Barkleyville Dog Park (at Feather River Park)

5505 Feather River Dr.
Stockton, CA
Operating Hours:
One hour before sunrise - one hour after sunset
Managed By:
City of Stockton
Days Closed:
Tuesdays mornings for maintenance
Park Size:
3-4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a small dog area (20lb or less), an agility area, and a big dog area. This park includes a collar art statue, benches, and drinking water. Friends of Feather River Dog Park group supports this park and needs volunteers, call (209) 937-8318. And Off Leash Dog Park Alliance of Stockton (OLDPALS) supports this park.
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Bluetattoo2's picture
All big dogs...

I agree with Not all pits are dangerous. I own a rottweiller so always feel the disapproval. I took my 4 month rottie to the park and an older man grabbed his little ankle biter out of fear of my puppy, when his small dog was the trouble maker. I was on the big side but the man brought his small dog to the big side and all his dog did was chase the bigger dogs and made trouble. So it doesn't matter what breed the dog is. It is usually the owner that should be kept @ home!

responsible PB owner's picture
Not all pit bulls are dangerous

I just had to respond to "People please...keep your pitbulls at home!" Not all pitbulls are what you see on the media or what you've experienced at the park. I own a pit and the last time I took my dog to this park another dog jumped on her and attacked her. So how about anyone who has an aggressive dog not bring their dog to the park. It's not fair to lump all pitbulls into the category of being vicious or not wanted at the local dog park b/c a few irresponsible pitbull owners can't check their dog and stop something from happening before their dogs add to the stereotype. The parks great when there isn't any aggressive dogs or lame owners who don't want to be held responsible for their dogs acting out.

Visitor's picture
People please...keep your pit bulls at home!

I take my three small "friendly" dogs to the park on a weekly basis. However, it never fails, there is always some owner with their 100 plus pound pit pulling their owner. If you can't control your dog, don't take it to the park! Other than that, I LOVE THE PARK!

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great dog park,my dog has

great dog park,my dog has the best time

Luana's picture
Pick up after your dog

This park is great. I love it. It has 3 sections. One for small dogs, one for large dogs and in between the two is the obstacle course.
The only bad thing is that due to the lack of doggie poop baggies people are not picking up after their dogs. The park provides bags but since it is so popullar they run out really quick. So don't forget to bring your own baggies so you can pick up after your dog and when you do so, while you are down there might as well pick up a couple others just to be nice and to help keep the park clean and safe.