Julien Marx Dog Park (at Medal of Honor Park)

Medal of Honor
Knollwood Dr
Mobile, AL
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Park Size:
4 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened March 10, 2012. This park has a separate small dog area, shade, and benches. The estimated cost is $60-65K and the primary cost is the fencing (still fundraising 1/2012). Danny Weemes is instrumental in getting this park established; he wants to give back after a service dog helped him recover from a near death motorcycle accident. Friends of Mobile Dog Park community based organization supports this dog park.

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I LOVE this dog park. I have

I LOVE this dog park. I have nothing to compare it to, but Mobile has needed one for a long time. Smokey (my black lab) loves going. I have a tiny yard & he loves to run & play with the other dogs. Thanks for making it possible for him. Please send me emails. I will help support. I don't have a lot, but will help how I can to keep this park available!

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Clean and Friendly

Clean big two acre area for over 25 lbs and an acre for the under 25 lb pups. Not much grass on the big side but plenty of shade and a good breeze with benches scattered throughout the park. As soon as the construction behind the park is done it should be a very peaceful place.

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I have a dog and he gets sooo excited to go to the park. We walk through the trails as well as around the loop. What concerns me is this. If the dog park is going to require destroying those beautiful trails through the wooded area it is a real shame. There are other animals here to consider. Like squirrels, rabbits, turtles, birds, BABY birds in their nests. They will LOSE their homeand mabey even their lives. Seems so sad that land that is already destroyed won't be considered for the park. Don't get me wrong. I am a dog person and I love the idea, just not at the expense of so many other lives. Sad in Mobile...

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Mobile Urban Planning Makes Me So Angry

I also, like so many of those who have posted here, have been waiting for nearly two years to hear more details of the progress on constructing a dog park in mobile. For me, the park is a small thing, but it is a symbol of the slow progress we see here in Mobile. I am so incredibly frustrated with the lack of urban planning here.

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New to this Area Also

I just moved to Mobile area in Oct. 09 from the Houston area and have been looking for a place to take my dog as well. I was so happy to hear of this dog park but can't find any updated info on the progress! The park in west Houston on Highway 6 was awesome!

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Does anyone know about the progress of this park? Would love to get my dog out of the house to socialize with other dogs

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I hope the dog park is finished soon. I used to live in Houston and am moving to Mobile in a month. The dog parks in houston are huge(15-20 acre average) and everywhere to be found. Hopefully this one at medal of honor park will be better than the one in Daphne...that one has no trees, no pond, no obstacle course, and is way too small.

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When will it be complete?

back in 2008 I found that this dog park was in progress.
I've been taking my dog to the dog park in Daphne. It takes 30 minutes to get there from my apartment unfortunately.
I wonder what the progress is on this. I know it's expensive, but do we get to know how much money has been raised? Can we see a progress chart on funding or something??


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Cant Wait!

We just got back from Palm Harbor Fl where they had the best dog park (Chestnut Dog Park). It was split into two areas. One for small dogs and one for big dogs. They each had a drinking area and a stand with trash bags and a trash can for waste, benches to sit on. It was great!!! Cant wait for this one to open!

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Are there any updates on the status of this park? I am coming to visit my hometown for Christmas with my Boxer and he would love a place to run!

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dog park

I think a small pond would be awesome. I definitely wish there was a fenced in area for the dogs to run around.

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Dog Park

I live in Pensacola and take my jack russell to a nearby dog park and it has a beach. The dogs absolutly love it and its an opportunity for dog to socialize. A watering pond or something would be ideal for the dogs. Its long overdue for Mobile and very much needed. I grew up there and wish there was one when i was younger to take my dogs to.

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dog park

I sure hope they put in a small pond or something for the dog's to swim in, there is no where clean enough where the dog's won't get some kind of ear infection or something.