Cottonwood Dog Park (at Riverfront Park)

Riverfront Park Dr / N 10th St
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Operating Hours:
7am - Dark
Managed By:
City of Cottonwood
Days Closed:
Tuesday until 9am
Yes, at the ballfields complex nearby
Park Size:
1.33 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Oct 2008. This dog park has three separate areas: large dogs, small / shy dogs, and a training area. It also has water fountains, trees, benches, a wading pool, and please bring a bag for your dog and one to share. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated. Donations for building the park came from local dog lovers and Yavapai County and support from Mayor Joens and the City of Cottonwood.

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Cottonwood AZ Riverpark dog park

I disagree with this critique of the dog park. I have been going to the dog park for about a month or so every afternoon. A lot of the people are volunteers for or adopters from the local shelters. The "regulars" seem to be quite decent people to me, even tho I'm a bit shy and don't always seem too friendly at first, especially when I am depressed from life's events as I have been recently.I have not encountered anyone rude or obnoxious at all. It has been a heartwarming place except for the fact I have spoiled dogs who get more love than discipline and I have had to remove them for getting a little aggressive at times. I've been working with them & a trainer tho.I can't think of any vicious dogs there at all but I do see the people aware of some of the occasional scuffles that unpredictable animals like dogs can have and they have been right on top of it. There are a couple times a day the park gets too many dogs and that alone should alert someone to cut the visit short or come at earlier times. It can get a little too wild then. There is no one that sits there all day at all - they come in the early morning & mid afternoon and various of us in the middle times to have less dogs while we work with ours. The group does congregate in chairs close together as most are older and this is a social event for them too which is a good thing. If you had spoken up with your concerns I am sure you'd have found a cooperative bunch willing to work things out as I know they take pride in the dog park. They recently had to band together to prevent it from being moved due to constantly complaining neighbor. I would not call the park unsafe and most of us owners who are experiencing challenges with their dogs behavior either keep them on a leash or in the training area to prevent trouble. They have kept their eye on problem dogs I assure you and I have stopped going until I can get mine more disciplined and leash trained as they had been used to running free in the open desert which now is filled with grazing cows. Give the park a chance as it's the best thing around - discuss your concerns with people there. There is a park in Sedona with breathtaking views but it's smaller. We all need to help make Cottonwood's park a good place for all rather than making trouble or slinging mud when you are angry about something.

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Riverpark dog park

Most unsafe place to take your dog. Only thing good is the fence. People are horrid and the dogs are worse. These overweight morons sit there all day and watch their dog surround and injure your dog. They don't even call the dogs or get up and pull them off. Do they have shots?? Who knows. They are a pack of people and a pack of vicious dogs. My dog needs to run and pay, too. There should be supervision at the early morning time and late afternoon till dark. It is not fair to others. They are obnoxious and rude. This place was planned to be a fun place for all. It is not. It us not fun or safe
This is not a private club. Some of the people act like it is.

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Riverfront dogpark

This is one of the best dogparks that we've used as we travel the U.S. in our RV. Been thru many, many states and I keep a record of the dogparks we've used so I can share it with friends who travel with their pets. I would give it more than 5 stars. Friendly people and nice dogs.

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Best Dog Park

I have used Cottonwood Dog Park since it opened. We know the dog's names before we learn the names of their humans. The dogs run through the well-groomed grass and play with their buddies. It's great to see the pups enjoy themselves as well as the senior canines who come to watch and get some slower paced exercise.

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Cottonwood Dog Park

I've used 17 Arizona dog parks and this is the best and well designed;grass, trees benches, water and access to bathrooms.
Most users are responsible and friendly, controlling their dogs behavior and interactions. I will continue to use it every day from now on.

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room for running

This is a great park. Just in the area a few days. We went to the park several times and there where always buddies to plays with. The directions are a bit off from DogGoes but wellworth the extra 5 min drive.

EDITOR COMMENT: If anyone has more info on where the map pin should be located, we would appreciate it.

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Excellent Park

This park is great. Has large dog area, small dog area and also special needs dog area. I was traveling through spent a week at The Dead Horse Ranch State Park which is maybe .5 miles down the road. The people were great and my dog Penny meet lots of friends one in particular was Walter. I was in the small dog park the best time to go is around 9:30 am m-f same people usually show up. Great bunch of dogs. Penny will certainly miss Walter.

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New Park

"Cottonwood Riverfront Dog Park will be the newest City park when it opens on October 1, 2008.   The City has provided 1 1/3 acres near the Riverfront Park complex for an exclusive, year round, off leash dog
park. The park construction was financed privately by dog lovers along with a generous donation from Yavapai County for the development of a community dog park and has been supervised by the Cottonwood Parks and Recreation Department.  This beautiful, peaceful park is located on North10th Street next to the Cottonwood ditch and adjacent to the new Little League complex and is just a short distance from the Verde River and Dead Horse State Park. 

There will be three fenced grass activity areas: shy/small dogs for dogs under 25 lb., large dogs and a training/discipline area. Each area will be accessed from a fenced entry area with self closing gates
to limit escapes. The park will be open from dusk till dawn daily except for Thursdays till 9 AM for maintenance chores, and will have fresh water available for people and pets. 

Receptacles for recycled shopping bags will be provided for poop pickup bags and trash receptacles will be available.

There will be a limit of 2 dogs per handler.  Dog handlers must be 16 or older. Youth under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Dog Park area. Youth 12 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult. (this rule is primary towards the protection of children from unpredictable dog behavior).  All dogs must be currently licensed and vaccinated (tags and collars visible) and be at least 4 months of age. Dogs must be accompanied by their owners/custodians. Dogs should be under voice control and in sight of owners at all times.  Anyone failing to comply with the rules as set forth shall be asked to leave the Off Leash area by Police, Animal Control Officers or other City Staff.

Trees and other landscape features are being donated by park supporters and we will begin planting in fall of '08.  Our future plans include a wading pool for pups in the small and large dog areas.  The training area will be used by five Arizona K9 law enforcement teams for seasonal training and we will schedule year round weekly time slots for local dog trainers or other groups to use the area for group, or individual classes to promote responsible canine behavior.

The successful effort to create, design and build our Cottonwood Riverfront Dog Park (in just 18 months!) has been due to the very cooperative efforts of park supporters, Mayor Joens and the City of Cottonwood and it will be an inviting desert oasis for responsible canine residents and visitors alike."