About Us

Started in August of 2007 as www.DogParkUSA.com, we have compiled, vetted and published information regarding over 5000 dog parks, beaches. New members have also added over 9000 reviews, pictures and events to the site. Now as DogGoes.com, we are past 100,000 dog friendly business listings and growing each week.


Years ago, we couldn't find any good sites that were dedicated to listing and mapping dog parks across the nation. So we split the work between editor and admin to create a good technology platform and fill it with rich content.

Having grown beyond just dog parks, DogGoes evolved into a place where dog lovers can share their experiences for any location that is pet friendly.

DogGoes.com is also committed to the promotion of happy and health canine friends by advancing the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas. Please take advantage of our services by finding a park in your region, and, if you prefer to become involved, publish a review or submit pictures of your favorite play areas.

Who We Are

Greg Holsclaw - Technical Co-founder

Greg has been creating community and corporate websites for 5 years, mixing in iPhone development in recent years. Directory and mapping technologies have always been an interest, so when he couldn't find a good dog park, dog friendly site, he went out and built it. As a full-time Drupal engineer, he keeps DogGoes on the edge of currect technology, seeking new way to help dog lovers find places to go with their pups.

Tracy Holsclaw - Community Co-Founder

Tracy is finishing her PhD in Bayesian Statistics, but loving her dogs too much to let them play at just one dog park, she sought out where else they might play. Since poor information was scattered around the Internet, she started documenting all the dog parks in her area, and then throughout the nation. Good technology met great content and DogParkUSA.com was born.

Now with more than just dog parks, DogGoes.com is the next evolution to help you find all dog and pet friendly places to visit. Be it a night out at a new coffee shop or restaurant, or a trip across the country, DogGoes is your place to find dog friendly businesses and reviews.

Contact us if you have any questions, comments or inquiries.

If you love dogs and want to join our team Contact us! We are looking for regional content editors and for a great marketing person.