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I am the Editor here at My whole life we have taken care of dogs. I noticed that there just wasn't one good resource documenting the dog parks in my area, or across the whole country, so my husband and I started this little site. Hope you like it.

Please use the contact form if there is an missing or erroneous data in any park, review or photos. Thanks.

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??? Cafe Oakland, CA
Mama Buzz Cafe closed. Let us know the new name of the cafe.
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Muttropolis Newport Beach, CA
Very cute dog boutique right in the middle of Fashion Island in Newport Beach. The day we went they were taking free Valentines days pictures of the...
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Days Inn San Luis Obispo San Luis Obispo, CA
One of only two hotels in the city we found that allows dogs. It was not new but it was clean enough. The staff was friendly and the dog was happy to...
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My Pets House Springfield, MA
This business closed three years ago (roughly 2008).
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