Oberrieder Dog Park

Bluff Creek Dr and Seabluff Dr
Playa Vista, CA 90094
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City of Los Angeles ?
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This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water and benches.

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mobile_user's picture
my dog was viciously attacked

Great park, nice dogs, peaceful....until Mr. P showed up with his 80 lb.shepherd/Rhodesian ridgeback mix Eli, who immediately attacked my 60 lb. Dalmatian/pointer mix so viciously my dog ended up in surgery 90 minutes later. Fortunately, Mr. P paid the entire $600+ bill that evening. I filed a report with LA Animal Control. I hope this man and his dogs stay away from ALL dog parks - according to Mr. P himself, Eli has been in fights before. FOR GOD'S SAKE, MAN, don't go to the dog park any more!! People, you have been warned.

fiddletownrobin's picture
Locals that are judgemental

Have to agree with others about the mulch used at this park. We were there when it had rained, and it was pretty ugly, sticking to the dog's feet. My biggest issue was that there was a large group that all knew each other and the dogs. There were other newcomers besides us. A dog fight insued, clearly caused by a dominant male belonging to one of the locals....the little male caught in the middle of the fray, who had just recovered from his neuter surgery was blamed for the fight. It ruined what had been a great visit. We went a second time, and it was clear that this dog is KING of the park and just walk away if he is there.