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West Cliff Trail

This is a paved trail that goes for several miles along the cliffs of Santa Cruz.  We stopped at one of the lookouts to watch the surfers down below in the water.  Dory was not too sure about this but stopped to sniff the ground cover and watch for a minute.


Dory just loves stairs.  We took her to a friends house awhile ago and she spent about 10 minutes running up and down the stairs.  She loves having people sit at the top and bottom of the stairway and play "come Dory."  She went straight for the stairs at the beach in these pictures and usually easily beats us to the top.  She has an A frame for agility and she likes it too, and we find her out in the backyard just standing at the top of it some days.  She is quite the climber.

Dory and Gus-Gus playing

Gus-Gus and Dory do their destructive thing.  They rip and tear at their toys, shred paper and anything they can get their paws on.  Gus-Gus likes to shred paper, water bottles, and generally anything plastic.  Dory prefers paper goods and cardboard to shred and cloth.  They also play a lot of tug with their toys; Dory likes to lay down and Gus-Gus drags her around the room on her belly.  She does the same thing when we play tug with her; she just loves to be dragged.

Gus-gus sitting on Dory

This is Gus-Gus sitting on Dory and they are both falling asleep.  They love being on the couch and together but this is a little too close I would think for comfort. But it makes for a great picture.

Cutest Puppy Ever

With the tongue and paw, this has got to be the cutest Gus-Gus pic ever. Taken weeks after our parents got him.

Ping Pong really?

Dory lives with two other dogs that are both Basset Hound mixes.  She is the only one that can jump high and she tends to get up on anything she can.  But she really can't play ping-pong.

Dory's House

Dory came to us from a rescue and was completely crate trained.  She just loves her crate and knows it as "Dory's House."  We now just leave the door open since she is completely potty trained and nightly she will go put herself to bed.  After she puts herself to bed she gets mad at us for not going to bed early enough and leaving the light on too late and will just stare at us.   I think she feels safe in her crate, we try to keep it her safe spot and actually have it behind a chair.  I lined the bottom with kitty litter to absorb odor and also so it is softer

Dory's Other Side

Dory is nuts; as she is half terrier.  I should have many more pics in this category but I am usually too busy chasing her or trying to keep her out of trouble when she gets in her crazy mood.  At least once a day the monster dog comes out to play.  Lately it has included many laps around the yard with Gus-Gus or lots of rough and tumble play. 

RV Days

Dory always finds the sunniest spot to stretch out where ever she is.  This day she happens to be the RV up on the main bed just enjoying the warmth. 

All the Dogs

The dogs take over the bed, as usual.