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Farley Dress Up

Farley looks a bit like snoopy when he dresses up.  He is ready to snowboard or go sledding.  Then he also wears a Christmas hat while lounging.  Farley is one a lazy hound. We love our old pal.

Fontana Dog Park

The Fontana dog park is in the Almaden Valley district of San Jose, and is 100% dirt last I was there.  They have gone through several ideas for turf and tried to re-sod on several occasions.  It is one of the only dog parks down in this southern area of the city.  The dogs that come here are spoiled, usually very well behaved.

Dory Colored

Dory does not get dyed well, the only white is her feet and tail tip and she tends to swim and dig the color right off her feet.  Dory had blue feet and she has had green feet.  And one Christmas she had alternating green and red feet.  Dory does muddy the best – her favorite. When ever she gets a bath, digging is always her first activity (must want to get the dirty smell back on her).

Los Gatos Creek Dog Park

The Los Gatos Creek dog park was built by the county and another small city in the area.  It was a big deal when it opened because it is along a walking and biking path so joggers and walkers can stop in with their dogs conveniently.  The cost of parking is high ($6 per visit), free parking many blocks away, and the dog park is the same as the city run parks that are free.  This dog park is mostly grass/dirt depending on the season.


Gus-Gus has gotten shaggy.  He is not the small little puppy we brought home.  He is now about 35-40 lb and much larger than we expected.  We have trimmed up his hair from covering his eyes so he can see better.  He is the sweetest dog we know.


Gus-Gus starts yawning at 11pm.  I think we kept him up past his bedtime but he loved the attention. This was after a recent coloring job. But when you look this good, you need to be photographed more often.

Gus-Gus Red

Digging up some old funny holiday pics. Gus-Gus was a candy cane for 2006 Christmas. The stripes are slightly faded but you should get the picture.

Saratoga Creek Dog Park

Saratoga Creek Dog Park is run by San Jose City and has just been updated.  It was previously all dirt but now has Astroturf and a watering system.  This park is great in the summer because it has mature trees for shade and the people are friendly.  Some of them bring lawn chairs to share.  We have visited here quite a few times.  Just beware of the rescued greyhounds, they tend to be rough with small dogs (see the greyhound rescue sites for


She was in a rescue in Oklahoma and I was having a hard time finding a small dog in the city that wasn’t a yappy scared little thing.  I thought her handler was flying her out here but she ended up coming with the luggage.  I will never ever do that again to a dog- it tramatized her for weeks but she desperately needed rescuing.  She had parasites and several types of worms and self inflicted skin sores.  Her personality was great and that is why I got her, she loves dogs and people.  After a couple of months with us and quite a few vet trips, the v

Las Palmas Dog Park

The Las Palmas park is run by Sunnyvale, the dog park is rather large and 100% dirt.  It does not smell the best when entering and can get quite muddy.  The rest of Las Palmas park is beautiful and sometimes we just opt to walk on leash in the large grass fields outside the dog area.  I have had trouble with some of the dogs that visit this park being too aggressive (some type of husky mixes), also. These pictures are from this last summer.