PETsMART Dog Park (at Washington Park)

Nice grass and shade
Dog park is on the S. side of the park near the tennis courts
Yara loving the nice chairs
21st Ave
between Bethany Home Rd and Glendale Rd
Phoenix, AZ
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Phoenix (602) 262-6971
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2.65 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, grass, and a water spigot. Be sure to check the irrigation schedule for water dates.
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rtena's picture

Took my two Chihuahua mix to the park, deeply enjoyed watching them interact with the other dogs and the people there, the other dogs there were all very friendly. Great space for the small breed dogs to run and play and a big space for bigger dogs to run and play, only down side is that they close it for irrigation of the fields.

Yara dog's picture
Love love love this dog park

My dog and I took a short down and back trip from Flagstaff today. Before our drive home, we stopped by the Petsmart Washington dog park. It was easy to find by the tennis courts. It's very clean, large and has lots of grass. They even supply nice chairs to relax in and have lots of picnic tables. The dogs were very friendly and so were the people. It's very convenient right next to Interstate 17 off of Glendale. It's on 21st av just south of Glendale. I highly recommend this dog park, one of the nicest I've seen. They also have a large area for small dogs.

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The second best Bark Park in the Valley

My two dogs and I have been visiting this park for about a year now. We previously went to Papago dog park in Tempe. The Tempe park was nice but there was rarely any other dogs to play with. We then tried Chaparrel park. Well WOW is all I can say the dogs couldn't drink out of the spiget the owners would not allow the dogs to play. Saying the least my dogs were not impressed. I then stumbled on the Washington park. I have only witnessed one dog fight (which I had met the dog that started it and is usually a friendly dog, guess we all have bad days). People are friendly and yes when we go we know the dogs names better then the owners.

My biggest gripe is when people watch there dogs poo and not clean it up, yes I'm sure I have missed a pooing from my dogs just yell at me and let me know. But even if your disabled it's not that hard to clean up after your dog, if it is then I would hate to see your house....

Our favorite Dog Bark is Cosmo in Gilbert WOW!!! We heard really bad things but decided to take the drive and it was a real treat for the dog's. They swam escaped the fence ran through the obstacle course and then swam even more. Wish the downtown area had a park like this.

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keep bringing my dog to park and she is diappointed everytime cuz of irrigation. can anybody help?