Keisel Dog Park

Enjoying the dog park
520 Chadwick Ln
Highway 14 and Wire Rd
Auburn, AL 36832
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, agility equipment (unfenced area), benches, drinking water, and paths. We have heard there is a stream and 2 ponds for the dogs.

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vanceabb's picture
very nice

large park with trails, water, open areas and woods. the dog park is okay, large but just open and flat. the best part is that you don't need to leash your dog if you have it under voice control with an "immediate and effective response". what the sign said. i've never seen a law like this at a park and its awesome cause my dog listens and doesn't need a leash. i went there mid day on a thursday and there were 4 dogs there, mine had a great time.

Jenny C's picture

You have to walk down a path to find it but it is a great large fenced in GRASSY area. Loads of friendly dogs and people . Not to mention a couple of two mike trails if you want to take a hike.

Jenny C's picture
A welcome stop from the highway

Kiesel Park is more than just a dog park... See the map before proceeding down the path to orient yourself. Very nice and pretty. The actual dog area is a nice walk from the actual parking area. When you get to the white house and gardens turn left behind the house and follow the pseudo path through the large field to the fenced area. Its a nice large area. And the grass was cut short so good for running. I didn't see any dog poop so it's probably cleaned up regularly. We didn't get to walk the other trails but will next time. Would definitely recommend.

Maxthedog's picture
Good dogs. Lazy owners

There are no signs in the park directing you to the dog area. Follow the path from the parking area towards the white house, and the dog park is in the former pasture behind the house.

There are three areas for dogs - only 2 fenced in. The agility section is not fenced. The big dog and little dog sections are. The big dog area is BIG with lots of room for your dog to run. The small dog area is about 1/4 the size, really too small if there are a lot of puppies or small dogs.

There are no shade areas, and just a few benches for humans to sit on. Water is available at the big dog area, but not the small.

My big complaint is the lazy owners. I was at the park with my dog for more than 90 minutes and no one -- NO ONE -- cleaned up after their dogs. There were many pile of old and fresh dog poop, plus many holes where diggers had done what diggers do.

Visitor's picture
Agility equipment

Just so everyone knows- the agility equipment is not in a fenced in area. It is next to the dog park but out in the open. I was disappointed in this because I was hoping to give my dogs a chance to play on the equipment but don't trust them off-leash in the open yet.

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Better than some

This park was better than many other dog parks I've been to. This one not only has two fenced in areas, but also a mini agility course. The fenced in areas have lots of grass (unlike others). The walking paths around the main park are wonderful (the off-leash area is a small part of the larger park) and have plenty of shade plus it crosses a nice little stream in a couple of places.