Paso Nogal Dog Park

Paso Nogal Rd
Pleasant Hill, CA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Pleasant Hill Rec Department and PH DOG Owners Group 925-210-6130
Days Closed:
all day Sundays and until 3pm on Wednesdays
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water.

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Reasons for rules

To all those hiding under pseudonyms: Join PHDog (address below) and come to a meeting sometime. It's threats of a suit by the homeowners across Paso Nogal that requires the Sunday closing. I don't like it either.

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I've never seen a horse on this field since I've been going there (2006). You must have been somewhere else.

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Pleasant Hill Dog (dog owner's group) is still going strong -- paid for extra fencing along the road, and ordered new supply of Mutt Mitts.
Voluntary contributions of $30/family are requested. Please sebd ti PHDog, PO Box 23975, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523.
Thank you for making the changes I mentioned in a previous review -- ie that the City of Pleasant Hill does not contribute. The Pleasant Hill Rec & Park owns the property and provides water & maintenance and PHDog the other amenities.

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Paso Nogal Park

Thanks for updating your data on this park. See above.

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Alan and Rose and Karen, Give

Alan and Rose and Karen,

Give me a call. I had to put Chullain down.

Steve Leutza

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Re-opens May 26th

The dog park has been closed for maintenance and will soon open.

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closed for rain??

I can see horses mucking up a muddy field, but dogs??? Really??? Closed

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Conditions have changed since

Conditions have changed since 2010. The dog park is closed on Wednesdays until 3 PM. Also no drinking fountains for humans in side of fence. There is now a second dog water faucet installed at the west end of the park. Focused watering has caused many sections of green lawn/weeds and several sections of burned up, dry lawn/weeds. "Lawn" area difficult to walk on due to considerable erosion during wet months and insufficient watering in recent years.

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Dog park closure

CLOSED if cloudy for three days. CLOSED if it rains for three days.CLOSED on Wednesdays. CLOSED on Sundays. Yes, that's right I did say Sundays. CLOSED for groundhog maintance CLOSED if coyote spotted,CLOSED due to MountIn Lion seen. I think they are making half of this up. Absurd!

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I can't understand why you close the park when we have a little rain.

The dog park is always like a quagmire anyway from the amount of watering it gets!

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Please Join us at one of the best parks in the area!

One of the best parks in the area! Small and large fenced off leash area. It also has a great on leash walking trail. The only downside is that the park is closed on all day Sunday, until 3pm on tuesday and no bathrooms.