Canine Corral Dog Park (at Carmichael Park)

5750 Grant Ave
Carmichael, CA 95608
Operating Hours:
5am - 11pm
Managed By:
Carmichael Recreation and Park District
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.3 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a separate small dog area, doggy drinking fountain, benches, and it is surrounded by shade trees. Carmichael Dog Park Society was instrumental at getting this park established. For a ton of info on this park and regular members see the Carmichael Dog Park Canine Corral Web club.
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Maybe get there early

I just returned from this park. It was my first time there, and, after reading some of the negative reviews I was a little leery. As with most doggy parks, the people were friendly, and interested in my dog, a 8 month old Chinese Shar Pei. One smaller/older dog was a little bit snarly, but was quickly reprimanded by it's owner. That dog wasn't aggressive as much as it was defensive. Older dogs have a way of scolding when they don't want to play. I am what you may call protective of my dog, because, of the financial investment I have in her. I had no problems watching her enjoy herself with the big dogs, German Shepard, Sheep dogs, Welch'es, English Pointers, large mixed breeds. She had a blast! AS with all parks, some dogs may get a little more aggressive, but that doesn't mean they're not having fun. We as dog owners must decide what is to aggressive for our own animal. Personally I don't think I would stop at a park that has Pitt Bulls there. I have just had too many bad experiences with them. I know there are good ones, but, from my point of view, how do you tell? Unless I can see the Pitt Bull's owner's "Limit Of Liability Insurance Policy", I avoid them! Would I go back to this park? Absolutely! No reason not too! It did get a little crowded toward Noon, maybe 20 dogs, which is why we left. That and I was getting hungry!

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The dog attacks

Hello, I've been going to this park for almost two years... I always have the biggest dog in the park when I go and it intimidates some people until they meet him. He's still really only a pup not yet two years. As soon as he starts running around and playing people feel more relaxed. Other dogs have do not have problems with him big or small. The ONLY time there has been issue is with a pitbull there. I am not bias to the breed as I know how it is when people judge from size of my dog before they know him. But this lady (which I believe is the couple from the review below) just let her dog charge in from the gate and it literally growled and grabbed my dog on the neck! My dog stood up which because he is so big lifted the pitbull off the ground and my dog starts running with this dog attached to him at the neck and this brood starts yelling at me! Needless to say I grabbed my dog and her dog let go and we left immediately.
I usually try and sense the vibe of the pets here and if they are being loud and rough we just keep walking by. OTHER than this, the park is good. The people are very nice most of the time. And it's clean. It's only a few blocks from my house so we will keep going and just pick when we play :)

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dogs attacked

I just joined this site and I just want to express my sadness and outrage for you. That behavior was abhorrent and I hope those people have stopped attending the park.

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I hope that building a taller fence or adding to the existing one is high on the agenda. My dog can't be the only one who jumps that fence and I can't let him off leash. I love the park and the people and most of the dogs but I'm limited.

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MY DogS attack at the park

Well let me start by introducing myself Im Walley my dogs are Celeste german shepperd an chewy 13 year old boxer mix. my dogs dont attack anybody even when being attacked which is what happened tonite.
We had the park to ourselves TONITE 1/2/2012 then this couple with 5 dogs shows up no biggie till their pitbull attacks celeste I run over there to get him off her when their other bigger dog attacks her then all their other dogs join in by now im getting mad so i start raising my voice all they where doing was talking to their dogs like its no big deal.
so I start to move my girls toward the gate then My old girl Chewy starts to get mauled by the pit then the big dog comes in an attacks her bringing her to the ground she gets up an runs to the gate with all their little dogs chasing and nipping at her so I sprint to follow her (I had a heart attack last year so this was hurting me)
then Celeste got attacked again the whole time they do nothing but talk to their mutts, they dont grab them till chewy gets to the gate an i start kicking at thier dogs thats when they started grabbing their dogs when i start to go after their dogs
by this time I start saying things to them about how they should know how to take control of their dogs an they should not even be there
THEN THE GUY HAS THE NERVE TO SAY ITS MY FAULT can you believe that. ",my fault my dogs attacked no one," I say TO him", how can it be my fault", Im still irate, as I write this, More then what actually happened if you can believe that,
any ways I will try to describe them but I wasnt focused on them he was average height, quiet of course never raised his voice, as far as his mutts know they did nothing wrong.

she was shorter and had curly hair tied back. she at least ask if my girls where ok but she to had no control over any of those dogs either unbelievable 5 dogs an no control, they should not by taken them to a public park. I did get licence numbers though 5CNZ210 HONDA 6DCU771 PRIAS
I did say some things to them in front of their kid Im sorry about that but when that guy said it was my fault I snapped. I dont think I will be coming back cause my girls are getting picked on too much there so I just wanted to give you all a heads up on why I won't be coming to the park anymore, in fear for my dogs SAFETY.. if you see us on the road honk an wave an Ill try to do the same peace!!! "MY FAULT" I STILL CANT BELIEVE THAT MAN SAID THAT. Walley

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Great Park, room for improvement

CCC is a great park which is going to get even better. The park is shady and lots of running room. Like most of Sacramento, there are uneducated jerks that show up. And I agree with other posts that some people think it is ok for their dog to get too rough. The people are nice and chatty and I have seen them watch their dogs closely in the big dog section. The little dog section does have less attention from the owners, but a lot less is happening over there. The park is clean and people go around and pick up their own dog's poop and often walk the park scooping up 'stray' poop. Fundraising efforts are trying to raise $13,000 for drainage. These funds must come from the park users, so visit the website and donate some money thru Paypal! We can have a dry winter next year if this money can be raised. Once all of the planned improvements are made (meaning raising another $80,000 to be matched by the District), this park will have a 10 star rating. It is a great park! Get involved!!!

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I feel as if a lot of times

I feel as if a lot of times at parks big dogs are over aggressive or unfriendly toward smaller dogs & my pup is not one to not stand her ground, so there's conflict - however, at this park, unlike some of the other posters, I found that most owners at the park were very aware of this & treated their dogs & other dogs as such. Everyone was so nice, the park was beautiful, and tinsley loved running and playing with the other dogs! I recommend those who have problem with their smaller dogs/bigger dogs to actually research on how to acclimate the two. It has helped me in tinsley's training, and she's much less likely to get into fights or trouble because of it.

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I have been here only once

I have been here only once but I like the place. There are friendly people and I enjoy seeing other dogs play around. I think we just have to be open minded about having no grass or being messy. I find it ok sometimes especially when I find my dog happy. As much as possible, I bring my dog to different environment so he can play and have fun in different settings.

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Nobody said that this was

Nobody said that this was the perfect park for everyone. The "small" dog park is plenty big for the small dogs. Probably not plenty big for a dog that loves to run and is too fragile to play with the big dogs. I haven't been in the small dog area, but the big dog area is not "filthy." I have been to every park within 10 miles from Sacramento and this is the best one. I'm sure that Phoenix Park is nicer, but you can hardly say that it's in the Sacramento area, unless you think that areas 20 miles away are considered the same "area."

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The only problem...

...with this park that I've found, are the whiney dog owners. Seriously, if your dog is old and brittle and doesn't like other dogs near it, take it on a walk, but DON'T TAKE IT TO A DOG PARK!! The dog park area is nice, and my dog absolutely loves it. He goes into the "big" dog area. There is plenty of water, and I love that there are poop bags there. It is not "disgusting" as other people have said. Some people don't clean up after their dog, but that happens everywhere, you just have to do something crazy and watch where you're walking. Also, all of the owners aren't neglectful or too dismissive of their dogs behavior. Yeah, every once in a while you'll get someone that isn't properly watching their dog, but that's pretty rare. There are some rambunctious dogs that go there, but I haven't yet seen a mean one.
Like I said, the only negative about this park is the people (who are probably the ones doing the bad reviews) that think their dog is an actual human child and freaks out about other dogs being too "rough" or "aggressive." People should probably start realizing that generally, our idea of rough is a dogs idea of fun. If your dog gets hurt or is in pain, then he'll let you know. Of the 5 or 6 people I've seen freak out about the other dogs, I have yet to see any dogs get even close to hurt. Their dogs will be wagging their tails and going back for more and these people will still be screaming and cursing.
Pleas note that I'm not saying this because my dog is dominant or agressive. Quite the beagle is always the one getting run into, stepped on, knocked over and "dominated." However, he is the one that's out there sniffing every dog he can find. When the other dogs get tired of his sniffing, they let him know and he stops. My dog loves this park and I love that he loves it!

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"wonderful local resource?"

Are you one of the commitee people who are never seen at the park??

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Response to comment posted 03/21/09

Our family agrees with the 4 comments below. Nothing but mud until May, unmaintained, no ADA access. And the mentality of the regulars makes the park seem like Bahgdad. A man was found dead from a gun wound to the head about a year ago, & unfortunately, we were not surprised. We have also witnessed 3 small dogs that fence fight & attack other smaller dogs. They belong to a male that drives a PT Cruiser. He & his dogs are a constant problem & like the comment below, no one follows the rules or supervises their dogs.Saw people fighting with people as well. We found a wonderful dog park, but we don't want to name it for fear that the low lives will come there, although they would be banned for their behavior at this park. Overall, we were unable to enjoy canine corral. We have also seen Sheriff's cars there often. We feel sorry for the dogs that have to go there with such a negative environment.

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Ok Dog Park

I don't know how you can say that this is an Ok dog park. It is filthy and there isn't any room for the small dogs to run and play. I own an Italian Greyhound and there is no room for him to run in the small dog section. I go over to Phoenix Park, which, incidentally, is a much bigger and nicer park. You cannot say that Canine Corral is a better park. Go check out other parks then make the comparison

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Canine Corall Carmichael Dog Park

I brought my dog here for the first time this evening and he had such a great time. He is a big dog so we played in the big dog area and he along with several other dogs were running and chasing each other and just having a great time. All the owners seemed to be getting along and talking with each other and watching there dogs. I didnt notice any problems at all although this was our first time. It was very shaded and lots of places to sit comfortable. We will definitely visit again = )

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Ok Dog park

The park has owners whom do socialize, but watch there dogs behaviors. The small dog area is very small compared to the large dog area,and there is not an easily accessable water fountain in the small dog area.However, Everyone is very friendly and the dogs are well behaved.. They are dogs and sometimes things do happen. This park is better then others in the area!

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As read in the other's

As read in the other's posts, it is true that the owner's spend more time talking than supervising their dogs. There lies the problem.

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Unmaintained dog park.

Unmaintained dog park. Mostly rude people, they do not not pick up the dog crap. Unneutered & un-spayed dogs that lead to fighting. If you have any disability, you will most likely be barred. No ADA access to the fountains,let alone the dog park. My friends/family will not return based on the mentality of the regulars comments.There are well maintained dog parks in Orangevale, Roseville.[15-20 minute drive] We heard that there is a Lawsuit against Canine Corall due to the hostile enviroment. The purpose of these parks is for the enjoyment of the dogs & people, it will not be found here.

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Canine Corall Carmichael Dog

Canine Corall Carmichael Dog Park we found to be a messy/muddy, has no grass, the people who bring their dogs do not abide by the rules.there are not only dog fights, but they lead to people fight with eachother as well. We have seen grown males start fights w/ women. Covered in mud until May. the owners don't pick up after their dog's feces. 12 people have changed to C Bar C park or Phoenix park. If you want your dogs to have fun w/o being attacked, we suggest the latter parks. There are 3 separate spaces to avoid fighting & the rules are followed by everyone.Our 2lb. puppy was attacked by 3 dogs, the owner did nothing although they saw the attack. When meeting people at the well-run parks, they said of C.C.Park that they found it to be, in their words, a 'Ghetto' environment.[Carmichael]. For those who supervise their dogs, please try C.BarC. or Phoenix[Orangevale]. Roseville has well-maintained dog parks as well. Let your dogs have fun.

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Beautiful park

This is the most beautiful dog park we've been to. There are dozens of big shade trees, huge open spaces, water play areas, and tons of seats for the people. Our puppy has a great time in the small dog area, but unfortunately she is getting to big for it. The small dog weight threshold is more restrictive (20 pounds regardless of age) than at other parks so we're worried that our puppy will be sized out of the dog park for a while. The large dog side is often really rough and both our puppy and senior citizen dog have been knocked down a few times. Some people seem to spend more time chatting than making sure their dogs don't aggress other dogs. All in all it's still our favorite park, but I wish they would have an alternative for in between size and age dogs.

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A wonderful local resource

My dog and I recently discovered the Carmichael Dog Park ( Canine Corral, as it is called, is the ideal neighborhood dog park.  As part of Carmichael Park, it provides both open space and mature shade trees.  Dogs are free to roam off leash, socialize, and/or chase squirrels.  The park offers a water fountain for dogs, spigots, and pools.  There are seats, benches, and a bulletin board to communicate Park events. Restooms are nearby.  A dedicated group of volunteers help to keep the park clean and plan improvements that will make it even better.   I'm a regular now.

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Great Park

Took my 5 month old puppy to this dog park on Sunday. It was great! Everyone was very friendly. The park was clean and well maintained. It is great that there is a small dog area because I did noticed that some of the small dogs have a hard time coping with the larger very active, wanting to play, dogs! Will be going back to this park.