Riverwalk Dog Park

chato and puffy
Pierce St and Collett Ave
Riverside, CA 92505
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Riverside
Days Closed:
Fridays from 6-10am
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, trees, a water mister, lights for night use.

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Saravergara's picture
Small dogs in big dogs area

I have a problem with people bringing their miniature dogs to play with big dogs in leashes is just asking for trouble.people with small dogs need to use small dog area.

My Teddy's picture
Aggressive brhavior

Yeah the old man and there's a really old lady both come from the mobile park and use the park as their personal backyard. I had words with them and told them both if their dog did that to me or bite my dog even threaten to they should be warned I will push it away. They excuse this rude behavior and just said " Oh he/ she thinks he/she owns the park ." To which I replied "Well he/she Doesn't own the park nor do you- and if he /she comes at me like that threatens to bite or mount without invitation I'll do something prior to he/she will not like at all. Just be warned.

My Teddy's picture
Mounting aggressive won't leave some dogs alone!

Yeah I saw that too. It happened to my dog and some owners get in and discipline their dog off! Yay! Other owners don't and that makes it very uncomfortable for the dogs who keep trying to get away and have better manners. When that happens I wait for a minute and if the other dog doesn't accept my dogs NO. Then I reach down and get him off with a force enough for them to understand I mean it. I don't allow the dog to get closer than two feet by controlling and owning that space. Unless the dog has just zero brain and zero manners with a no show no care owner it works. If not I repeat with first uttering a warning and follow that with a swift slap off. Usually at the neck where they understand the brisk slap. Don't have to be mean or hurt the dog but force of response is how they get it and go away

My Teddy's picture
Shade in the little dog park side

What a great big fun place!! Lots of nice people, happy dogs, benches alongside a walkway and some are in cool shade. Dog friendly people and so far all the different dogs are great! Only one little dog seems to think he/she owns the park cuz the owner doesn't discipline or deal with the selfish bully behavior - so that dog chases others - in bully attitude- owner is too old I think. She maybe just can't take charge of the dog who kinda slinks back and then charges as other dogs walk by. Very annoying. Dog doesn't appear very happy either! So far the dogs are all under 18 inches max which we all appreciate for weight play safety! Big dog side is in the sun and the exercise dog area in shade and sun no benches. Strongly encourage one brings their own water dish as so many dogs drink out of the water dishes there and there's a bad virus going around making dogs really really sick. - passes from dog to dog by sharing food and water- Just a great place to take your best friend - meet and get to know great people! All safe and iron fence enclosed - double entry doors for containment! Hope to see you there!!

Ayriandra's picture
Love the Park

We've been going to this park for about 2 months now with our pup. I should add that we go to the little dog side, never been to the big dog or agility sections. Anyway, we've always had a good time and our pup loves it. Sometimes people are more quiet and keep to their dogs but almost everyone have always been friendly. There are some aggressive dogs that'll nip or go after the odd dog but people are always quick to jump in and put an end to it....even when their owners can't be bothered. As for dogs mounting other dogs, they dont have to be unaltered to do this. Even neutered dogs will do it for dominance reasons. Most owners I've seen will step in. Park is very clean and lots of shade with the trees. The iron fencing is a nice touch and much better than the chain link look. Not a whole lot of benches but several people bring chairs to free up benches for others. Much better than just a square plot of land outlined in chain link fences for the dogs. We love this park!

Pit bull family's picture
Sensitive Pet Owners

People need to keep in mind that this is a DOG park. And last time I checked, pitbulls are dogs too. Dogs will be dogs, but it's our job as responsible owners to make sure they play safely. Went for the first time recently and loved the place. Dogs and owners were all very welcoming and patient with my slobbering puppy. Of course there are always a couple of old tires dogs, but it's their park too, right. I look forward to taking my pitbull here more often. Great place to socialize your dog. Water and poop baggies! Perfect that's all my dog needs anyway. Not to mention a few other dogs to run around with.

Epicdog's picture

My dog has fun but those people that let their dogs into the park and let them mount and attack everything is horrible

hailey's picture

you guys have a great dog park

laurenpartners's picture
I agree!

I'm so frustrated with the owners of these aggressive dogs and un-neutered beasts who mount everything!

laurenpartners's picture
Agressive Dog Battlefield!

The park is nice, the agility course is a plus however I have to nix this dog park because of the aggressive dogs that are brought there. Be weary of the dog of the old crippled man in the walker. Super agressive and he is there all the time , usually with some other agressive dog owners in tow. His old grouchy dog will greet you while you get out of your car with barks and snarls. The owner will usually try to pick the side where other dogs are not around because he KNOWs his dog is mean! I was alone in the agility side today and there were more dogs in the regular area, so he came over and the lady with him who had a blue pit automatically started picking a fight with my Labrador. I dislike these people and I hope they read this!!! Go somewhere else!
* It's not just these people, there are a lot of dogs who still are unaltered and all the owners do is let them go mount anyone/dog who is there. I started to get mounted by a doberman while I was sitting in a bench and the owners didn't even come over to get him off or apologize!!! Ugh!!

ILOVEMYDOG's picture
Pit Bull Park

This park has become a haven for Pit Bulls! I've seen dog many dog fights involving the pits as well as witnessing an owner of a pit get his finger bit off while trying to break up a fight.

These dogs are coming in un-neutered and highly agressive. So much so that the owners have to walk the dog on a leash inside the park.

I've place several complaints with Parks and Recreation and nothing has changed. I recommend that you don't go to this park. Find somewhere safe to go.

Kross's picture

I really enjoy taking my 3 dogs here. My only complaint is that there isn't a security lining around the big dog park. I have a big dog and 2 smaller ones and I have to take them separately because my lil ones are skinny enough to squeeze out the rails. I would love to let them all play together, not to mention it would be easier on me to take them. I do not want to take them all there and leave any unsupervised while going back and forth. That does not make a responsible owner, plus I try to enjoy the time myself. Other than that, I love the park, but have to limit my visits due to having to separate my dogs.

lucky1bullybreed's picture

parks really nice and maintained . mister system for the dogs is great idea but park needs restrooms. few people need not cop attitudes about bully breeds especially when they come there with a bully breed dog themselves and their dog is being aggressive outside the gate . also people need learn some manners when they just walk in n start picking up your puppies with no permission in the agility side the park as your working with one your dogs . but for most part this park is best park so far we have been too and try to take our dogs there.

Supa Kawaii's picture
Just rude

Yesterday I took Brno to the park & this couple was there with there dog Gizmo and they let my dog out and he ran into the busy street. Here's what I don't understand it has two gates as to avoid these mishaps. So long story short the lady who let my dog out waited in her car while her boyfriend or husbad stood and watched me try and get my dog. I was lucky enough that other people saw I was having a hard time getting my dog and they helped. I think the icing on the cake was that this guy didn't even say sorry or at least pick up my phone keys glasses that all fell off me into the grass. Sad to know such rude people go there. I hope this never happens to anybody. Watch out for GIZMOS owners!!! This isn't the parks fault - I love this park!!!!

Visitor's picture
love this dog park

i go everyday and the people watch there dogs and everything is just nice i give this park 4stars

nissaguest's picture
Riverwalk dog park

Park is on the small side. There are almost always dogs there. Some seating. If you come at night, the lighting is a little dim, it could use a few more lights. The street is right next to the park and there is a fair amount of road noise. Trees are not fully grown, so not very shady during the day, either. There are no restrooms, but there's a Starbucks within 100 yards. The park is closed on Fridays from 6am-10am for maintenence. I think this park is open 6am - 9pm on all other days. About 20 parking spaces, but no street parking. No fees. All in all, not bad, but no Pat Merritt, either.

Tim's picture
We've now been to every off

We've now been to every off leash park in the Riverside area (except Pat Merritt, but only because nobody was there when we drove by) and this park remains our favorite, followed by Carlson. Misbehaving/aggressive dogs are almost always removed immediately, something I can't say for other parks (looking at you, Butterfield). If I had a complaint, it would be that there's not enough shade; the trees are all still new and haven't grown enough to provide that yet. Riverwalk will soon be getting a small agility course on the large dog side.