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About Me

Umm...grew up in Southern California, lived in Boulder, Colorado for around 15 years, moved back to California in 2009. 

My first dog was a Hungarian Sheepdog, a Puli, named....Puli.  He was incredibly smart and loyal. 

Last year, I held 16-year old Cal, a shephard mix, in my arms as he breathed his last breath.  I miss him- he was a sweet companion who helped me through some tough times.

In Spring 2010, my family adopted a two-month-old high energy, wacky, long-legged ball of fire.  She's a German Shorthair pointer mix and we've named her Heidi, after a favorite book character. 

During the Summer of 2010, my daughter and I embarked on a 6,000 mile road trip with Heidi, to visit friends and family all over the country.  Throughout the journey, we were so lucky to have been able to visit some dog parks along the way to allow Heidi and my daughter to stretch their coltish legs and run, run, run.  I am truly grateful for those people who envision, plan, and build dog parks.