Alston Dog Park (Canine Commons Dog Park)

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Dry Creek Rd. and Trower Ave
Napa, CA
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Napa 707-257-9529
Days Closed:
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
3 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Canine Commons has two separate fenced areas and one is specifically for separate small dogs. It also has drinking water, a hose for rinsing or for filling kiddie pools, chairs, and benches. There is an area with a pond/marsh/swamp, so bring a towel.  Dogs are also allowed off leash at the upper area of Alston Park above the Canine Commons, as long as they are under voice control.  There are two trails (0.6 and 0.8 miles).

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Yes, but it's kind of misleading to say it has a pond. In the winter there is a marshy sort of pond but really, it's not anything close to being a body of water. It has many benches and it has three drinking fountains. The toilets are portapotty style.

I think the Canine Commons part is the big fenced part that's really nice if your dog needs to run with a fence. It's got two sections, one for small dogs or dogs in training and then a bigger one. In that area are chairs donated by supporters and a couple of kiddie pools and hoses, which are really nice to have in the spring (when your dog gets muddy) or in the summer, if you have a water dog. It's a nice sunset gathering place and the owners can be quite social.

The other off leash area is not securely fenced and is part of Alston Park proper. There you can do loops around the old orchard (.6 miles on the inner loop, .8 on the outer). It's basically a big field on a small ridge and that's where two of the dog fountains are. The other water fountain is at the parking lot and is for humans as well. This is an absolutely wonderful area for any dog that wants a run (humans too). And it's attached to the greater park (which requires a leash), which is nice if you want some longer distance (and the bigger park backs into a creek, which my dog likes too). This is a really lovely spot both early in the morning and at sunset. In the morning humans get to enjoy the balloons over the park (landing in it sometimes) and in the evening, there can be really nice sunsets and even after dark (I was just there tonight after dark with kids and the dog -- lots of toads, bats and general fun).

The parking for both dog areas is at Trower and Dry Creek but there is a north entrance with parking as well (that's on leash)

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no lawns

The only problem is the complete absence of any kind of lawn. Play fetch with a ball and it's completely filthy from the woodchip ground cover. The unfenced off-leash park (Shurtleff) on the other side of town is much nicer.

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Alston Park Canine Commons Dog Park in Napa

This park we found online at a different website. We stopped at the small neighborhood park on the other side of the street. We were about to be disappointed when we saw that we were at the wrong park. The surprise was that the Canine Commons is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! We walked up and around the main loop and could have continued on to other trails. This is by far the best dog park we have been to. Lots of nature and wine country views. Great.


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Love it

This is a great park. The Napa Experience review above is right on the money! My dogs love this place, and so do I.

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The Napa Experience for Dogs

My German Shorthair Pointers live to go to Alston each day! There is a nice large fenced "commons" area for dogs and people to socialize. There is a second fenced area for "small dogs" and training. It is frequently used by a greyhound rescue group on weekends. There are places to sit and watch and there is also a hose and doggie wading pools if you dog wants to splash.
What really sets Alston apart is the large 30 acre "off leash" area only a hundred yards up a small grade. This is dog heaven! Largely open meadow with a few trees, it is surrounded on three sides with vineyards. The upper area has great views up and down the valley. Dogs can run, dig for gophers and get back to dog basics! There are wide trails that surround and criss-cross the park. Several shaded tables and benches invite you to have a "dog picnic". The northern end of the park is open to dogs but they must be on leash. Establishing park rules for on and off leash areas was controversial so please respect the compromise that has been codified. Police and animal control will write expensive tickets for violations. That said, the north end is larger and has even better walking trails and scenery. On clear mornings, especially Fridays and weekends, hot air balloons regularly land here. Get your coffee and arrive 7:30-8:00 AM and enjoy the show.
There are some caveats you should be aware of. The trails are dirt and can be quite muddy in the rainy season. This can also be a plus because it creates seasonal streams and pools to delight the water dogs! In late spring you need to take precautions with the foxtails. These insidious seeds can burrow into dogs paws and skin requiring expensive vet bills. Please check your best friends paws, ears, nose, etc. before you leave. There have been some parking lot break-ins in recent years. Do not leave valuables exposed.
-Large fenced commons
-30 acre off leash area
-Stations with "poop bags"and trash cans
-Great scenery
-free parking and easy access
-Crowded on weekends, especially mid mornings
-leash and waste pick-up laws strictly enforced
-Muddy in winter/foxtails in late Spring
-Occasional and preventable car break-ins

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you didn't mention the size. it's 3 acres