Desert Vista Neighborhood Dog Park - Fountain Hills

Saguaro Blvd
between Tower Dr and Desert Vista
Fountain Hills, AZ
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has shade and water.

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Rockindogmom13's picture
Locals need to get over themselves!

The town does an OK job with maintaining the park. Many volunteers take care of the rest, however the attitudes of the locals are embarrassing. They are rude, stuck-up and snobby!
Amazing place for your dog to run free and have some crazy time!! Plenty of water, good amount of shade, plenty of room!

Rockindogmom13's picture
Not any better for locals...

As a FH local, I apologize for your experience. I am a dog lover and owner, I rarely take my dogs to that park during peak times because those "regulars" are just plain rude! My lab got bit by an overly aggressive dog and all the owner would do is tell me to take my dog to the passive side if is was a problem. I was so mad.......your interpretation of the park is spot on!

sherryi's picture
Probably good if you are a local

visiting Scottsdale with our family dog, I decided to visit this park based on reviews. We got there at 7 or so to avoid the heat. Park is pretty big (football size) with separate large/small dog areas. Great water supply with a kiddie pool for cooling off. Overall, a pretty well maintained park in a nice planned community. I would have given this three stars had the owners been more responsible and even a little friendlier. There were a good number of dogs in the Active/large dog area. However, most of them were laying down under the pergola with their Senior owners, who appeared to be attending a regular morning gathering. My dog said hi to a few that were actively moving around and then wandered over to the pergola to say hi to a few others. A few came out and as one did the owner screamed and blew a whistle. It appeared this dog was less than friendly and the owner assumed this whistle/scream was better than getting out of her chair to manage the dog. It was not overly aggressive with my dog, but it was clear it had that capability. Another one decided to wander over and continuously mount my lab. The pergola bound owner of this one did nothing and left me/the dog to manage this. I tried to engage with a few folks but reception was cool. If you are a regular this might be a nice place, but neither me nor my dog felt welcome. We left the park and decided to walk on leash around the rest of the park (which is very nice). At 8am on the dot, the parade of Pergola Seniors left with their dogs. It must surely be a routine social gathering for them all. I wished they and their dogs were a bit more friendly. I hate negative reviews where people complain about not being treated nice at parks that are meant for dogs, but this place was the epitome of passive owners that felt entitled to not manage their dogs.

Jenny C's picture
Awesome dog park.

Huge big dog park with 4 Ramadas. Lots of shade, water, even a plastic swimming pool that Gordon loved. Great, great spot. Too bad we're just visiting the area.

Jenny C's picture
awesome park

Good people good dogs good atmosphere. Only complaint is the lack of shade and some small dog owners being stand offish