Dory and Rhupert new Buddies

Dory and Rhupert are getting along quite well.  They love to play chase and wrestle and run around; usually an hour a night.  Rhupert is full of puppy energy.  We were told to get two dogs that were as different as possible for them to get along well.  Dory is a  four year old dominate female and it can be hard to find a match.  Rhupert is a young male and only knows fun.  They have only had one fight and it was over their dinners the first day.  Rhupert needs puppy chow to gain weight and Dory is too chubby for puppy chow but she tries to get into it every chance possible.  So they eat separately for now.

Dughallmor Beagles's picture
Aaaarrrrooooo! You look like

Aaaarrrrooooo! You look like a wiry Beagle! So cute!