. He ignored them--- but I think it would be safer without small children. I was afraid that the children would get knocked over by a fast pack of running dogs. There were also a lot of very small dogs in the big park section.

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going on 20 years

a great place to bring your dog and a small dog area as well.I have been going there for a many years and love it. highly recommended

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dog owners plese be responsible

My boyfriend and I live just right around the corner. We've been coming to this park the last couple of years. However today when we entered the large dog side, my dog was attacked by another dog when he went to drink out of a bucket. I tried to confront the owner of the dog but he shrugged his shoulders and blew me off. Frantic and concerned for the safety and health of my dog I left and took him to the Atlantic Pet Hospital. This was very upsetting because we've been coming here for years and normally owners of the dogs seem responsible for their dog/s actions. My dog was bleeding and eye was completely swollen. $600 later he is home and resting. However I can't believe someone actually shrugged their dogs behavior off. It's so disappointing. Please dog owners please be responsible for your dogs behavior.

Scottndeborah's picture

You need to get educated before spouting off propaganda. I'm at the park now and 4 pit/pitmixes here playing great with small and large dogs. Dogs are an extension of the owner. I do agree with you that if you can't control you dog you should take it home. I have a 17lb small mix and a 5 month pit, both rescues at 7 weeks. Neither have a mean temperament and actually play with our cats and other animals in our home. Pits are strong, people friendly dogs. They do need to be socialized with animals as puppies to become truly social but the bottom line is know you own pet. Any animal can bite or be aggressive, I've seen aggressive dockers in the park but there again it's the owners responsibility to take control of their animals.
Enjoy the park and have a great day!

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Dog Park Drama

Does anyone know the website for POOCH, the organization. Seems there is a big meeting planned with Animal Control, CHP and POOCH to discuss the ongoing drama at the dogpark. C-Bar-C is a great park, but with anything, some people abuse the privilege of having a place to take their dog and other choose to simply ignore their dogs while at the park.


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@JAnnette - I like your key idea, I too

I like your key idea, I too have witnessed many scumbags at the park. In fact, to get your key, you should have to bring your dog before some kind of panel, maybe where it interacts with a couple other dogs before getting approval.
i would gladly pay a monthly fee for a park that operated this way.

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Growing pitbull problem

There is a serious and ongoing problem at c-bar-c park, I go twice a week with my large dog. the last 4 consecutive weeks there has been attacks on dogs from pitbulls.

In today's attack, just about everyone left the park except for the pitbull owner, who said among other things that 'if your dog is scared, you should be the one to leave'.

I would seriously consider banning these dogs from the park,
every time - every single time, there is a pitbull in the park, it attacks or causes trouble with other normal dogs. We all know that the aggressiveness and tendency to attack is hardwired into the dogs dna, regardless of training or the lip service people hide behind - its the owner, not the dog'
A great park physically, the vast majority of owners are friendly as are their dogs. Be prepared to defend yourself and you dog.

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I have a small dog who loves to go to the dog park. The problem is that the woman who are in "charge" are changing the rules for the small dog side. The reason is because their dogs are too big to be on the small side. Their solution is to change the rules to accommodate their dogs. I don’t know the reason that they do not want to take their dogs to the big side, other than they are afraid that they will be stepped on or played with too aggressive. My concern is that their dogs play too aggressive for my dog and other small breeds.

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Today we went to the dog park

Today we went to the dog park and five dogs viciously attacked our dog. It happened as soon as we walked through the gate. Not one pet owner came to get their dogs. We had to pull a pit and rott mix off our dog. I have been going to this dog park for years and after that experience, I will never go their again.

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C bar C

I have been taking my parents Shepherd here the past few week and it seems to be a nice park. I used to come to the park years ago but when they passed away I stopped coming. Everyone seems to be fairly nice. I do agree with a lot of the post that people dont pick up after their dogs that much. I watch a lady the other day watch her dog poop and she never went and attempted to clean it up. Then there was the guy with a Super Shooters shirt figure he works there maybe. he had a somewhat smaller maybe hound dog (I am not good with breeds)but his dog was barking and trying to kinda bite at another dog and guy started screaming across the park "dogs name dont be a ****" over and over and over again as he slowly walked toward his dog. I like to get my parents dog out but not sure if it is the best place to do so. Will give it a few more tries and go from there.

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Dangerous Man or Dangerous Dog

Be Aware there is a caucasian man (+/- 30y.o) with a Bulldog which apprears to be a mini or perhaps puppy. Scenario: My dog played blissfully only a few feet from me, saw the man and bulldog playing about 10-15feet away. Then I heard him say,"look there's the schnauzer, you want him?...You want him, yeah (lowered his voice) and said, CHARGE!" Realizing his dog was running full speed at mine, I attempted to redirect my schnauzer from his bliss and prepare to play. By the time my dog looked up the bulldog was running full speed for my dogs head. My dog reared up but still got it in the shoulder, displacing it! The caucasian man held onto his stomach with laughter, said he loved hearing these pampered dog cry and this is what I get for having a whimpy dog and he called his dog to leave the park walking with his dog as fast as he could! Luckily, I am a Registered Nurse and the dislocation was not so severe that I could not replace it. My schnauzer had to take it easy for a while, but still hearing him scream at the top of his lungs that morning was horrible! I have also discovered that many of the people who do not watch or pick up poo after their dogs are from Orangevale! One answer would be to lock the park and allow Citrus Heights residents to register in order pick up a copy of the key for a $2-4 donation. Then if they are videoed being a bully or not picking up, they are fined and relinquish the key or if they do not relinquish, pay a larger fine. If they copy the key and are found in the park after this, they receive a larger fine each time until they give up or go to jail.

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Ditto on the June 12 comment on disturbance at the park

I agree with this person and several others who have posted. We have severely cut back our visits - and pooch membership - to the park because of the people more than the dogs.
The morning group still doesn't pick up after their dogs OR keep an eye on them.
The smokers in the park are NOT considerate. They leave their butts all over the place while walking around and smelling up the whole park with their smoke like a wagon train. PLEASE EITHER BAN SMOKING FROM THE PARK OR MAKE A SPECIFC SMOKING AREA THAT WE CAN STEER CLEAR OF. There's a reason cigarettes are banned from certain places!!
Not to mention that "Rich" generously paid personally for the dog pools. Think someone would say "thank you" at the Pawsta Dinner last year? Heck No!!
BIG HOLES in the ground that are never filled and that dogs (or humans) could break their legs on -- LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN.
Too many partyers and people who let their toddlers run loose -- NOT a kiddie park!
This COULD BE the best park in the area if it wasn't for the 50% population of inconsiderate people.

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disturbance at the park by people Not dogs

I went to the dog park on Friday June 22 2012 Morning. I moved up here from Santa Monica Ca. My dog loved the dog park down there, so I thought Otis and I would like this one and make friends and get involved like we did ddownt here. Well I was quite horified to see what this dog aprk is like. No PROBLEMS with Dogs but with humans!
There was an older man around 70 with a Golden Retriver and he seem to be the Bully at the Park he was yelling at female woman and made one of them cry. he was much taller than one of thew woman and he was swearing using profane language and yellign at the top of his voice. These woman did NOTHING to him or said anything. he just came over and started fighting. I think he is just a bully. I will Never be to that park again. If thatis how the people at his park act I want nothing to do with them. It is a scarry place not because of the dogs but the people! i would stay away when this man is around in the mornings

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I agree

Although it HAS gotten better, MORE people need to WATCH their dogs and pick up the poop. Same 'ol morning groups not being considerate with their poop pick ups OR their smoking habits.

And DITTO on the water for the dogs. DON'T YOU PEOPLE CARE WHAT YOUR DOG DRINKS? Have seen poop in the water, pee in the water....dirt...C'mon!!
WATCH YOUR DOG and share the responsibility -- PLEASE!!

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Good Park... Decent Folks

Seemed fine to us. While researching my dog training book, we traveled to several dog parks in both California and Nevada. It's really the people/locals that make a dog park pleasant or not. And we found this one to be very friendly.

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Doggie Parents Need to Care More

Have always liked the park for what it offers in size, but many of C-Bar-C's patrons do not pick up after their dogs and don't care or think of sharing the responsibility to keep the water pails filled with fresh water. TOO MUCH smoking lately. This park is being utilized by the overflow from Marco right now because Marco is closed for the winter. We ALL need to take responsibility to help keep our dog park clean so our dogs stay healthy and so that we ALL can enjoy the park. I'm tired of having to look where I step all the time!!

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great park :)

I recently took my yorkie Sammi to this park. Being a small dog, we're a lot pickier about parks, because aggressive bigger dogs (playful or not) could result in injury for her. The dogs as well as their owners were all very friendly. I realize that some of you may have had issues there, but allay your concerns. The 'bad' dogs have either been curbed or gone to obedience school. We had a lovely time!

JaimeS's picture
Been there and it was the best

Just took a trip up to Sacramento and stopped at the C-Bar-C. Apparently, the aggressive dogs are gone and so to their owners. The place was basically filled with a bunch of sweat hearts. No problems here.

Dogs are love,

JaimeS | Dog Training

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i agree .... i will not stop

i agree .... i will not stop bringing my dog to this park because of a few "bad dogs" . its not the dogs its the owners - i have been there several times - and my kids love going there just as much as our dog. but when the owners are sitting there talking and not even watching their own dogs then thats the owners problem not the dogs. its just like when you take your kids to the park u need to watch them !!! my dog loves this park - and yes i have seen a few dog scuffles but also a few owner scuffles - whyyyy? its for the dogs not the owners - get out there and watch your dogs its very simple

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Barking Dogs

First let me say I love the park. My property backs up to the big dog park and I love watching the dogs play. My dogs play on this side of the fence with other dogs at the park. It is great.

The one thing I do have a problem with is barking dogs. I mean continuous barking dogs. Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap. Can anyone else hear that. Especially you Mr. or Mrs. Owner of the yapper. Please no one wants to hear your dog bark and bark and bark. I am an acre away and it really disturbs me, I can't imagine how annoying it is up close and personal.

I see several comments about the owners of the dogs. Lots of bad owners I have witnessed also. Is there such a person as a dog park monitor??? Some people need to be taught how to be respectful, they were not taught or don't care. I hate to see good people with good dogs leaving and going elsewhere.

Please don't let your dogs bark bark bark bark bark. Thanks.

Visitor's picture

Thanks for the reminder!! I am going to check out the park today and will do just that go for a walk first. Thanks again. will let you know how it goes!

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Pooch Dog Park

Just an FYI, while watching Dog Whisperer, Ceasar says to never take your dog to the doggy park without a walk first. They have too much energy and do what your dog is doing, which is letting all their pent up energy out on other dogs. Try the walk first, I but your dog would be less of a hard player at the dog park.

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Great Park!

This really is one of the best dog parks around. I disagree with many of the comments above. The people are extremely friendly and I haven't seen one aggressive dog. One might think my dog is aggressive because he's a talker when he plays and he's pretty rude when he first gets to the park. He like's to run at another dog at full speed and has no respect for their space. He's learning. He's a hard player, not a fighter. I think there are people that take their dogs to these parks and think that all the dogs should be passive. They don't understand the difference between hard playing and fighting. Dog psychology is fascinating! Don't judge a dog right away. Watch them for awhile before you label them aggressive.

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Beautiful Park, Bad People

I bring my dog here now and then, but am always weary about it and sometimes end up just coming home. The very first time I took my little boston terrier to this park, she was attacked by a neurotic jack russel. The owner did nothing to stop him, and now my dog is afraid to be around other dogs. I have been remedying this by taking her to see GOOD dogs, rather than dogs who have not been trained to be responsible, but she is still having trouble due to the incident she had with her first ever dog park experience.

Sometimes the group of dogs there is really well-behaved, but more often than not, there are people that go there that don't bother to correct their dogs, and fights break out all the time.

This park usually provides a bad experience, which is a shame, because this park is very beautiful and large, but the dog owners here are despicable. There are several normal group that have their own little group and know absolutely nothing about dogs and how they should behave. I only visit this park when I know I can keep an eye on my dog and all of the other dogs at the same time, and if there is a bad mix of dogs, I leave.

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It's the owners who need training

This dog park has been a great find for me. My dog needed to learn to socialize with other dogs but was very threatened by this on leash. The minute she had a place to run free safely, most of her fear vanished and she can't wait for the next dog park visit. Even better, the park has provided a place for this very active do to run full tilt over a long distance, something my yard does not accommodate. Makes for a much happier dog.

That said...I agree with John. Treats do not belong in the park...nor do your pet's favorite toy. Dogs are territorial animals and believe that what is theirs is theirs...often not to be shared. That goes for treats. These things set the dogs up for a fight.

In-tact (unneutered) dogs are also a problem. I'm noticing more and more of them in the park lately, especially the pit bulls. I love pits but people's egos seem to get tied up with the testes of their male dogs. They aren't yours! It's OK to remove them. Your dog will be much happier.

The importance of neutering cannot be stressed enough. First of all, failing to spay or neuter one's dog is irresponsible...even if it is a purebred dog. There are far too many homeless dogs in the world, indeed, in Sacramento County, to allow any of them to remain in-tact. It also is a condition that leads to aggression with other dogs. A female can be approaching an estrus cycle that male dogs can detect weeks before human owners know of its approach. Any in-tact female is the potential cause of a nasty fight.

In-tact males see all other dogs, especially other males, as rivals. They are instinctively driven to aggress other dogs. And, finally, neutered dogs, again of both sexes, remain healthier and live longer than those left in tact. Think of your pet, do him/her a favor, spay or neutered.

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Dog owners...

Let me start by saying the facility at CbarC Park is phenomenal. The area for large breeds is fabulous not only it's size but it's cleanliness. The small breed area is very tiny considering the neighboring area for large breeds. Beside the point, still very clean.

My biggest problem is not with the dogs, but their owners. Dog owners it seems lack the responsibility that comes with caring, nurturing, and owning a dog(s) whatever the breed may be. All breeds are different in their own right and need special attention and proper training to perform at a social level. Not only with other dog breeds, but humans as well.

I've seen far too often the display of aggression to other breeds and humans at this park. And this behavior never seems to be corrected by the dog owner(s). The dog park is not a place to train your aggressive, disobedient dog. Nor a place for your dog to run recklessly unsupervised. It is a place for trained dogs to enjoy the company of other trained dogs in a stable social canine/human environment.

Dog owners have lost touch with what a dog park is:
--It is not, and never will be, a training facility for your drooling 90 pound aggressive dog.
--It also is not a place for you to bring a bag of treats from your home to feed everyone's dogs.
--It is a place I like to bring my dogs and let them interact with other dogs to reinforce and expand their level of positive canine behavior.

So leave your drooling 90 pound aggressive dogs at home right next the bag of Milkbones dog treats because CbarC dog park has no place for your type of dog owners!


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You should sue the

You should sue the owner...and do not feel bad about it! That is a horrible story. I am so sorry for you! Your case would win in court with no doubt. It's not about money, it is about pet owner responsibility. That dog will probably do the same thing again I fear. There are no bad dogs...just bad dog owners.


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To respect--- I would first

To respect--- I would first say that is such a horrible thing to hear about your Pomchi, and I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet in such a way has got to be one of the worst things that could ever happen. About the dog park, yes, too many aggressive dogs and aggressive owners abuse the park. I love taking my dog there but it is 50/50 if he is going to have fun or be backed in a corner under my leg. I enjoy seeing him play and he seems to avoid the vicious dogs, but it is pathetic for me to see careless dog owners take their dogs to the park and be blinded at their dogs actions.

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Hello, my name is Kirk and my dog Chance was killed at this park just over 5 weeks, ago. Chance was a 1yr old pomchi. I was also there with my 20 week old Rottweiler. We live in the Citrus Heights area, and it was our first visit to this park. After about an hour of pure joy with my dogs, Chance decided to take a nap under my chair. While he was napping he was grabbed by an adult Husky who proceeded to run around the park with my dog in its grasp. Once I was able to get him to let go, it was too late. Chance died in my arms. The owner of the dog was just as horrified as I was, so I thought. This person offered at the time of the attack to compensate me or pay for any funeral or cremation cost. Well, it†s been 5 weeks and this person has decided not to honor her words. I don†t know what is more despicable! The way her dog treated mine, or the way the owner is treating me and my family. I will never take my dog or my children to this park, ever†¦ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬ ¦.

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C Bar C

We take our black lab her several times a week and she really enjoys it here. There are mini pools for the dogs, water buckets and lots of tennis balls for my dog to play with. Yes, I have seen several aggressive dogs here and when I see them I tend to just walk to the opposite side of the park. I'm not going to stop bringing my dog somewhere she loves just because of a few aggressive dogs. It's not just the dogs though there are several lazy owners who just sit in a chair and let there dog run free while they talk to others or listen to there ipod or talk on there phone. You dog is like your child and you must watch them while being in the park......this way you can also pick up there mess they make.

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C Bar C

I used to take my dogs here all the time, but will never take my dogs to this park again -- it has been overrun by aggressive dogs and even more aggressive owners.   I have heard tales of numerous dogs being attacked, have witnessed several bad fights myself, and recently, my yellow lab was attacked by a very aggressive female pit/sharpei mix whose owner kept stating that the snarling was "just how Sassy sounds when she plays" and then proceeded to beat her dog with a leash and scream at it.   The woman and her dog managed to empty the park -- which happens all too frequently lately.  Its really a shame because the physical setting is one of, if not the, nicest in the Sac area, but it has really started to attract a strange group of owners.   Phoenix Park, nearby, is not nearly as physically appealing, but is  filled with  C Bar C "refugees" - people who want to be at a dog park for their dogs to have fun, not to get mauled.  The owners there self- police aggressive behavior, making for a more enjoyable and far safer experience.