DogGoes Staff Blogs

Dory Goes Tide Pooling

This is Dory on a high tide day at the Mitchel Cove dog beach in Santa Cruz, CA.  There were lots of puddles and tide pools to look at, and rocks to climb.  Dory had a good time sniffing and being at the beach.  "Beach" is definitely becoming one of her favorite words.  The dogs are allowed off leash at this beach at certain times but there is no gated entry so Dory is always on leash because of her bird chasing fetish.  This dog beach really could use some signage with the name of the beach as well as some dog rules.  The dog beach about a mile away just close

Garage Sale Puppy

This is how Dory helped at our garage sale.   She also helped us take a few pics one night of some of the stuff to list on Ebay and posed cutely.  I am not sure if she helped us sell anything but she did make the day happier. Hopefully she also made a few more people hike up the driveway.

Miyuki Dog Park

We took Dory to the Miyuki Dog Park in San Jose, CA.  She seemed to like it here.  It is all new artificial turf and crushed gravel.  There is a doggie drinking fountain, benches, and trees.  Dory likes going to new places to sniff but she usually does not play the first time at a new place and sometimes just follows me around.  There were only about 10 other dogs there and she was not interested in any of them, probably because she did not know them.

Sunny Day Out

This was one of Dory's more busy days at the beach.  Lots of running, sniffing, digging, splashing, and meeting other dogs.  Then the ride home was really quiet; she just laid down on a towel in the backseat and enjoyed the ride home, as one tired pup. As they say, 'A tired dog is a well behaved dog'.

Picture perfect beach day

This is just a dog we met along the way at the beach one winter day.  He and his owner seemed to really be enjoying the sunny time.

Beach day in the Winter

Here are a few more pics of our day at the beach over winter break.  We just went for a few hours on a sunny day down to a local beach.  This beach requires dogs to be on leash at all times but we like it all the same as Dory is a beagle and is not trusted off leash anyway.  There is a dog beach nearby but it tends to have a lot of seaweed.

Beach fun digging a hole

Dory loves to dig and especially at the beach.  She tends to get really sandy.  She sticks her whole head in the hole and sniffs sometimes and ends up with a nose full of sand.  She digs at home as well but this is not usually as welcome as she has tunnelled out of the yard on several occasions and dug up a too many plants.

Yawning dog at the park

This fluffy dog liked its picture taken and was walking around the dog park.  As I took the pic it decided to yawn and I thought it was terribly cute and deserving of a place in my collection of yawning dog pics.

Dory Climbs Her Tree

Dory had a tree at our last apartment she loved to climb.  We let the branches grow in such a way that she could not jump the fence. 

Aptos Dog park at Polo Grounds park

The Aptos Polo Grounds park in Santa Cruz County is mostly tanbark and some dirt.  There are really nice dogs and people that come here to play.  The dogs seem to really enjoy themselves.  Surf City coffee shop between the dog park and freeway that has a fenced dog area as well, so it is a nice stop along the way.