Corona Dog Park (at Butterfield Stage Trail)

1886 Butterfield Dr
Corona, CA 92880
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
City of Corona
Days Closed:
10am-2pm Thursdays
Park Size:
1 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in 2003. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, lights, and trees.

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C Patton's picture
Human Problem

This sounds like more of a human problem, not a canine one. Yes, there are some dogs if not socialised will be a problem, and yes the dog owner(s) needs to have control over their dog(s), but the reviews I've read are the humans that need obedience training. Ridiculous!!!

ponchovillegas's picture
First Time Visitor

This was my first time at a dog park ever, and I was pleasantly surprised. The park was somewhat well maintained, it only had a few dirt large dirt patches around the main seating area. The lighting was good, and the benches were plentiful. It was a big area, with several shade trees. Parking was plentiful. When we arrived, we were the only ones there but as the sun fell more people arrived. All the dog owners were pleasant and respectful. The dogs, ranging in size from very large to medium, were well behaved and they all had fun together. Overall, I liked this park very much and will definitely be returning.

someone's picture
Not a very good park

Not well maintained, mostly dirt and a lot of dieing grass and weeds. When it rains it is a mud bowl. There is an abundance of mosquitoes. No drinking fountain inside the park for the animals. No bags for waste disposal. The restrooms are dark and damp, with sanitation issues. Poor parking, mostly due to the overabundance of softball fields ( 9 of them). Softball players parents are not very bright, allow their kids to go into the dog park unattended and unsupervised. The city of Corona should be ashamed at the overall state of this park compared to other parks in the area. Almost ludicrous when you see how wonderfully the ball fields are maintained. Been there 6 times over the last year, each occasion there were in excess of 5 city workers working on areas of the park mowing, weeding, trimming, fertilizing, and grading all the ball fields and not maintaining the dog park at all. One occasion was on Thursday morning, which a sign posted states that the dog park is closed for maintenance between 8-10am, but no one did any maintenance to the dog park.

Came in contact with a couple of problem owners. In particular an old man with a white corvette, has a small white poodle that is very aggressive, he refused to take his little dog to the small dog park. The poodle got aggressive with a pit bull and when the pit barked back and ran after it, the pit owner stopped the dog. I did not see that the pit bit or touched the poodle at all, but the old man became verbally abusive with the female owner, which looked as if he was going to get physically abusive as well. I exited the park and left. On a subsequent visit the same old man was there again telling every person he had contact with the story of the "attack" on his poodle by the pit, which had greatly changed from the actual episode. I told him that I had been there that day and saw what happened, there was no attack, there was a little barking that his dog had initiated, and he should go to the small dog park if his dog did not get along well with large dogs, at which point he got verbally abusive with me as well. People like that do not belong at a dog park. I'm sure he is now telling people how my German Sheppard "attacked" him, as my dog barked at him when he raised his voice and started yelling and shouting at me.

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your park review

This is to user name: nikkitoni regarding the posting you submitted: The park you wrote your review on is not the Corona Dog Park (at Butterfield Stage Trail), the park you went to had to be either Dairyland Park or the park located in Eastvale as you stated it had agility equipment, and a contact number posted.

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Butterfield Is Great

It is an older park, not well maintained, but has a lot of space in the large dog park. Only real complaint is the abundance of owners who take their dogs out to the park "once in a blue moon". These are the owners to watch out for, they have no understanding of k-9 behavior. They think their dogs are perfect and don't understand why other dogs get riled at their dogs behavior, they blame the other dogs and owners as having vicious or aggressive animals. Dogs are like any other social class, there are rules and conduct to be followed. If your dog is not socialized with other dogs, (other than the dogs they live with) do not take them to a public dog park. Your dog will be corrected by another dog for inappropriate behavior, and that is no ones fault but your own.

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Good Dog Park

I noticed the prior poster must've been talking about another dog park. No agility equipment at this one guys! Overall the park is reasonably well kept. Often no bags to pick up waste, & there are always a few problematic owners there. There's a great group of regulars there in the late evenings.

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First Visit with our Puppy

This was our first visit and it is a nice area, our dog is small and their is a small dog park. There was good company and the park was in good shape. We will come again.

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Aggressive Staffordshire Terrier

If you can't train your dog to not be aggressive then do not take them to a public dog park! Some guy with his Staffordshire terrier was there tonight and my boyfriend and I didn't even get "in" to the park before his dog charged our Bloodhound. Then he got angry and showed his attitude and yelled at me and my boyfriend for just holding off his dog. If he hadn't been 400lbs and outweighed me and my boyfriend combined, words would have been shared. If you are the guy with the aggressive dog, teach yourself and your dog some manners!

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first time there

We always go to the Riverwalk dog park and wanted to try something new so we went to Butterfield and it was the worst. A guys pitbull kept coming up and starting problems with my friends mixed dog and the owner just let his dog keep coming back and he did nothing until my friend took the dog by the collar and walked his dog away. So he comes up to us and said we hit his dog and then pushes my friend and she falls straight to the ground (shes a girl 20 years old and hes a grown 45 year old.) Then he just let his dog keep attacking her dog and said ''Now I'll let him beat your dog.'' The park is not safe. I have 2 pitbulls and I'm not saying they are bad either.

So we called the police. He was with a group of friend [10 friends] and he told the police man she tripped and all his friends took his side. If you can't watch your dog or control them don't bring them to the dog park easy as that.

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stop bringing your little dogs in the Large Dog Park

Love the park, but don't like people bringing their little dogs into the large dog park. I could never take my large dog into their little dog park, so why do they? I have to not only keep an eye on mine now, but also make sure your little dog doesn't get hurt in the play or ran over by mine while running after a ball. Be considerate please... there is a little dog park for you.

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First Experience - Aggression

took my boxer here for the first time today. Got in two fights. First was because a black lab was over protective of his ball and my dog wanted to play, the lamb lashed out, my dog is not the type to start a fight but will not back down. Funny how my dogs got along with the 3 other black labs, 3 other yellow labs, box, chihuahua, etc... Then to top it off one owner makes an excuse why his does is protective of his ball. I told him next time I'll correct his dog for him.

Then another guy brings in a 150 lbs. bull mastive. Who starts biting at all the dogs in the park. When he went after my dogs that was it. I corrected the bull mastive but it did not help. The bull mastive tried to bite 4 other dogs, a group sat there and watched as the owner did nothing. Then the bull mastive bit another dog on the rear which made all the other dogs aggressive. I told the owner to take his dogs out of the park, but he did not listen. So I left. I'll return to the park, but I'll be more protective of my dog. Control you dog or someone else will. A dog defending itself is NOT aggression. The park is good, but the bad owners stink!

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Muddy Mess

Beware: This park is going through some sort of renovation and it's a mess. There is very little grass and mostly mud.

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Sounds like the ones that

Sounds like the ones that like to sit on their butts and use the dog park as human social hour are the ones with the aggressive dogs and the defensive emails.

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Anyone with even a minimal understanding of dog behaviour can tell you the difference between aggression and merely playing rough. My aussie plays rough. This was aggression.

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You are complaining

Yes, it is a dog park to play...but dogs needs discipline especially with other dog and RESPECT TO YOUR HUMAN.

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you must be that owner

how would you like if your dog was being treated that way and got, people should get off there butts and get better control of their dogs

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complain complain complain -

its a dog park, its called playing ....

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The park is nice

The park is nice because it has a small dog area as well. The only complaint I have is about the owners. There were several owners there who did not have control over their dogs and did nothing to correct aggressive behavior. Dogs will make mistakes and that's fine, but it's the owners that need to make corrections and not allow them to terrorize other dogs. When an owner just sits in their lawn chair or stands in the corner it's clear that they don't have a clue how to gain their dogs respect and teach their dog to respect others.

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Giving this 2 stars

Giving this 2 stars, but it would be a 4 star park if the regular visitors were better behaved. We've visited this park 3 times with our sheltie and aussie, and all three times dogs have been aggressive towards them, with the owners doing nothing to correct the behavior. It's a shame, because it really is a nice area. Lot's of space, lot's of shade; just wish the company was better =(