Fort Smith Dog Park

Massard Rd and Louisville St
Fort Smith, AR
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Park Size:
40 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a pond, water stations (be sure to bring water in the winter months), benches, and a separate small dog area away from the pond. This is a more natural rustic park and has trails and trees.

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Looking forward to checking

Looking forward to checking it out

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Friendly pit

I've lived in Boston for a few years and am returning to Arkansas with my 2 yr old spayed female pit and I'm not surprised that even though the cities are 1600 miles apart the issues are the same. We live near 4 dog parks and I just learned to watch my dog closely, always approach the owner of whatever dog she is contact with to feel them out. If I see that crazy obsessive look in their eye I just take my dog out cuz I've had so much stress over another dog starting something with her and when she defends herself the other owner gets their panties in a bunch. I'm moving back to ft smith soon so I hope to get to see you guys there and maybe our babies will have fun playing together :)

Jenny C's picture
not bad, not great

I used to bring my dog to this park because I lived in a very small apartment and since she's a pit, she needed more room to run. It's relatively well maintained and the city comes and mows and fills the holes around the fence that the dogs dig, but the main issue I have is with other pet owners. On a busy day, it's a safe bet that an antisocial pup will be out there, biting or trying to mount your dog. I was actually yelled at by a woman whose dog tried to mount mine and my dog whipped around and pinned hers to the ground. I was proud my girl restrained herself but appalled that people were bring adult dogs who weren't fixed. Fortunately my girl is, but it stressed her out and ruined the whole day for us. My recommendation is to go when there aren't many cars. Odds are you'll be able to watch your fur babies more closely and will have fewer overly friendly pups to worry about.

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A dog park for every size

This is wonderful area to let your buddies run loose. A smaller fenced area for smaller friends, and the rest is wide open (all fenced) EVERYONE can run. A double gate entrance to corral for leasing and unleashing. A nice sloping hill - well groomed for easy playing and walking and a bit of a wooded area, for more challenging walks - with a trail. There is a water pond. My four fur kids (each 40 lbs or more) LOVED it. No worries, when they take after the squirrell! You have to look for the entrance sign, we drove past the turn the first time. What an amazing space - set aside for the best of our friends!

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A great dog park !!

We use this park weekly (2 black labs + pug). We travel regularly with our dogs and this park is the best. The park is several hundred fenced in acres with a lake and a small pond. There are benches to sit on, a picnic table near the lake. For dogs there is a fresh water fountain/bowl and a new dog washing station. This park was established and is maintained by the Fort Smith Airport and the airport bears the expense of the park. Give this park a chance , you will love it.

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Fantastic dog park

One of the best I've been to (Only Shelby Farms in Memphis equals it). I travelled from Atlanta to New Mexico and back for Thanksgiving and stopped at this dog park both ways. Huge - we were able to take a nice hike with the dog off leash. There is also a pond which was great for the dog to be able to get into. Lots of nice people there. You do need to watch your dog as there seemed to be a fair number of people who weren't as in control of or had socialized their dogs as they needed to be. Didn't feel my large dog was in danger but did keep an eye out.

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It's HUGE, and I mean so big you can't keep your eyes on your dog, so big you can't clean up after your dog. Fritz is a German Shepherd, he loves to rough-house. But we've been to over 10 dog parks in the last 5 years and he's had thousands of friends... but he had never been hurt until visiting this park (his ear was ripped [stitches] by another GSD). I didn't freak out, didn't attempt "to sue"... just wanted to leave and never come back. My rating does not reflect this, it reflects the poor-planning that went into the development of this park. Fort Smith is surrounded by loads of places to let your dog run free, like Lock and Dam. Fort Smith didn't need a fenced in "rustic" area, it needs a place dogs of all sizes can feel safe visiting. There is just nothing special about it, at all. It's great if your dogs are kept inside for most of the day, with no backyard. But before coming out, please socialize your dogs and understand other folks aren't as empathetic as I. It just seems like all of Fort Smith is... 20 years behind the times. It REALLY needed more thorough planning, and the only reason I didn't give it 1 star is because someone on the park committee actually had forward-thinking... but this place needs a MAJOR re-haul.

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great park!

I agree this is one of the largest dog parks we have been to. Plenty of room for dogs to run and play, lots of brush and long grass areas to explore, plus shade for us owners! We did not notice any issue with the fencing, but honestly this park is so big that my dog didn't spend much time on the fence line, there was plenty to keep her busy in the park that she didn't have to be curious at what was outside the fence! To find the park take Massard Rd to Louisville St (look for the sign). The parking lot is small and hopefully will be expanded so more can enjoy this great park!

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We love this park

My dogs and I love this park! It is the largest dog park we have visited. The pond is an attraction for the dogs, but there is plenty of area for the dogs to play and brush for them to investigate if you want to avoid mud and water. Poop bags and waste barrel are provided at the entrance. There is a mulch walking path down to the pond. Oh yes, there is a watering station for the dogs, but it is shut off during freezing weather. I carry a jug of water and bowl for my dogs just in case it isn't operable. Thanks Fort Smith!

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Pond issue

We have heard there is concern over the pond at this location. Some dogs have contracted a parasite called Giardia possibly from the pond water. There are other places dogs can contract Giardia but unfiltered water that other dogs go to the bathroom near is always an issue.

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fencing concerns

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Fort Smith dog park

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