Beckman Dog Park

1426 W Century Blvd.
Lodi, CA
Operating Hours:
6am - 10pm
Managed By:
City of Lodi
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This is a rather unknown but fenced large dog park.
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cleosmom's picture
Beckman- a no frills pooch playground

This Park has everything it needs except visitors. If you are looking for a very large area to run your dog this is the place but beware there is currently few visitors and therefore few playmates.I did find the park to be dry perhaps, but not dirty as the previous person said. The fence is secure and parking is easy, it is adequate and has great potential.

mobileuser's picture

Visited the park today. It was the most filthy disgusting park I have been too. Most of the park holds water run-off that sits stagnant for long periods of time. The park was covered in garbage...literally. It looked like they had a festival and never picked up the trash, wrappers, cans and bottles. I was there for three minutes and left. I would never subject my dog to those conditions. Since there was only one other dog there, my guess is no one else would either. Went to Vinewood instead. That's a great park.

Sarah's picture
Nice dog park, however....

I enjoy taking my dog to this dog park. People clean up after their dogs, and are mostly friendly (however, people have flipped out on each other before!!). Lots of room for dogs to run, however, there is a side of the park on a hill that does not have a fence, if your dog happens to travel over the hill (which is actually quite rare) it can result in a $250 fine from the city of Lodi. The part over the hill is a seperate field for sports activities, but is fenced in, so even if your dog does travel over the hill, he cannot escape into traffic or anything. Again though, dogs rarely go over.

Overall, I would say this is a nice place to take your dog. Just being a bottle of water for your pooch! No doggie drinking fountains!

Visitor's picture
Great Park in Summer

This is a large grassy park with a fence. There is alot of room to run and play for owners and dogs, and the crowd of dogs is usually a good fit for my 25lb pooch. The only problems with this park are that it is mixed use with soccer and cricket often going on. This cuts down on the space available and with no fence separating the two activities, increases the need to stay very close to your dog. Also, this park doubles as an area drainage basin, and in the winter months often closes due to flooding.