Off the Leash Dog Park - Yuba Sutter Dog Park

2050 Wild River Drive
Yuba City, CA 95991
Operating Hours:
Early morning until sunset
Days Closed:
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened May 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, drinking water, a trail, and shade trees. Off the Leash local community group supports this dog park.

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stevea's picture
Off the Leash!

This is a pretty nice little park. Some agility equipment, shade and lots of water available.

The reason I signed up on this site is that I read a lot of complaints about weeds, etc. It's my understanding that this is an all VOLUNTEER effort. So I recommend that, rather than complaining, you come out and help maintain the park. Someone posted that volunteers get busy at 8 on Saturday morning.

doodles's picture
weeds and such

If you don't like the weeds be part of the solution. Help to upkeep the park. There is very little money so any help is appreciated. We absolutely love the park and wish more people would be involved in upkeep

emilyhenry's picture
sperate parks

so I have a large black lab who is very sweet but I would feel more comfortable when he is playing with dogs around his size. And to my knowledge there is a separate part of this park which I have seen that is for smaller dogs so they don't get trampled by leash free larger dogs. But every time I want to take my dog to the park there are little dogs where the big dogs are suppose to be and I think that there needs to be some rules regulated and signs telling people which side to have your dogs on so there isn't an incident of any larger dog accidently stepping or running over a smaller dog. Please respond

Layla'n'Jo's picture
Loving this park!

My family, which includes our two fur babies, currently lives in our car.I am thankful this park exists so two members of my family are not confined to leashes and the inside of our cooped up vehicle. That a space for our babies to run exists is a wonderful thing. Thank you to all involved in creating and maintaining this much appreciated park.:-D

john taylor's picture
Running the park

I have been to this park several times and it is always a dump. To me it is a complete waste of time. I have helped clean up does not help. Lets get real people, what needs to be done is the people running this place need to be replaced. It does not matter that they run the park with out being payed they do a bad job. That is no excuse for how this place is run. It is time for change get rid of the people running it. Their are other people willing to run this park with out getting paid. And they could do a much better job than this guy Chris. I have meant him and his is not the person for the job. He just likes saying I am in charge. That makes him feel good. Get rid of this guy and hire a some else there are much better people for the job. WAKE UP REPLACE THIS GUY OR THE PARK IS GOING TO BE CLOSED DOWN.

Sunday_and _Monday's picture
socialization effort

I applaud your effort to provide a service dog. How has it turned out ? I mean if your dog cannot socialize with other dogs in neutral territory, what kind of a service animal would come of this ? I hope it is good. Keep coming back.

Sunday_and _Monday's picture
It only takes a phone call

Just call the Yuba City Parks and Recreation department for contact info. Or come out saturday mornings at 8 am to pitch in and get to know us. Our dogs will appreciate it very much.

Sunday_and _Monday's picture
It only takes a phone call

Please call the Parks and Recreation department for Chris Parents' phone number. He is the Director of the 5013c entity that operates the park. Or just come out on Saturday to volunteer an hour to make the park better. Talk with us and get informed about how to gets things done effectively. Or just write a check. Nobody gets paid here but material is not free. I can put labor in if you can supply either material or funds for materials. Please be a positive force to make the park better for our community. Dont sit on the sidelines.

Sunday_and _Monday's picture
Yuba City off the leash dogpark

Tons of potential. Just not enough people to come out and do a bit of planning and cooperation to improve things. One person has even turned it into a personal grudge by vandalizing park with graffitti using personal names. Shame on them.Not even enough courage to just come out and help. Only wants to sit on the sideline and complain. Nobody likes whiners. My two dogs love the 5 acres to get up and go! And the people are really nice. The director has been nothing but open, honest and above board with any question I have asked. He was easy to reach through the local parks dept.. Yes we too have a star-thistle problem just waiting for the solution to be implemented. But with the usual situation ie no only volunteers. It takes longer than McDOnalds drive-thru to make big changes. Saturday mornings can find a few good willing nice people doing the work of keeping it going. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS ! My dogs and I appreciate you VERY MUCH ! And special thanks goes out to Chris Parent for dedicating his efforts in keeping the park running! THANKS CHRIS ! Come on out Saturday and pitch in . Your dogs will appreciate it more than they can say .

boxerlover530's picture
Maintaining the dog park

I see that there are a ton of recent complaints about who is running this dog park... I want to say i 100% agree with everyone on this page in concern for our only community dog park...It is a great piece of land except for the fact that it is taken over by prickly weeds and fox tails. Making it impossible for the dogs to run around freely an safely, the only place they can really play is a dust pile that is suppose to be "sand". What I want to know is what is being done about this? I feel there are enough people upset about this for some change to happen!!

Cheryl B's picture
How to contact owners

I would like to try and contact the people who supposedly run this dog park. I see someone named Chris but I would like to contact the 501c non-profit to see if we can maybe organize some dog owners to get the small dog park usable again and to see what can be done about keeping both sides in nicer shape.

Does anyone have contact information?


Cheryl's picture
fenced field

jenny c is are 100 percent correct on what you say. and the problem is cause it is not maintained.'s picture

Whomever made the rule of letting big dog and small dogs on the big dog side is stupid. The small dogs and the big dogs should always have separate sides. This is bad management.'s picture

This place is a dump, whoever runs this place should be replaced. This place is never mowed or kept up. It does not matter that it is a volunteer park, that is no excuse. Replace the people in charge.

vickiesdavis's picture
To much negativity

I know there are a lot of things that could be better at the dog park and I could name quite a few. But the fact is; I'm very grateful for dog park, its a safe place where I can take my dog and let her have fun being a dog and playing with other dogs. She loves having friends and there are a few dogs she really get excited to see because she loves to play with them.
I to have had a few problems with aggressive dog attacking her and it really bothers me, but the owners have been pretty good about controlling their dogs.
I don't know who does the upkeep on the park or how its all funded, but it is getting pretty bad with the stickers and thorns.
I'm still really grateful for the park.

joe smith's picture
No account ability of the money collected

They need to fire the person who runs the park now. He is a old man who does not do his job, and his name is Chris. The place is a dump because the people running it do not do their job.

joe smith's picture
off leash dog park yuba city, cal

The person who runs the dog park his is name Chris, he does not take care of the park at all. there is no accountability for the money they collect. The place is a mess it is never mowed, except by people who have nothing to do with the park. This Chris person should be replaced as soon as possible.

Kthompson's picture
First time going

I have a Boxer/Black Lab mix and we were told about the park. We went right after a rain storm and the sun came out. Our dog is being trained to be a service/therapy dog. There was a family with two dogs, one an adult dog and one an elderly dog. Our dog at the time was 12 months old. Well since our dog has not been social with other dogs much I did not want to let her go. I allowed their dogs to sniff and greet and all seemed okay. I let my dog go and she ran with their adult dog. My dog came over to the elderly dog and wanted to play. Unfortunately she pinned the older dog to the ground and he growled and bared his teeth. I was on her so fast and pulled her off. I apologized to the family. They understood and said it was okay. I controlled my dog until they left. They were very friendly. After they left my dog had a blast running all over the park. The park is overgrown. As far as any of the rest of the postings here I believe most people who attend are people in the neighborhood. We drove all the way from Olivehurst to visit.

brandy wilson's picture
pretty nice

I went to the dog park today for the first time with my puppy. He had such a good time. All the big dogs were very nice and it was grate. I'll be going back again!

twoboys1's picture
Agressive dogs

We took our two dogs as puppies to this dog park and for a long time everything was great. The park itself is perfect. Now however there are people that bring very aggressive dogs. We kept going back because our dogs love it but 99% of the time there is an issue with an aggressive dog. The owners of the aggressive dogs do nothing to control them. These are not random dogs, they are "regulars". I think the park should have volunteers to monitor the dogs, and have the authority to ask that aggressive dogs be removed. We have not been and will not be back. Sad for our guys that love to run and play.

LauraK's picture
Boxer hate

I was thinking of visiting this dog park, but after seeing all the negative comments about boxers, I think I will go elsewhere!

mobile_user's picture
Weeds and Holes

Positives: There is a division btw large and small dog areas, there is water for the dogs, there are a few athletic obstacles, & people bring groceries bags that can be used to pick up dogs' waste. Negatives: Limited seating areas, no restrooms near by for humans (not even portables), unstable & hilly terrain, numerous gopher holes, & dry weed plants everywhere.

Labradormom's picture
Mean lady

I go to the park 4-5 days a week with my very friendly labs. They love to chase after each other & run after a tennis ball. They have never been aggressive at all. Today I saw a little boxer pin down a labradoodle & attack her face. The owner just told her to stop & that was it. As the morning went by other dogs were being pinned down by this boxer & the owner did nothing. I decided to take my dogs into the small dog side in fear of the same thing happening. There were no other dogs in the small dog area. In fact the smaller dogs were playing in the big dog area. Later a man brought in his dog to the side we were at. All the dogs were playing nicely. And then an older lady pulls up in her car w/ 3 chihuahuas & yells at me to leave because I have big dogs & she is afraid of big dogs. I told her that my dogs are friendly & the park is for everyone to share. She still demanded that I get out of there. A lady that was there from the board stood up for me & told the other lady that she needs to calm down. The woman yelling at me to leave starts to tell me that she will report me to her friend "Nancy" on the board for playing in the small dog area. I decided to just leave with my dogs. Why do people have to be so mean and rude. For all I know her dogs could be mean! This is a nice park to let your dogs have fun at, but you do have to deal with some abnoxious individuals who feel that they have to be bullies & don't look after their dogs. You are not going to the park to sit there on your cell phone, you are going there to spend time with your dog!

DaisyM's picture
Agressive dogs

I took my dog to this park today. She was playing fine with a black lab that showed up. After about 15 minutes two different owners with boxers showed up. At first they were fine playing but then they became aggressive clearly trying to put my dog 1/2 their size down and not just playing but putting her down and holding her there. The owners did nothing to control their dogs and I had to leave. Something needs to be done about aggressive dogs at this park. I do not recommend taking your dog their as long as owners do not control their dogs. If you have an aggressive dog that is attacking other dogs YOU should control your dog or leave.

Yanadoll's picture
A question for boxer owners who have been there.

I have not been to the park yet but I really want to take my boxer there. Im just worried that we will be asked to leave due to the boxers playing ways (they play rough like; whoever has one or has been around one should know what I mean). I noticed in one of the pictures there is a boxer there. Was it a good experience for the boxer or no? Please comment below. I really want to visit one day.


My dog loves the park and it's about him not me! He has never told me our park doesn't look good enough or has too many thistles. He is always happy to get in the gate and see who is there!! I have never had any trouble there. I have seen a couple of aggressive dogs that were asked to leave. All the people are great!!! We just need a little more organization and some help from everybody and things will get better. Don't just bad mouth the park, help make it better. We are the ones that have to make it better.

jbookbnder's picture
volunteer park

We spend allot of time with our dogs at the park. It gets no funding from the city and is entirely supported by volunteers. That said, it is a work in progress.It is dirty (which my dogs don't mind),has a huge area to run and play, with a smaller area for small dogs. 2 washing decks if you want to rinse off your dogs,lots of friendly people and dogs.The only trouble I have seen is with people who don't obey the rules posted on the front gate. I have seen people remind dog owners to clean up their own dogs messes. There is a trail around the perimeter(1/4 mile around)which allot of us use for exercise. It has been a great place to socialize my dogs and let them burn off excess energy,with the added bonus of meeting some great people.

Redpan's picture
RE: Security

I'm sorry you had to encounter the "ONE" person who prompts this kind of remark. I go to the park Monday thru Friday with a small but "big thinking" terrier without incident. We do not have a clutch of men that frequent the park, and I've never encountered any one who frightens or intimidates me there. I did hear about your incident however, and I do understand how you might have felt, but labeling the park the way you have over that encounter is really biased and unfair. Try giving us a chance in the morning if you can - depending on when you go, you may find the perfect fit for you and your dog. Different people hook up all day long at the same time so they can be with the dogs and people who support and play well.

Jenny C's picture
fenced field

This is the best dog park in Yuba City - it is also the ONLY dog park in Yuba City. It is obvious that a great effort was made to fence the parcel and get water to it. This dog park is nothing but star-thistle and ticks in the summer and muddy in the winter.

MzZing's picture

This is a nice large park, however there is a clutch of men that attend the park that are terrible. They smoke, curse, bully, frighten, intimidate and are generally obnoxious to any single women, young or old. On three occassisions I have had the following situations: 1) A trained fighter dog in heat 2) My dog was bitin the face. 3) today - A guy screaming obscenities at me because my dog went to the bathroom.


emtkennedy's picture
Good N Dirty

This is a huge park w/lots of room to run. However, there is also a lot of open bear ground and durning the winter its absolutely horrible w/mud. Everyone is friendly and there is a large number of water buckets to drink out of. The small dog park is pretty nice but muddy too. Would go again if I have time, its kinda out and away from town.

TCrowser's picture
Needs Work

Everyone at this park is extremely friendly. They provide a hose and several buckets to water your dog. There are chairs scattered around to sit and chat with people. They provide stations with waste-bags to keep it clean. It is extremely large but needs work. Don't wash your dog before you go because it is all dirt in the main area, and prickly weeds in the other areas.