Paws Dog Park (at Murray Park)

The Chase (run wild or sit and chat)
Rebsamen Park Rd
Little Rock, AR
Operating Hours:
until 10pm
Managed By:
City of Little Rock ???
Days Closed:
Yes, in the park
Park Size:
2 acres (for big dogs) and 0.5 acres (for small dogs)
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a separate are for small dogs (30lb or less), benches, lights, trees, and water spigots. Friends of Paws Park

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Jenny C's picture
Lost in the dark

Good, small park, lotsa trees, benches and water supply. Lighted, open until 10 pm and good thing. The map is off and it took me 20 minutes to find it in the dark, with no signs. It's actually one parking lot before the one shown on the map, behind a playground, near the soccer field.

EDITOR COMMENT: Thank you for the good directions. We have moved the map pin to the correct parking lot.

mvarnell's picture
Great Park for Socialization

This is a wonderful place to socialize your dog, but pay attention to your dog, it is a large dog park and your dog can get pretty far away if it is independent enough. The best time from my experience to go is early on a Saturday morning, most of the other owners plan on staying for hours so your dog can really get some good play in!

lukermon's picture
Wide Open Spaces

I like this park because of the the wide space for my Border Collies to run. There were many other dogs (approx 8), but there was so much space that we were not bothered. I think that some shepherds and another herding dog got into a tussle, but the trees screened us and we were not distracted.

Very nice view of the river outside of the park with many trails for humans to hike as well. Easieste locks I have encountered at a dog park, especially wrangling two hyper dogs into the park.

RueSue's picture
WARNING - aggressive dog

My dog got bit at this dog park today. We have been plenty of times in the past with no problem, unfortunately after our experience today I don't think we will be back. The aggressor dog is medium/large, white and black with short hair. I don't know who the owner is because he/she did not even bother to call off their dog or apologize while I carried my bleeding dog out of the park. I think this park is a lot safer during the week when a lot of "regulars" are around, my advice to others would be avoid this park on the weekends and WATCH OUT FOR THIS DOG!

RueSue's picture
Nice dog park with lots of shade

This is a nice park with lots of trees and room to run. There is a tree trunk for climbing on, three pools for wading/swimming and a separate small dog area. The park is on the river side of Rebsamen Park Road, between the golf course and the Murray Dam (if you are going west and pass Overlook Dr you have gone too far). FYI - the park is more sand than grass and gets pretty muddy after a rain, but you can always rinse your dog off in the wading pools!